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lv32 barb pve build


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since the update wich include the fifth town on avyo and lvl32 im still thinking since we get 3 extra skillpoints from 28 to 32, my actual build (im lvl 31 rn) is:

base skills

5/5 strong blow

5/5 roar

3/5 chop

1/5 taunt

1/5 charge


4/4 stoneskin

4/4 scream of fury

3/4 warcry

1/4 defeat, combat fury, and all the others

https://wsdb.xyz/calc/en/143824 < my gear

as now i am i dont have much problems in tanking and obiviosly i cant tank all, but for stuff wich is not raidbosses (excluded kronus) or technopolis in the hard difficulty and the kronus dg i can do kinda the rest whiout much issues, i dont have problems with aggro till i dont have to hold aggro with +10 pro dmgs

i ask u to tell me what do you think and if i should change something

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Although you have Warcry at 3/4 maxed, I'd still replace the points given to chop and give them to Taunt. Scream of Fury is a so-so skill, but since you want to be tanky, it might work. Just I would not make it 4/4 but perhaps 3/4 and give the point to "Defeat". (I'd honestly give the lv32 point to "Defeat" as well, but that's up to you)


The equip is quite basic for a high level character; I'd change some items with always cheap ones but - I believe - a bit better stats; they are anyway acceptable: good parry and good block.


Now here's my suggestion:



Now, this is the best that I could do since you wanted to be tanky (as far ad I get) and I made sure the equips are as cheap as possible but good enough too (leave amps away, that's another story). You'll need to update it periodically, but I believe this could be a start, so that you can run dungeons or quest if you wish. 


Hope to have helped a bit! 

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my dmg barbel build won't work, even with 30% nib, the barbarian doesn't have enough skills for damage.

I really hope that in the future barbarian really looks like a Berserker

barbel not, is Barbarian, translate

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Let's talk first about gear.

Best combination would be now combine WINTER CRAFT PARRY gear level 28 and 30 for MAX PARRY.

I see you are already using SPRING DOUBLE BLOCK shield, which is great.

One great gear combination is FULL TP GEAR or somehow combination of WINTER CRAFT PARRY gear and WINTER CRAFT DEF gear.

Since you are a barb, try to get for yourself a craft belt for hp, but you said you wanted to be blocky, so I suppose you go for a WINTER BLOCK BELT.

Best rings for barb are right now ST EASY rings with dodge and block. You got for yourself a great cloak but maybe try to get a health, mana, mana regen amulet from ToS dg, because I see you have only 58 mana regen. 

Now let's talk about build ...

I am using this build for base skills

5/5 Strong blow

5/5 roar

3/5 taunt

1/5 chop

1/5 charge

About Experts

Combat Fury 4/4                                        

Stoneskin 4/4

Defeat 3/4

Warcry 1/4

Barbarian nature 1/4

Shield strike 1/4


If want to be fully PvE, not PvE hybrid like me, then try build your experts this way

Stoneskin 4/4

Warcry 3/4

Scream of Fury 3/4

Combat fury 3/4

And rest experts 1/4


Wrathodead, Lvl 30, PvE Barb - US-Sapphire server



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