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Banshee - The dark queen


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Median Night is near, and minions of Horror Circus have started their preparations for the holiday. All was going well, untill in one too quiet day, the clouds were torn with thunder and skies darkened. A resounding human-like laugh boomed and only a few words could be made out -- "Sam Hain... I am coming for you!" An unbelievable evil came from the world of the dead.

Sam Hain feels cold and fears inside, trying not showing it to the servants, Sam Hain start talking to himself --"Is that real? I can't believe my eyes nor my ears!". Sam Hain went to the window to look again and it was real. in this time Barker immediately ran to Sam Hain's place, when he reached Sam Hain's room out of breath, he found Sam Hain looking to the sky from the window not talking, so he asked --"Boss, is everything ok? What's going on?".

Sam Hain turns to Barker and answered --"We are in a trouble, an evil coming to ruin our holiday!" Sam Hain continues --"I thought it was a joke, 2 years ago since we defeated Boogeyman I recieved a letter, its was only 5 words of blood, I remember it well, it was "YOUR SOUL WILL BE MINE!".

I laughed alot and didnt gave any attention, I was mistaken.

Barker asked --"So what now boss?".

Sam Hain said --"I would never thought that I could say it.. but we need help!"

Barker shocked and repeated --"We need help!?".

Sam Hain answered --"Yes Barker, Send letters to all Heroes of Arinar asking for help."

Barker said --"Ok boss, immediately."

And so on Barker ran to the messengers, told them that letter should reach everyone in Arinar as fast as possible.

the letter was --"Heroes of Arinar, I'm asking you for help, never thought I would do that but I did, an evil is coming to avenge me, but it will destroy everything in way even you, we need to fight together because this enemy is very strong, yours' Sam Hain."


Who is that?




Banshee is an evil witch who sold her soul to the devil with deal to became the dark queen, Banshee has a scary face with rotten teeth, she wears rags and has bloody red eyes that are full of hate that looking directly into them will cause immediate death, her mouth is always open as her piercing scream torments the souls of the living.

Even worse than her fearsome look, her unworldly song.

Banshee's wail is a melody of pure death which drains her unfortunate victims of all life and hope, even her loud scream can stun you forever till death.


What is Banshee's abilities?

Banshee using deadly skills to defeat her enemies easily.


Soul Extract

Extract life power from an enemy, dealing magic damage during some time. Banshee restores her health as a percentage of the damage dealt.

(Similar to "Life Exhaust" skill)


Dark Power

Afflicted an enemy with the "Dark Power" negative effect for limited time, it reduces the healing effect of skills and items on its recipients the amount of health recovered by Banshee using the "Soul Extract" skill is increased while the power is in effect.

(Similar to "Dark Seal" skill)


Death Scream

A deadly scream that deals magical damage, pushes the enemy away by few yards and debuff him with "Stun" for some time. Banshee restores extra percentage of maximum health if enemy is affected by the "Dark Power" skill.

(Similar to "Repellent Strike" skill)


Banshee also can retreat her health from 20% to 60% so you better defeat her as fast as you can because the "Dark Queen" skill will be active and she will be more powerful and deadly.


How and why have it appeared in Arinar?

Banshee living in her haunted castle in the dark world but it appeared in Arinar by using her dark power to avenge Sam Hain who defeated Boogeyman (Banshee's brother). For 2 years and she getting ready for war, It's not easy to defeat Banshee because she never been alone.


What should Sam Hain be afraid of and why is the celebration under threat again?

Banshee is really mad and it's time for revenge, Banshee ordered her loyal servants Death (Grim reaper) and Scareface (Lich) to getting ready for war, day by day and they preparing a great undead army to conquer Arinar with no mercy.



Pin image

Favorite servant of Banshee, he is invincible grim reaper, he can cause pain and fear to living beings, he also prepared to ally with other evil entities.

Death cloak his possessed body with rags, and he using a scythe imbued with part of his own mystical energy, this scythe can cut through any armor with ease.

Death can't be killed because he is already dead, but his spirit escapes to another undead body.

Death never give up, he haunt his opponents again and again untill he finally kill them.



Pin image

To become a Lich is the ultimate goal of all those who follow the dark path of necromancy, Scareface is a mad Lich who have learnt to harness the vilest powers of death and corruption, he know how to channel these unholy energies onto his unfortunate victims with deadly precision.

Scareface is enough to bring whole cities ruin.


Arinar became really dark and fear everywhere, this time the brave heroes of Arinar are to defeat that dark powerful foe and not let it shroud rest of the world in darkness. 


Barker has come to ask for help, assist him in unveiling this mystery and expose the villain that is just about to invade Arinar!









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37 minutes ago, Likeable said:

She looks awesome. Did you draw her?

You can find that picture on on Reddit by searching for banshee concept art on google 

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7 hours ago, Likeable said:

I hoped to win... but you've broken my dream...:okay:

I can't get words to describe my pain...

Hope is exhausted.

Never lose hope, we all have a chance. ✌️

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On 10/16/2019 at 4:13 PM, Ahmedic said:

@Likeable Look my pixel work now. 🤘

You draw superb.I can't  draw just a .However,I have a request for you check my story and appreciate it:pigface:(you can use google translator:christmasgrinch:)

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On 10/20/2019 at 9:29 AM, Zoraida said:

I liked the story and also the character, bc would be a rare female costume    

Thanks, true we need some female costumes tho.

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