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Found 13 results

  1. У меня есть увлекательное предложение, которое, я уверен, понравится многим из вас. Давайте разработаем новые лабиринты, расположенные в 1-м и до 5-го сектора Айвондила, чтобы предоставить игрокам уникальный опыт и захватывающие испытания. Предлагаю разделить лабиринты на следующие уровни сложности: 1) Лабиринт 1-2 сектора: Вступление в мир приключений На этом этапе игроки смогут освоиться с новой механикой лабиринта и получить первые боевые навыки в Айвондиле. Мобы будут доступны для новичков и предоставят возможность начать свое путешествие с приятных наград. 2) Лабиринт 2-3 сектора: Средний уровень сложности После успешного прохождения первого лабиринта, игроки столкнутся с более сложными мобами и интересными заданиями. Здесь вас будут ждать мощные существа, но и награды будут более щедрыми, отражая ваш прогресс. 3) Лабиринт 3-4 сектора: Предел ваших навыков На этом этапе лабиринты станут настоящим испытанием для опытных игроков. Мобы будут намного сильнее, и многие бои будут требовать от вас сосредоточенности и координации союзников. Однако за этот труд вас ждут уникальные снаряжение и значительные награды. 4) Лабиринт 4-5 сектора: Вершина мастерства На этом последнем этапе лабиринтов вы будете сталкиваться с самыми жесткими испытаниями. Мобы будут страшными и хитрыми, а только истинные герои смогут справиться с этими вызовами. Но за победы вас ожидают уникальные костюмы, крутые эмоции и слава во всем Ариноре! Мы стремимся создать новые лабиринты с уровнями сложности, аналогичными лабиринтам Ирсельнорта, чтобы дать вам возможность насладиться разнообразием заданий и испытаний. Ваши отзывы и идеи очень важны для нас. Давайте вместе сделаем Warspear Online еще более захватывающей игрой! Делитесь своими мнениями и предложениями в этой теме, и давайте сделаем новые лабиринты в Warspear Online невероятными! С уважением, Gabimaru
  2. Apesar dos ajustes recentes para melhorar a defesa da classe, a bruxa continua muito frágil em comparação com as outras classes. Além do mago ter algumas habilidades desatualizadas ou que não funcionam funcionalmente no gol atual ou no estilo de jogo do bruxo! No Combate, um feiticeiro depende fortemente de seus controles de grupo e habilidades de efeito negativo, o que acontece quando uma dessas habilidades é restringida por um bônus de Resistência ou outra habilidade que ignora esses efeitos, um feiticeiro não tem muito o que fazer a não ser esperar pela morte. . A ideia é usar o bônus de resistência a favor do bruxo de forma moderadamente para que o jogador tenha uma sensação de segurança caso sua arma principal, que é o controle de grupo, falhe.
  3. Hey there everyone👻 I've been playing the game for like 8-9 years now🐬 it's been a part of my life and I really really enjoy it We've had a couple of great updates and they were also great, all of them. except for one thing👾 the coloring of the game is very dark/fadeish. We start in either MC side with either a very fade brown/green/white combination of a harsh mountain area or a completely undead blue zone or as elves or chosen in a lively forest and plain land. Elf side really has an advantage when it comes to the coloring there💚 after that, both sides proceed to the habitat of Irselnort , which has a good but non alive coloring following Norlant, a swamp. you can imagine how alive and happy those colors are Ayvondil comes up with another , yet different, magical kind of blue and leads up to sky island, which is a great combination of colors🦑 ship graveyard is iconic , but also has a deep, challenging set of colors Now my suggestion is: Let's bring more color into this! I suggest that the next update (whenever it may be, take your time but please , let the next map we fight on be a huuuuge, vast desert with a jungle nearby❤️❤️❤️❤️ Just think about it: Awesome opportunities to introduce new, unknown factions❤️, great yellow, golden and (in case you add an oasis here and there) green and blue colors to really wake up the adventurous spirit in all of us, a looooot of space to explore and fill with dungeons, secret bosses, secret passages and secrets in general (maybe even the tower of harad that was mentioned in another thread here🙀👀) AND of course the well needed sight of a beach and old ruins that give us the feeling of a well deserved vacation. Warspear is a great game and arinar is a great place to be around and i bet it will be even cooler with that kind of new content as this is just a mere suggestion, i'll wait for some feedback and if others agree with me, maybe together we could design a few ideas and fill the suggestion with some content ourselves❤️🦐 gg Husky
  4. After accommodating the dodge time, let's say that the class has not yet died and can continue to be useful for few things. But dying of being an unusable class, I don't think so, there is still a bit of hope, but for the class to be stable you have to make changes to the armor. Rogue Developer commentary: If you thought the Rogue was bound to receive strong nerfs in this update, then you were wrong. The Rogue, like any other class, has vulnerabilities that one can exploit and prevent them from realizing their full potential. It's important to mention that the Rogue's effectiveness only applies to one target and only against certain classes. We can say that the character adequately fulfills the role assigned to him in PvP battles. My opinion: The rogue is big nerfed, in dodge build, Is disastrous for the penetration and damage of the class, a change with the relics is also mandatory. And it would be a class of CD and energy regeneration by skill spamming. Dodging Increased the cooldown duration: from 20 seconds to 30 seconds. Reduced the duration of the skill: from 20 \ 30 \ 40 \ 50 \ 60 seconds, to 15seconds. Increased the “Dodge” gain parameter: from 5 \ 7 \ 9 \ 11 \ 13 % to 11 \ 14 \ 18 \ 22 \ 26 %. Good Dodge for 15 seconds and cd for 30 seconds. Ok that might be fine if they add 100% resist, the class is still vulnerable to permanent stuns to control. Because with 15 seconds they force us to arm DC and energy regeneration, I mean a class of low damage with attack parameters of a healer, and we would have to be forced to use the [Great Relic of Continuous Effect] necessarily, and lose the [Relic of Curse Removal]. So with the empowering relics the class is nerfed too. Gouge Now the skill additionally applies the “Paralysis” effect on all targets within 1 yard of the character. If all enemies in combat with the character are paralyzed, the character can use the "Stealth" skill. Reduced the skill effect duration: from 3 \ 4 \ 5 \ 6 \ 7 seconds to 3 \ 3,5 \ 4 \ 4,5 \ 5 seconds. Ok this is... Idk is the same like Blade dancer?, if is the same is fine. But Rogue cant reduce Damage or speed damage like them. 1 yard why not 2 yards? Ok is the same skill but only with aoe and low time stunning this only serves for run from the battle. Because make group for arenas or gvgs the skill still with poor removible stun. But in other chase this skill is nice only for expert rogues. Flurry of Steel Increased the cooldown duration: from 14 seconds to 18 seconds. Another CD nerf? why?, this skill and trickest fails excesive times 4/4, and "permanent stun" is Fake, both skills can be defended by parry, block and dodge, including resist... Trickiest Technique The combo restoring health if the target is under the effect of “Poisonous Blades”, now works with any poison. Good Finally! I can use Hunter's Poison for heal and Relic of Poison, is good for abuse it 🤔, This was not what I had in mind, but now if this need nerf, the idea was that it works with the poison of the player not of others, also about the Relic is a good reason to be able to use it. Absolute Reflexes Now the skill’s effect cannot trigger again during the duration of the skill, as well as 2 seconds after the duration expires. Reduced the skill’s duration: from 5 \ 7 \ 10 \ 14 seconds to 3 \ 4 \ 5 \ 7 seconds. Reduced the “Dodge” parameter bonus on 3-4 levels of development: from 18 \ 22 %, to 16 \ 19 %. I dont care, Rogues PvP not need this, is better waste skill points in stuns than this, the skill only works for pve, and with Knowledge talents build is 2/4, so nevermind. add: Ok I read again the skill is full nerfed no works, I prefer thousand of times delete this skill including Ricochet, the dodge bonus is moved to dodging active/temporal skill for 15 seconds. [Rogue Stun Build] Frenzy Changed the skill type from active with continuous energy drain to an active skill of continuous effect: reducing energy regeneration by 7 \ 10 \ 12 \ 15 units. Reduced the cooldown duration: from 18 seconds to 10 seconds. The skill no longer increases the “Accuracy” parameter of the character. Added the bonus to the “Critical Damage” parameter of the character during the skill’s effect: 6 \ 10 \ 14 \ 18 %. Added a visual effect for the skill. Only this makes me happy and unhappy xD, RIP Accuracy, idk but is time to make CD or Accuracy Build?. And RIP Penetration in rings now the class depends of Energy Regeneration. And regeneration boots... Add: Is the same worst skill from rogue, many people said in forums long time ago: remove increased damage from the enemy. This skill is only for decorative skill for rogue and increase critical failed hits. and I died many times with this skill actived. 20% is really excesive and upgrade this for 8% damage incoming from the enemy, no I prefer use other skills. NOTES: 1 Where is the rogue's Accuracy reduction debuff? the warden can now reduce 55%, it is more difficult to hurt them!, and frenzy without Accuracy is horrible. And the warden keeps putting up a Shocking Blow Stun, for only be resisted, no dodged and no parried and no blocked. Warden Punishment Increased the value of the “Accuracy” parameter reduction: from 5 \ 15 \ 25 \ 35 \ 45 %, to 15 \ 25 \ 35 \ 45 \ 55 %. = Wardens are overrated, idk why super buff this class they uses Block dodge rings for all occasions, and have block have parry why buff dodge?, can explain me pls. I tested pvp with warden 5/5 this skill, I never hitted him...and this isnt only for me is for all classes, developers you only make this for exterminate Charmers, but charmers still winning. Warden never going to be a Charmer counter pls. Better make more usefull rogue class for GvG, like my suggestion kick in the back with area on effect and remove decrease accuracy from shaman totem they no needs it... 2 Forcing the rogue to have a CD!? Is a damage no a skill spammer, and without accuracy... I prefer a thousand times the rogue as it is now than with the update. Damage classes needs Penetration Accuraccy, and "Rogue skills CD spammer" = No Accuracy No Penetration (Low Damage) 3 Ranger and hunter classes should not have been improved with dodge because they are "ranged damage", that takes them a lot of advantage, and the rogue's stuns will miss more! It is a 2d game and the classes that are melee have quite a disadvantage with the ranged classes. Rip Trickiest and Rip Flurry of steel, still failing each use 4 Also, where was the Kick in the back area debuff? It is the only way that the class is useful for something in PvE and PvP 1v1 and groups, because with the current dodge is possible survive the Area damage from the mythical Boss of Nadir-sar Dungeon, [but with those 10 seconds no longer, good bye to the rogue class] Developer changed to 15 seconds, use Great Relic of Continuous Effect for Dodging skill and Big CD + 50% 5 They'd rather nerf the Rogue's dodge than nerf the Blade dancer's resistances, it's already impossible to do decent PvP with the Rogue class. The rogue only served 1v1 by sheer luck. About "Permanent Stun", depends how works Gouge I not understand it, but if that works Like Blade dancer's Paralysis is: Maxed Stun Build: 5/5 Gouge (5 Seconds) + 4/4 Flurry (2.5 Seconds) + 4/4 Trickiest (3.5 Seconds) = 10.5 Seconds of Stun for Autoattacks For Human's Minds = 6 Seconds of Stun for Autoattacks (Stun Build Still Nerfed and Stun Gouge Timing Nerfed 2 seconds. but let's see if gouge is like Bladedancer's paralysis, and PvP vs Seekers coulds be a funny disaster xD) Guys is a disaster. 6 So the Rogue class still like garbage in PvP, it depends on the kick that is still Melee, so if they fights vs 2-3 players or in the GvG with 5/5 dodging coulds works good, but with 1/5 dodging, maybe... At the end, the class Rogue still useless for GvG or groups, it is nerfed in 1v1 combats only because it makes "excessive dodge", with dodge rings, also without good damage and vampirism, using axes that make it slow, and dependient on lucky stuns. (Probability stun fail 10%-20% + Enemy's Resistance Parameter + Blocked, Parried and Dodged) After the update it can be said that it should be put CD for PvE and PvP modes, and Mana Regen for PvE, and the class continues without resistance defense from enemy's stuns, depending only of resistances runes in amulet-helmet and guild passive bonus lvl 12, losing vampirism in Amulet, and defense in helmet for PvE / PvP modes. Read for Understand: It is a bit unfortunate that a class that should take advantage of its defensive and offensive stats as a damage class ends up being beaten by the community of Sentinels just because they can not kill Rogue class in 1v1 combats, but they are happy when they are finally killed in groups, because it is more easy to apply stuns at all times. So I don't understand why the people hate the class so much, if with most of the classes on the Sentinel side they can make a good counterattack. Also it was only an issue in 1v1 to apply the stuns to evade the kick debuff, or use resistance parameter in armor. I think that was it, like damage class is not good ,good day for everyone
  5. hoje mais cedo não pude entrar no game porque ele estava atualizando. e ai quando eu entro essa belezinha aparece! posso saber PORQUE estão pedindo moedas pra fazer o crafting? endoidaram!? não vi nenhum update ou atualização falando sobre isso. se precisarem, posso fazer um post em ingles no forum general pra abrir o questionamento para mais players
  6. I am using iOS 10 and it says update error. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing more space and restarting. What can I do?
  7. Can u help me im Iphone user and there is update but when im pressing on relics in mc shop its showing ur version doesnt support these, new version will be avaible soon. And theres no all other stuff what should be. Please help me ty
  8. Please Remove Ferocity, many Players get sucked in this Ferocity! and this is the WORST UPDATE EVER THAT YOU MADE. 60% of players got bored because of this Ferocity, Please Remove this ASAP.
  9. Hi guys how's going on! Recently dev made a new huge update it's pretty cool new arena system and weapon but I don't like this update and I think this update created a history of world's most greediest update we can say,it's not about me it's about all those who can't consume real money in game and for those who can as well lol, cause now they need to amp 2 pair of different weapons one goes for arena and one for pve.means they need to invest more and more. I think this time when Mr. Peter was thinking about update he had one thing in his mind that was profit more n more. Sorry it sounds rude but it's all true they had better to bring old skills moon magic sun magic and astral cause it's similar to old one but with new names lol little difference, and there was a funny thing after a big update they send some tickets and couple of gladiator potion and I think 10-20 life seal and told plate go and enjoy lol but update isn't available on AppStore yet. Things are complicated now, i have no idea why they have no mercy on players . They took 12hours for update least they must give something special as gift to players. Sorry about my words but I am just feeling stupid now about this update, just 1 thing is good in update that's built in resilience lol Anyways guys if you guys like something about update let me know and if something you dislike let me know that as well thanks This update isn't good at all for all players as I think
  10. Warspear Online is a multiplayer game, where players interact with other players, they make friends, chat, etc. What if you want to go on vacation, but don't want to be kicked from your guild? Simply write your status "On vacation, don't kick", and it's sure the others will see it. Or if you have birthday and want to let people know it, update your status "I have birthday today!" So you can let others know what's up with you. In a simple way. This function would be really useful, I have missed it for a long time, and hope devs will add it to the game someday. Another idea is the mail. Do you want to say something to your friend but he/she is offline? Leave a message! They will get your message as soon as they get online again. Hope you like it, feel free to comment on the ideas!
  11. I get to the character selection screen fine, but I'm stuck eternally connecting. I've already updated the program to 5.3, I think. Anyone else having this problem?
  12. jayrox


    Hey guys Sup? since Warspear is so boring i started doin Videos for FIFA 15 !!! If you are interested in FIFA, especially in Fifa Ultimate Team, Check out my Channel and my new Videos! regards, Jayrox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L81eM4B4SoE&list=UUFzh_rxLRIHkCZVdkMhrSJw
  13. After a several weeks of absence I just came back, read about the latest update, and realized that Aigrind effectively fixed my Warspear addiction – thanks a lot for that! Still no privacy on this game, seriously? Still no way to turn off 'Inspect player' only because someone felt they have to create an even stronger demand for weapons and armor? No problem, I can accept that this game nowadays focuses on equipment and tries to get rid of strategy (meaning I can spend my time and MOL cash elsewhere). And passing the guild leadership after only two weeks? I'm sure you were laughing as hard as me when you came up with that idea. Yeah sure, I make a guild, spend points, cash, and time, then I go on vacation and – BOOM! – everything is gone. From a player's point of view somehow I don't clearly see the advantage yet … Unless your target group mainly consists of twelve year old school kids you might want to rethink that concept. In the meantime I found a quick and easy fix: I just kicked everyone from the guild. Feels cozy now. All the best and thanks for making the game so unattractive to me. I appreciate the free time.
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