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Found 9 results

  1. hoje mais cedo não pude entrar no game porque ele estava atualizando. e ai quando eu entro essa belezinha aparece! posso saber PORQUE estão pedindo moedas pra fazer o crafting? endoidaram!? não vi nenhum update ou atualização falando sobre isso. se precisarem, posso fazer um post em ingles no forum general pra abrir o questionamento para mais players
  2. I am using iOS 10 and it says update error. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing more space and restarting. What can I do?
  3. Can u help me im Iphone user and there is update but when im pressing on relics in mc shop its showing ur version doesnt support these, new version will be avaible soon. And theres no all other stuff what should be. Please help me ty
  4. Please Remove Ferocity, many Players get sucked in this Ferocity! and this is the WORST UPDATE EVER THAT YOU MADE. 60% of players got bored because of this Ferocity, Please Remove this ASAP.
  5. Hi guys how's going on! Recently dev made a new huge update it's pretty cool new arena system and weapon but I don't like this update and I think this update created a history of world's most greediest update we can say,it's not about me it's about all those who can't consume real money in game and for those who can as well lol, cause now they need to amp 2 pair of different weapons one goes for arena and one for pve.means they need to invest more and more. I think this time when Mr. Peter was thinking about update he had one thing in his mind that was profit more n more. Sorry it sounds rude but it's all true they had better to bring old skills moon magic sun magic and astral cause it's similar to old one but with new names lol little difference, and there was a funny thing after a big update they send some tickets and couple of gladiator potion and I think 10-20 life seal and told plate go and enjoy lol but update isn't available on AppStore yet. Things are complicated now, i have no idea why they have no mercy on players . They took 12hours for update least they must give something special as gift to players. Sorry about my words but I am just feeling stupid now about this update, just 1 thing is good in update that's built in resilience lol Anyways guys if you guys like something about update let me know and if something you dislike let me know that as well thanks This update isn't good at all for all players as I think
  6. Warspear Online is a multiplayer game, where players interact with other players, they make friends, chat, etc. What if you want to go on vacation, but don't want to be kicked from your guild? Simply write your status "On vacation, don't kick", and it's sure the others will see it. Or if you have birthday and want to let people know it, update your status "I have birthday today!" So you can let others know what's up with you. In a simple way. This function would be really useful, I have missed it for a long time, and hope devs will add it to the game someday. Another idea is the mail. Do you want to say something to your friend but he/she is offline? Leave a message! They will get your message as soon as they get online again. Hope you like it, feel free to comment on the ideas!
  7. I get to the character selection screen fine, but I'm stuck eternally connecting. I've already updated the program to 5.3, I think. Anyone else having this problem?
  8. jayrox


    Hey guys Sup? since Warspear is so boring i started doin Videos for FIFA 15 !!! If you are interested in FIFA, especially in Fifa Ultimate Team, Check out my Channel and my new Videos! regards, Jayrox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L81eM4B4SoE&list=UUFzh_rxLRIHkCZVdkMhrSJw
  9. After a several weeks of absence I just came back, read about the latest update, and realized that Aigrind effectively fixed my Warspear addiction – thanks a lot for that! Still no privacy on this game, seriously? Still no way to turn off 'Inspect player' only because someone felt they have to create an even stronger demand for weapons and armor? No problem, I can accept that this game nowadays focuses on equipment and tries to get rid of strategy (meaning I can spend my time and MOL cash elsewhere). And passing the guild leadership after only two weeks? I'm sure you were laughing as hard as me when you came up with that idea. Yeah sure, I make a guild, spend points, cash, and time, then I go on vacation and – BOOM! – everything is gone. From a player's point of view somehow I don't clearly see the advantage yet … Unless your target group mainly consists of twelve year old school kids you might want to rethink that concept. In the meantime I found a quick and easy fix: I just kicked everyone from the guild. Feels cozy now. All the best and thanks for making the game so unattractive to me. I appreciate the free time.
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