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  1. Hello so I started not so long ago at mc side and chose to play with deathknight, so my question is which weapon is best for dk? I want to max my dk to highest lvl and want to be a tank with like 5k def but at the same time deal good dose of damage, so im asking which weapon should I choose? 1 handed mace with shield or 2 handed mace or spear? Thank you for your answers
  2. Hello, I just came back to play this game after a while and Im wondering which side rules the wu emerald? Is it mc or elfs? And where are more players playing on which side? Thanks for answers!
  3. Whats up guys so I just completed whole map 2 with my shaman and I need 100exp to lvl 16, but here is a question: what should I do is it worth go questing to swamps braking gear or just go do daily quest in map2? I know at after swamps there is alyvondi but swamps so hard so yea....
  4. Can u help me im Iphone user and there is update but when im pressing on relics in mc shop its showing ur version doesnt support these, new version will be avaible soon. And theres no all other stuff what should be. Please help me ty
  5. Ok than now im lvl 11 on shan and 5heal and 2on blind, Now I have 1point til, should I use it to be good healer or keep on expert skill ?
  6. How about lighting shield does it save u like priest shield or?
  7. Ty but both or fire or heal? Is that lighitinfmg shield skill good?
  8. Hello dear fellows warspearians so before few days I started with new char (shaman) and I cant find any guide about this class only skillbuilds wich is also good thing. So I have alredy few chars lvl 13 and 14 (rogue and necro) but I want to ask some tips how to be good healer for pve like hunting bosses 85k or in labs wich expert skill should I buy. P.s sorry for my english I know its terible. Thank You all for answers.
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