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  1. It's hard to believe your view is really so simple and narrow that this is the only explanation you can come up with. What's wrong with you people, do you never even try to think a bit outside the box? ›Inspect player‹ is not about helping players to learn how to become better fighters or about fashion (was that what you were trying to say?), is about creating a demand for weapons and armor and for selling them. Did you never wonder why we can't inspect the skill point distribution, the kills/killed ratio or hundreds of other things that might help new players? It's simple: Because noone can
  2. I appreciate your help in keeping this topic active while providing zero content. By doing so you show that even trolls (or those who consider trolling an artform) can be useful members of society. Cheers mate!
  3. What a pleasant world it must be that you live in. A world where you don't have to worry about other opinions because you never even get the slightest worries that everything centers around you and your view on things. When you grow up you might want to try a more realistic approach on life. You will learn that there usually is more than one way to see things and why – in this case – there are several reasons serious gamers object to 'Inspect player'.
  4. After a several weeks of absence I just came back, read about the latest update, and realized that Aigrind effectively fixed my Warspear addiction – thanks a lot for that! Still no privacy on this game, seriously? Still no way to turn off 'Inspect player' only because someone felt they have to create an even stronger demand for weapons and armor? No problem, I can accept that this game nowadays focuses on equipment and tries to get rid of strategy (meaning I can spend my time and MOL cash elsewhere). And passing the guild leadership after only two weeks? I'm sure you were laughing as
  5. Next friday I will save the world!

  6. Good job, thanks for bringing back the forum and transferring most of the old content. It's a shame though that almost a month of data is lost and I assume you'll find someone to do daily backups over there. One question right now: Will we get back an option to visit the forum in hidden mode? I don't see the need that everyone can track my visits because my username is displayed at the bottom of the page. Thanks in advance!
  7. No replies yet, so I'll add to this thread by myself. To my amusement, I discovered today that the quest still asks for 30 pieces of [Ancient Ward] even though we collect and return [Ancient Charm] now. Poor Magnos will go crazy if he gets fooled all the time.
  8. Is there a reason why the former [Ancient Ward] suddenly turned into [Ancient Charm]? It's a bit annoying that there are these minor changes all the time but there still isn't any kind of official changelog. Or am I the only one who hasn't found it yet? In case it really doesn't exist I might add that to the long list of suggestions …
  9. That's not just a matchstick, it's a [+7 Matchstick of Sudden Doom].
  10. Hey there, people of Arinar! I just mailed my contest entry and wondered why (unlike to other contests here) noone posted their contributions to this thread so far. So I'll revive that nice tradition by showing you my little Shaman while meeting a Viper on Godgorrath: Here he is at Godgorrath's Snake Gorge: And this is an overview of the setup to prove that the picture is unedited. In fact there has been no editing at all - it's exactly like it came out of the camera. Of course no animals were harmed (or stunned ) during this photo shoot. For those interested,
  11. Dude, seriously? Cities have houses, Warspear has houses, where exactly is your problem? This isn't an award for pressing a camera button but one for being creative. Think a bit outside the box and you'll find millions of places in your immediate neighbourhood that resemble Warspear. Besides, noone expects you to paint the logo in oil or 3D. Just write ›Warspear‹ on a piece of paper and that's it. Shouldn't be too hard.
  12. Whoa, you here, that is so cool! How are you? It's a shame we haven't talked for such a long time. After the Symbian update problems got worse I stopped playing, was a bit pissed off and didn't log on for several months. I just came back recently to see that my whole friends list seems to be dead now. The few times I checked I never saw you online, do you still have that fancy rogue? Of course my little shaman still exists. He's still scared of the Granite Guard so he didn't level up. I'll be online more often now and will look out for you. I miss our chats and the fun times we had. T
  13. Guess what, the crossbow world championship is happening in my hometown right now: http://wch-crossbow2014.de/ ! I'll definitely have to look out for all these little rangers tomorrow. Maybe one of them has a [Night Prince's Arbalest] they doesn't need anymore.
  14. Now I'm really curious! It possibly can't be a financial issue because your app is free. But if it's not a technical thing then I'm a bit clueless. Did you change licensing? Nah, I don't think so. Did Nokia complain? I also can't imagine that because your app was quite successful. Come on, give us a little hint, please. If you really don't want to publish there anymore you should do yourself a favour and remove it completely from Ovi store. That people have to download a useless V3.6 is damaging your reputation. :(
  15. I offered help with that issue three times so far in this forum but never got any real feedback. I'm a developer myself, I know people at Nokia and if there isn't a technical issue with the app itself I don't see any reason why it couldn't be published. I mean, this has been going on for months now (we are still at 3.6 in the store) and something like this doesn't happen without a reason. So here's my offer again: Give us (or me) more info about the issue and I'm sure we'll find a solution. :)
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