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  1. Perhaps add a passive mode to the game, where you cannot attack players of the other army, but they cannot attack you either, allowing players to quest freely. Often i hear my friends complaining of people not allowing them to simply exist in a town because people are hiding in houses waiting to kill them, this would solve it.
  2. Everything about Blade Dancer (BD) 1. Introduction 2. Which Gears and Weapons can BD use? 3. Blade dancer Basic Skills 4. Everything about PvE BD 4.1 Basic Skills build for PvE 4.2 Relics For PvE 4.3 Expert Skills info and build for PvE 4.4 Gears and Weapons for PvE 4.5 best Buffs and Minions 4.6 Rare Books 5. Everything about PvP BD and Arena 5.1 Basic Skills build for PvP 5.2 Relics for PvP 5.3 Expert Skills build for PvP 5.4 Gears and Weapons for PvP 5.5 best Buffs 5.6 Rare books 6. Talents for BD 6.1 Knowledge Talents 6.2 Ayvondil T5 Talents 1. Introduction Blade Dancers: BDs are agile and strong swordsmen in both PvP and PvE as well, their skills stand out for being mixed, being very skilled in defensive and offensive matters, being able to use heavy armor and two weapons, being focused on full speed or full tank the class stands out being able to do both functions. A very fun class to play, especially if you like diversity in your game. 2. Which Gears and Weapons can BD use? Heavy Armor (Better defensive stats) Light Armor (Better damage stats) Can use Two one-handed Weapons, they can be: Daggers (1.7 interval between attacks) Swords (2.0 interval between attacks) Axes (2.2 interval between attacks) Obs: The physical damage of the weapon on the left hand is reduced by 40% and the magical 30% 3. BD Basic Skills info Flash Strike: a skill that deals instantly damage to a single enemy, this skill combines your stats damage with more (40%43%46%49%-52%) per level. Agression: increase the "Agression" parameter on a enemy, usefull if you are a Tank BD (7500-15000-25000-45000-75000) per level, but I only recommend to use this skill in max 3/5. Parry: increase your "Parry" parameter, very usefull for arena and PvE Tank BD, (1%-2%-3%-4%-5%) per level, amazing skill for Full Parry BDs (the max Parry is 30%) Sap: decreases enemy "Damage" and "Speed" parameter, usefull against full speed enemys on arena and high damage bosses on PvE. Reduces enemy damage in (12%-14%-17%-22%-29%) per level. Reduces enemy Speed in (12%-16%-20%-25%-35%) per level Hamstring: this skill damage is equal to (40%-43%-46%49%52%) of your stats damage, imobilizes the enemy and aplies the "Bleeding" effect, enemy receive 3x damage. Stun time (2-3-4-5-5) per level 4. Everything about PvE BD BD PvE as mentioned before, it can do two roles, Tank or DPS (Damage), currently it is more recommended to do a DPS BD, because we have other classes that play the role of Tank, but in this topic I will show both Tank and DPS. I will show Builds for others levels too, because I saw a lot of BDs lv13 and lv20 for example, and when you reach lv20, start using your skills points only o new skills, because they are better than the basic ones. 4.1 Basic Skills build for PvE: This build for lv13 BD (has only 7 skill points) 5/5 1/5 4/5 1/5 1/5 This build for lv18-25 5/5 1/5 5/5 3/5 1/5 This build for lv26+ 5/5 1/5 5/5 1/5 3/5 This build for full Tank BD 1/5 3/5 5/5 1/5 5/5 Obs: I used another build for lv26+, because most of mobs and bosses actually have high parameter of resistance, it mean that there are better skills than hamstring to use. And 3/5 agro on Full tank build is enough, especially if you are using agro pots. 4.2 Relics for PvE Relics are ways to improve basic skills, here I'll show you the best ones for your PvE, but as you can see, there are 8 slots available, so you can use different relics and switch them whenever you want to other means. There are 4 types of relics, they can be: Offensive: increases the attacking potential of the skill by adding especial effects when triggered. Defensive: enhance the defensive effect of the skill and allow the character to better cops with attacks. Empowering: especial relics of instant reaction, increase the effectiveness of the skill when attacking and defending. Group or Castle: the effect may vary depending on the number of nearby players from the group, they are like empowering, but you need group to see the full potential, and increase the chance of some relics to trigger in 5%. Flash Strike Relics: full dmg Relics, up to 24% dmg increased and gain a lot of penetration when the relic of cruelty is triggered Agression Relics: this skill is more usefull for tank BDs, thats why I chose to put the agro and the physical blocking, but even if you are a DMG BD, and use this skill, you can chose this relic if you like more vampirism, chose this Relic instead of the physical blocking Sap Relics: thats the best basic skill in my opinion, the Relic os Awkwardness enhance the skill potential, when triggered, reduces the enemy speed by 55% if 5/5 Sap, and on bosses, if they resist, the Relic of steal health helps you with more vampirism. Hamstring Relics: this is more for a PvP skill, but you can use for PvE to trigger Relics like the Relic of Swiftness, and increase your speed by 30% or reduce the enemy def. Parry Relics: another skill like agression, better to use if you are a Tank BD, has usefull defensive relics, that can decreases enemy "Penetration" parameter to 0%, and the Curse Removal stops effects like Poison and bleeding. and again you can use the Vamp relic if you prefer over the physical blocking one. 4.3 Expert Skills info for PvE Blades' Power: increase your "Attack strenght" parameter for (8%-15%-24%-30%) per level, and reduces your mana reg in (5-7-9-10) per level. Best BD skill for DMG BDs. Rush: the BD runs into the place you select ignoring every stuns and debuffs, a expert agression skill (15000-35000-80000-140000) agression points per level, and stun the enemys in the area for (2-3-4-5) seconds per level, usefull if you are a tank BD. Strike Hurricane: increases your "Speed" parameter in (5%-7%-10%-15%) and "Agility" (12%-16%-20%-25%) per level, essential skill for a DPS BD. Sonic Boom: a skill that deals damage in a 3x3 area, the damage on prox enemys is (33%39%-52%-72%). If you reached lv18 and dont have any new Skills, I recommend this one first. Magic Transformation: a skill that protects the blade dancer from attacks, the amount of damage hits the shield can absorbs depends on your defense too (can tank like 1000-1500-2000-2500 damage) very usefull for tank BDs. Mark of the blade: Increases your "Penetration" parameter in (5%-7%-9%-12%) per level and decreases enemy "Dodge" in (-4%-7%10%-15%) and "Parry" in (-3%-5%-7%-10%) per level. Usefull if you are a Damage BD and enemys are dodging your attacks. Enlightment: Increases your "Accuracy" parameter in (7%-10%-13%-17%) and your "Dodge" parameter in (5%-7%-10%-15%) per level Spirit of Resistance: The BD receives a Resistance buff that can ignores a negative effect (1-2-2-3) Resistance buffs for (10-12-14-16) seconds per level. Every debuff you receive removes a Resistance buff. Counterattack: the one who attacks the BD, receive damage equal to (25%-32%-36%-40%) of your damage per level, the skill duration is (8-10-12-14) seconds per level Best builds Reaching lv18 first skill I recommed (as a damage, at a low level is more important to have a Damage skill) 1/4 Reaching lv20, next skill to buy and where to use your 2 skill points (having this skill at lv20 3/4 is an big advantage) 1/4 3/4 Reaching lv22, next skill to buy and where to use your skill point 1/4 4/4 1/4 Reaching lv24, next skill to buy and where to use your skill point (now start focusing on your speed) 1/4 4/4 1/4 2/4 Reaching lv26, next skill to buy and where to use your skill point 1/4 4/4 1/4 3/4 1/4 Reaching lv28, next skill to buy and where to use your skill point 1/4 4/4 1/4 4/4 1/4. 1/4 Reaching lv30, next skill to buy and where to use your 2 skill points (Mark of the blade is a better skill in my opinion, now start focusing on your Penetration) 1/4 4/4 1/4 4/4 1/4 1/4 3/4 (or if you preffer) 3/4 Reaching lv32, next skill to buy and where to use your skill point (now you have 3 skills at 4/4) 1/4 4/4 1/4 4/4 1/4 1/4 4/4 1/4 1/4 Full tank BD build (this build is for a full tank, that don't care about damage) 4/4 4/4 1/4 4/4 1/4 1/4 1/4 1/4 1/4 Obs: if you have the class talent "Stellar Blessing" you gain one more skill point, and can explore others Skills. 4.4 Gears and Weapons for PvE there are a lot of good Gears and Weapons, but you need to keep atention on important atributes, like pene, crit, speed, Accuracy and attack strenght, because actually the DPS game in a overall is more focused especially in attack strenght, having a good weapon with it, and a good set with atributes that completes what is missing does a lot of difference. And as a tank, keep atention on things like, defenses Magical/Physical, Solidity and Parry, having a good % of Solidity is the most important nowadays, reducing the chance of receiving a hitkill. Best Weapons for Damage BD Craft Weapons: are very good weapons, having 3 essential atributes in them and the damage of a weapon with +1 level (example: a lv32 etheral craft sword has the damage of a lv33 sword). Obs: Be carefull, not all of them have the "Speed" parameter, you should avoid using Weapons without speed as a Damage. Spring Weapons: those are the most popular and the best Weapons for Melee DPS, they fit extremely well in Damage BDs, having Attack strenght is sure an advantage. Swords: are the most used Weapons, and the best one for towers especially, having "Critical" parameter, BD has no critical hit skill and lacks on it, this sword is the weapon who representats BD the most. Daggers: some BDs use them, on high HP bosses like 300k+, the dagger's speed surpasses the other weapons, but its lack of crit is something that will be noticed, you will very hardly get a good amount using them, and even if you do, you will sacrifice other attributes T5 Weapons I recommend using only daggers, because they are the only weapon with speed, even if you have the Speed and Rapid Fury book you will probably not getting 70% speed without buffs. Best Weapon for full tank BD Craft Axe: if you are a full tank BD, and dont care about speed, this is the best Weapon for you, having an defensive atribute in a weapon is an advantage for a Tank, can reach 30% Parry without hard efforts using them. Obs: there are every other levels of the weapons showed here, you can have those same Weapons in your lv10, 20, 24 BD etc. Best Armors for Damage BD I will show here some of the best armos you can use, to increase your most important damage stats like Accuracy, Speed, Crit and Penetration. Obs: Use Defense rune and Speed Crystal at Boots, Vambraces and Armor, and Solidity rune and Accuracy crystal on the helmet. Best Atributes you can find ir armors for damage BD: Ayvondil sets: you can encounter this set in map 4 Dungeons, having lv20-22-24-26-28 and 30. This sets has critical in every part, and Accuracy/Speed bonuses, use these if you think you don't have enough speed and mobs are dodging too much. Coliseum sets: you can encounter this set in map 2 Colosseum dungeon having lv20-22-24-26-28 and 30. This set is the best if you want a full Penetration BD and don't plan buying mermem gears. Mermem sets: you can encounter this set in map 4 Mermem dungeon, having only the 32 level. This is the best and most op set that a Damage can use, having 2 parts, you unlock the "Irreversible Anger" skill increasing your Accuracy and Penetration in 2% every auto atk (max of buffs is 10x, 20% each in total) and a Critical hit every 5 auto atks, and using 4 parts you unlock the "Deadly illusion" skill the skills sumons 3 copies of you for 15 seconds with 30% of your total damage, they will desapear after a specified time or after dying dealing 150% to the attacker but no more than 5000 units, but I dont recommend using 4 parts of it. The set showed here is the "Time Distortion" its better than the "Fatal Retribution" for BD Best Armors for Full tank BD I will show here some of the best Armors you can use, having a high amount of Solidity, HP, Parry, Magical and Physical defense. Solidy Obs: best atributes you can find in armors for Tank BD: Craft set: you can craft those itens or pay to someone for craft, they are the best in my opinion, because of having an Insane HP %, reaching a high amount of hp is essential. Mermem set: you can encounter this set in map 4 Mermem dungeon having only the 32 level. This is the best set for a Tank BD, having 2 parts you unlock the "Thirst for Life" skill increases the character HP by 3% and reduces the damage received by Monsters in 3% and players by 2% (max of buffs is 10x, 30% hp 30% reduction by Monsters and 20% by players) and when your Hp gets below 50% the set removes one debuff or control effect every 5 seconds. Using 4 parts you unlock the "Ancestors' Power" skill the skill transforms you into a monster for 15 seconds increasing your HP in 50%, physical and Magical defense in 80%, attack strenght in 80% and Resistance by 50%, but you cant use skills. The set showed here is the "Dooms command" set, its better than the "Power Incarnation" for a PvE BD. Best Belts for damage BD Those are the two best belts for BD, it just depends on what you needs more, if its penetration or Critical, I recommend using belts with speed. Both of them are from chests, you can encounter them having keys, the Icy Belt at Snow Christmas event and the Belt of the archipelago privateers at t5, always use Solidity runes in your belts, and if possible, Critical hit crystals. Best Belt for Tank BD This is the best belt for a Tank BD and fits well in every tank combination, having Parry and 15% HP is essential for a Tank, always use Solidity runes in your belts and mana regen. Best Acessories for Damage BD Rings: always chose ring with the "Accuracy" parameter, because bd lacks in Accuracy and even if you have lv32 mermem gears you can't reach 50% without books, use mana regen crystals in them and vampism runes. Cloaks: if you dont have enough speed, and think its necessary, use speed Cloaks, but I recommend using the ones with mana regen, because you can gain atributes in other itens like using Critical hit on Belt, Critical hit crystals in them, but if yiu already have 49%-50%, you can use piercing attack crystal and use vampirism runes or Solidity if you want. Amulet: if you dont have the "Rapid Fury" book, I'd recommend you using amulets with speed, but if you have both speeds books, chose amulets with penetration, use Critical hit crystals, but if you don't have lv32 mermem gears and lacks on Accuracy, you can use Accuracy too and vampirism rune. Spring Acessories: they have the "Attack strenght" parameter, thats why they are the most used and the best actually for DPS classes, you can reach 10%+ Attack strenght only using 4 of them (Obs: I recommend using 4 of them) Halloween Acessories: they were the most popular a few years ago, because were the onlys to have the "Speed" parameter in them with physical damage, but things changed (Obs: I recommend using the Cloak, if you think you don't have enough speed) Snow Acessories: they have the "Fury" buff on them, being very usefull if you have the "Rapid Fury" book, and there others with "Piercing attack" parameter (If you want to use them, I only recommend the rings, because you will probably lose damage using the Cloak/Amulet with %) Best Acessories for Tank BD Rings: always choose rings with HP, and if possible, with Solidity, but if you think you have enough Solidity, use the ones with vamp or Accuracy, always use mana regen crystals and vampirism rune. Cloaks: there are a lot of good Cloaks, like the ones with Parry, if you don't have enough Parry and want a better %, use them, others good options are Cloaks with HP and Solidity, use Critical Crystal and vampirism, if you want can use Parry too. Amulets: use the halloween amulet with HP, be carefull to have at least 20% vampirism, you can chose the Solidity one too, use Critical Crystal or Accuracy if you want, and vampirism rune. Adverses Acessories: First I chosed the craft cloak, because it has all necessary atributes that you need at a tank Cloak, but there is a good option if you don't want mana regen and 4% dmg I chosed the halloween amulet because of the Vamp, its essential for a Tank BD having vamp, but you can use the Solidity if you need, and the rings, i recommend using the Solidity rings because its hard to reach a good Solidity % at a BD, but if yiu do, or have a lv12 guild 3/3 yiu can use the Craft or the halloween rings with HP. 4.5 Best Buffs and Minions Buffs and Minions are a way to improve your status, use them in dungeons and bosses, they surely make a big difference, they can better your damage and some of your atributes, I will show here the best of them. Cards/Scrolls: Best cards for Damage BD: those are the best cards for a damage, as you can see, all of them increase your damage in 10% or 15%, I recommend you using the one with Attack strenght, because in most places is the one who increases your damage the most, the card with Piercing attack for high defense enemys and bosses and the card with speed if you can't reach 70%, and here another card, but only use if you have less than 60% speed Best cards for Tank BD: those are the 2 best cards, they're so much better than every other card, first the Defense card, you can reach 50% solity easy using them, you can tank anything, and the HP card, I recommend using if you have at least 40% Solidity, but the defense still better. Pots: Best pots for damage BD: there are some of the best pots, the pot with 10% damage and 10% fury is the best in most ocasions, for high defense bosses, piercing attack pots are a good option to hit all your damage with the piercing buff. Other pot I recommend, if your damage is too high and you're afraid of dying (lol) This pot reduces the agro you create by dealing a lot of damage Best pots for Tank BD: as a tank, its essential having an high amount of hp, thats why i decided to show some of them, and the vampirism pot if you think you don't have enough vampirism, can heal like 1k+ with Critical hits. And use those 2 pots to increase your agression and healers/pets cure on your BD Damage consumables: The fresh barracuda increase Depths fury by 5% and the turtle soup your mana and mana regen, and they dont remove card/pot buff. Tank consumables: The kelp and rum are 2 amazing buffs for a tank, the kelp increases your Solidity in underwater and the rum your HP, and they dont remove card/pot buff. Best Minions: Lizardman Priestess: increases your "Critical damage" parameter in 20% as long as the pet is alive and gives you a resistence buff for some time Black Tiger: the pet uses a skill that increases your "Critical damage" parameter in 30% for some time and increases your total amount of mana Walking Totem: the pet increases your "Accuracy" and "Speed" parameter for some time and protects you with Paladin's shield and healing skill Flame's recruit: the pet increases your damage in 25% for some time (the best in my opinion) 4.6 Rare Books for PvE Best books for full Damage BD: Enhanced Attack Speed (7% Speed) Enhanced Fury (6% fury) Rapid Fury (10% speed when fury is on) Enhanced Critical hit (3% Crit) Enhanced Piercing Attack (4% Piercing Attack) Excessive Attack (10% Attack strenght when against 3 or more enemies) Enhanced Attack Strenght (4% Attack Strenght) Enhanced Penetration (3% Pene) Revelation of Fury (Aplies the fury buff every Critical hit every 20s) Enhanced Accuracy (4% Accuracy) Enhanced Critical Damage (10% Critical Damage) Best books for Full Tank BD: Physical Protection (10% physical defense) Magical Protection (10% magical defense) Physical Toughening (20% physical defense and 10% dmg reduction to physical auto attacks when Hp is lower than 30%) Magical Toughening (20% magical defense and 10% dmg reduction to magical auto attacks when Hp is lower than 30%) Power of Life (Increases your health regen by 15% and Hp by 6%) Enhanced stealth Health (6% Vampirism) Secret Power of Vampirism (15% vampirism when your Hp is lower than 30%) Distortion of Life (Restores 150% of your hp when the character is under a stun with the chance equal to your vampirism) Enhanced Solidity (4% Solidity) Absolute Strenght (Absorbs a Critical hit if its bigger than your currently hp) Power of Spirit (increases your mana and mana regen by 10%) Obs: I playing as a PvE bd for years and dont see the mana book a very necessary thing for PvE as a damage, and about tank, I would recommed using only one, the Solidity book or the Absolute Strenght. The best set for both in my opinion (+8 and +9) 5. Everything about PvP BD and Arena BD has been one of the strongest PvP classes in all warspear, in my opinion BD is always at the top 3 most op classes in 1x1 pvp or some arenas, having the capacity of using Heavy Armor and 2 Weapons with some stun skills and debuffs, they can lower enemy atributes like speed, damage, parry and dodge, and op buffs like speed, Attack strenght, here I will show all tips for PvP. 5.1 Basic Skills build for PvP: This build for lv13 BD (has only 7 skill points) 1/5 1/5 4/5 5/5 1/5 This build for lv18+ 3/5 1/5 5/5 5/5 1/5 This build for full Parry BD 1/5 1/5 4/5 4/5 5/5 5.2 Relics for PvP Flash Strike Relics: the stun relics does an important role in arena, with your enemy being under 3s stun a lot of things can happen. Agression Relics: the inacessability relic is usefull to trigger other relic, like the Icy captivity, an amazing relic for those who know how to use their stuns, and deceptive control will turn the enemy afraid of using any stuns on you, because if they do, they receive the "Sleep Magic" effect. Sap Relics: the Relic of apathy are extremely usefull against healing classes, blocking their cure for some time, and the Magic Relic of reaction, you can use the sap in enemys with resist only to trigger this relic, receiving one more resist buff Hamstring Relics: the relic of sickness fits well with the Hamstring because the Hamstring stops enemys movements and this what the relic needs to work perfectly. Parry Relics: another chance for you to trigger the deceptive control relic is here, and the Opression relic blocks enemys capacity of using skills for some time. 5.3 Expert Skills build for PvP: If you like speed in your pvp, this build if for you: 4/4 4/4 4/4 If you're more a full Tank in PvP: 4/4 4/4 4/4 If you want more stuns: 4/4 4/4 4/4 If want more Penetration and reduces enemy dodge/parry: 4/4 4/4 4/4 Obs: always use the "Spirit of Resistance" for pvp in 4/4, its BD best skill in pvp, and you can create new Builds and use one more extra point if you have the"Stellar Blessing" talent 5.4 Gears and Weapons for PvP: In PvP, its important having "Ferocity" because this atribute increase your damage against players, try getting the closer you can to 50% (the max), and another important atribute is the "Resilience", reduces damage received from players and reduces the chance of you receiving Critical hits in PvP, but be carefull, those atributes does the oposite effect on Monsters, only use them in PvP. Best Weapons for PvP BD Arena Weapons: as you can see, they have the "Ferocity" in them, always use Ferocity crystals too, try reaching 50%, but if you are a high level and have Ferocity books, there ate better combinations for you. There are the best combinations, you can reach like 49% Ferocity and gain other atributes like pene and attack strenght, if you are more a speed user, use the Daggers combination or if you like more brutal damage use the axes, you can even use the Craft axe if like more parry in your PvP and Craft Swords if want more Accuracy. Armors for PvP Basic arena armor: Always chose armors with defensive atributes, like dodge/parry over critical, because you will rarely deals a Critical hit against PvP enemies, and don't use light armor in PvP if you have Heavy Armor with the same atributes, the set showed here is the most basical that you can buy with arena points. Greatness armors: Those are the best Armors in PvP, you can buy them with the Imperial of greatness, they have bonuses, with the first being hP or physical defense bônus and the Second 4% of Resilience, who makes an big difference. Greatness + Mermem Armors combination: You can combine others parts if you want, but this combination is the best, you gain mana regen in your boots, Penetration with Accuracy in your Vambraces and CD (skill cooldown) in your helmet, you can reach like 45% Resilience if using the Acessories and gain 20% damage reduction from your Mermem set, with 30% more Hp and removing stuns and controls effect every 5 seconds when your hp is lower than 50%, no one can stop you. Belts for PvP You can use the basic arena belt, but you will lack on important atributes like pene/parry, Accuracy and the high HP %, thats why i recommend using the craft belts, you wants more damage in your BD use the ligr belt, and you're more a full Parry use the heavy belt. Greatness Acessories Those are the greatness and contender Acessories, you can buy them with the Imperial of greatness, they have Resilience in them, thats why they are very usefull and everyone wants them, I recommend using only the greatness rings and Amulet/Cloak the contender ones, because you will probably lose damage using the greatness, they are itens with %. 5.4 Best buffs Best cards in arena Those are the best card in arena, getting an high amount of defense with resistence is the best maybe, but if you lacks on things like Resilience, you better use the 15% resil Scroll, and the 15% speed cards are extremely usefull if you are a full Speed BD in PvP and have nice Resilience parameters, and theres another card, if you dont have PvP Weapons Best pots in arena Those are the best pots, you have here pots to see invisible enemies, very usefull against rogue/seeker and other using invisible buffs, a pot that remove 3 negative effects from you, these ones you need to have them always, and the 15% resist pots fits well if used with the Scroll castle with 20% resist, using resist on helmet and amulet you can reach more than 40% easy. Consumable The best consumable in arena, having an high amount of hp is essential. 4.6 Rare books for PvP and arena: Gladiator's Resilience (5% Resilience) Gladiator's Ferocity (5% Ferocity Restrained Rage (aplies fury everytime 2 or more members of your party is under a stun) Enhanced steal Health (6% more vampirism) Distortion of Life (Restores 150% of your hp when the character is under a stun with the chance equal to your vampirism) Physical Toughening (20% physical defense and 10% dmg reduction to physical auto attacks when Hp is lower than 30%) Magical Toughening (20% magical defense and 10% dmg reduction to magical auto attacks when Hp is lower than 30%) Enhanced Attack Speed (7% speed) Rapid Fury (10% speed when fury is on) Enhanced Attack Strenght (4% attack strenght) Enhanced Penetration (3% Penetration) Power of Spirit (increases your mana and mana regen by 10%) Power of Life (increases your total Hp in 6% and health regen by 15%) Improved stunning (2,5% stun chance) The best set for both full parry and speed (+8 and +9) 6. Talents for BD Talents are improvements on your char, for a BD as a damage or tank, there are a lot of usefull Talents, I will just show you the ones to level up first, because you can and need to study them all. 6.1 Knowledge Talents Damage BD Talents to level up: You have important talents for damage here, like Accuracy, Penetration, Speed. As a damage focus on this part first, every % of Damage atributes are importants. Tank BD Talents to level up: You have important talents for tank here, like Solidity, HP and the ones who reduce the damage you receive from enemies, having all of them 3/3 and have 3% damage reduction is sure a lot. BD especial Talents: Parry +: increases the Parry of your skill in 0.5%-1%-1.5% per level (works nice with the masterful Parry) Hamstring +: increases the damage of your skill in 5% Masterful Parry: decreases the damage you receive by 10% with the chance equal to your Parry parameter (usefull for Tank BD and in PvP, having more 10% damage reduction combined with mermem sets or Resilience is Very op) Stellar Blessing: the character receives one more skill point (use this one to explore new builds, having one more skill point is always usefull) 6.2 Ayvondil T5 Talents Defensive Talents Those are the defensive Talents in t5, the ones i recommend you leveling first if you are a tank BD or a more defensive players in the underwater area. The First row are Talents that reduce the damage of Critical hits you receive. The Second row are Talents that remove negative effects you receive, like poison, bleeding, hydrophobia and stun. The third row are Talents that reduces the damage you receive when you're under poison, bleeding, hydrophobia and stun. The last are adverses talents that reduces critical chances and increases your def. Attack Talents Those are the damage Talents, they will increase your damage and some atributes like pene and crit, you can see that there aee way more defensive Talents, because in t5 the defense is more essential. Thanks for Reading all my guide, I hope you liked, Its everything that I know playing for like 6 yeras as a free player BD, you can explore new Builds and itens if you want, because there a lot of good skills and gears. Ultrablade - br Tourmaline
  3. Seja bem vindo ao "Guia de mudanças do Cavaleiro da Morte [Dark Knight][10.2-10.3]", neste post estarei dando detalhes da classe DK e informações de todas suas novas mudanças do patch [10.2] até o estado presente [10.3] . As novas mecânicas em suas habilidades especialistas, armas, talentos de classe e uma segunda rotação de relíquias, fizeram esse char sair da água pro vinho ou melhor para o vampirismo, tendo novas formas de jogar entre os jogadores. Este guia terá como objetivo: apresentar suas mudanças e novas possíveis builds para cada caso e situação. - MUDANÇAS : [HABILIDADES ESPECIALISTAS] Saturação : - A skill "Saturação" passou a ser uma habilidade ativa, reduzindo a regeneração de mana do char em níveis : 5/7/9/10. - Ela é uma habilidade que concede ao Cavaleiro da Morte em níveis : 10/15/20/25 [%] de vampirismo. A "Saturação" fez uma enorme mudança no DK, podendo fazer tankar cada vez mais baseado na quantidade de vampirismo presente em seus status. Mas sendo cada vez mais necessário ter em seus itens "Cristal da harmonia" ou status de regeneração de mana. Furação de Aço : - Sua mudança foi aumento de dano mágico causado pela skill em níveis : 90/115/145/190 [%] do poder mágico do char. O "Furação de aço" teve uma grande potencialização em seu dano mágico, se consideramos a mudança aplicada às armas de duas mãos que teve um aumento em 18% do poder mágico, a skill está sim muito forte para o cavaleiro da morte. Reservas Secretas : - A habilidade "Reservas secretas" quando ativada passou a reduzir o dano que o Cavaleiro da Morte sofre, durando até o fim da recarga da skill. Em níveis : 5/10/15/20 [%] de redução de dano sofrido dos inimigos. - Cura instantânea após ativação da habilidade. A "Reservas secretas" é uma habilidade ótima em 4/4, tanto em PVE quanto PVP. Conseguir durar um pouco mais em combate faz o DK ser um rei em arena e tw, podendo regenerar totalmente sua vida perdida , com toda cura que a skill "Reservas secretas" habilita junto ao vampirismo em suas runas, armas e "Saturação". Maldição do Cavaleiro : - Redução de dano de habilidade 120/ 160/ 180/ 220 [%] do poder mágico para 110/ 130/ 155/ 180 [%] do poder mágico. - A skill é conjurada instantaneamente se sofrer "resistir", quando utilizada no inimigo. - A habilidade deixou de causar dano em objetos estáticos. Exemplos : bandeira, portões, etc. A "Maldição do cavaleiro" pra mim tem sido a habilidade especialista principal para o DK, o debuff que ela tomou não o afetou gravemente. A habilidade em si quando conjurada faz o Cavaleiro da Morte causar o seu pico de damage, seguido de suas outras skill. Geralmente no PVE começa o combo sempre com "Maldição", eu costumo dar o combo > Maldição do Cavaleiro> Fios da Escuridão > Chamado da Morte > Espinhos da Morte > Emanar Escuridão > Furação de aço > Sombra Afiada , renovando o agro com "Provocação" e fazendo repetitivas vezes até morte de um Boss. (Sempre é bom utilizar o agro da "Provocação" mesmo estando solo no PVE, para ativar suas relíquias). [MECÂNICA DE ARMAS] Mudanças nas armas de duas mãos : - Maça de duas mãos e Lança, tiveram aumento de 18% do poder mágico. Maça de uma mão e Escudo : Estilo clássico de jogar de Cavaleiro da Morte, sempre bem vindo as pts. Utilizar maça de uma mão e escudo sempre te fará ser o tank para as masmorras e dones tão presentes no cotidiano de Ayvondil, Irselnort e mapas de eventos. As mudanças no [10.2] fizeram o DK ser bem mais requisitado tanto em guildas quanto em farmes. Tenho preferido utilizar para o Cavaleiro da Morte maça de uma mão física, com "Cristal da virtude [maça]" que me dá um pouco mais de poder mágico, junto a acessórios de poder mágico. Quando se coloca na calculadora uma maça de uma 32 +10, física em comparação a mágica : (Sem bônus guilda, sem talentos upados e baseados nas armas e equipamentos que tenho.) Imagem da calculadora https://wsdb.xyz/calc/pt . Quando fiz a opção pela maça física de uma mão no PVE, tive como base essa imagem acima. Considerei que o Dk, equipado com escudo, compre função de tank na pt, sendo assim focado em usar as habilidades de Agro "Provocação" e "Chamado da Morte", e habilidades de defesa "Escudo Sombrio", "Aura de Ódio" "Proteção Sanguínea", fazendo com que ele não tenha tanto espaço para utilizar suas skills damage. Assim tendo sempre mais abertura para seus ataques automáticos. Potencial máximo PvP, maça de uma mão mágica e escudo : Detalhes : (Sem bônus guilda, sem talentos upados, runas e cristais critados) Imagem da calculadora https://wsdb.xyz/calc/pt . O PvP do Cavaleiro da Morte é baseado principalmente em atordoar os inimigos e silenciá-los, com seu kit de rotações de habilidades. O DK tem todas as suas skills mágicas, salvo o "Furação de Aço" que tem o seu dano baseado na maior fonte de poder presente no char. Então no seu PvP, considero ser o DK mais forte mágico, e para maior desenvolvimento do seu damage suas armas devem ser encantadas com cristal de "Ferocidade". Maça de duas mãos : A Maça de duas mãos tem sido para mim a melhor opção de arma para o DK, tanto no PVE quanto no PVP, ele vira um rei nos dois estilos de jogo, por ser um char que usa uma arma que escala muito poder mágico, junto a seus acessórios, e podendo usar uma armadura pesada. Isso dá margem para o DK PVE sozinho matar no [10.3] qualquer Boss de Ayvondil, incluindo até os bosses da Done T5 (Levadis, Velho tinteiro e Almirante). Seu PVP quando utilizado de acessórios grandeza, armadura mermen e armaduras grandeza ou de pontos arenas (AP), te torna um adversário muito chato de se lidar, principalmente se vc tiver as relíquias de PVP e Castelo. - Potencial máximo do Cavaleiro da Morte PVE com Maça de duas mãos : Detalhes : (Sem bônus guilda, sem talentos upados, runas e cristais critados) Imagem da calculadora https://wsdb.xyz/calc/pt . - Potencial máximo de PVP com Maça de duas mãos : Detalhes : (Sem bônus guilda, sem talentos upados, runas e cristais critados) Imagem da calculadora https://wsdb.xyz/calc/pt . Lança : A Lança é uma arma de duas mãos híbrida, mesmo com aumento de 18% do poder mágico, ela tem como principal fonte de dano o poder físico (exceção a Lança que apresentam status de "atordoar", provenientes do evento Halloween). Vejo alguns Cavaleiros da Morte utilizando dela, pegando 1k de poder físico junto com acessórios físicos, acredito que seja uma ótima forma de montar também seu char. - Cavaleiro da Morte com Lança física : (Sem bônus guilda, sem talentos upados, acessórios físicos % do evento Halloween) Imagem da calculadora https://wsdb.xyz/calc/pt . - Lança mágica : Imagem da calculadora https://wsdb.xyz/calc/pt . Trouxe essa curiosa arma por ser única em sua classe, com a fonte principal de poder mágico. [TALENTOS] Quando foram colocados em jogo, os talentos de classe, o Cavaleiro da Morte teve melhorias em duas habilidades básicas, "Fios da Escuridão" e "Escudo Sombrio". Os talentos também permitem melhorias de status como precisão, penetração, vida máxima, mana máxima, tempo de recarga e demais status. Foi uma mudança importante, trazendo também 1 novo ponto de habilidade, fazendo com que novas builds sejam utilizadas na rotações de pontos de skill. -Mudanças nas habilidades : Fios da Escuridão : - Aumento de efeito de uso 1/2/3 [%] Escudo Sombrio : - Chance de efeito da habilidade 10% Barreira Sangrenta : - O "Escudo Sombrio" passou a ter uma nova passiva em sua habilidade, quando o DK toma uma dano crítico a "Barreira Sangrenta" é ativada e bloqueia o próximo ataque. A mudança que a mecânica dos talentos trouxe à classe Cavaleiro da Morte, foram importantes tanto no PVE quanto no PVP. Se te restava alguma dúvida de upar essas habilidades eu diria que : a "Barreira Sangrenta" hoje no DK faz uma enorme diferença, quando seu char em combate leva um hit critico de 3k, sendo possivelmente quase metade do seu HP, defender o próximo ataque te faz ganhar um tempo precioso para usar elixir de vida ou simples aplicar "Maldição do Cavaleiro" com resto do seu combo, te salvando de uma possível morte. Se está também na dúvida de onde começar, upe os talentos de defesa e de ataque 1/3 até liberar a "Barreira Sangrenta", junte o necessário em seguida para ativar, e siga por assim adiante priorizando melhorias nas habilidades e o ponto de habilidade extra. [RELÍQUIAS] A nova mudança nas relíquias possibilitou a todas as classes criarem uma rota para PVE e uma para PVP. Para o Cavaleiro da Morte vou apresentar o conjunto de relíquias das quais eu considero as mais fortes para o PVE e PVP. -Relíquias de vampirismo : Detalhes : Considero as 3 principais relíquias para o PVE, conjunto delas dão ao DK 30 [%] de vampirismo e cura instantânea na habilidade "Espinhos da Morte", quando se leve em consideração "Saturação", runas vampíricas e arma com vampirismo o DK pode atingir 70+[%] de vampirismo. Isso te leva a tankar qualquer coisa no jogo, sendo muito útil tanto para masmorras , dones e farmes. Sem duvidas, é muito forte o combo dessas relíquias sendo usadas juntas. - Relíquia mágica da crueldade : A "Relíquia mágica da crueldade" é ótima para o PVE do DK, tendo uma particularidade que é muito forte, ela em Boss como Levadis ou Almirante, que dão debuff de precisão, consegue ser reativada antes do término de uso, fazendo com o que o char fique full status de penetração, devido ao baixo tempo de recarga da habilidade "Espinhos da Morte" que carrega essa relíquia em seus slots. Em jogo : - Relíquias de Debuff : Detalhes : Ter em seus slots relíquias que dão debuff faz um enorme diferença no PVE, tanto em solo player quanto em pt. Quando ativas, as relíquias, cada uma diminui 15% da defesa física ou 15% da defesa mágica do inimigo. Em pt isso beneficia a todos presentes na execução de um Boss, aumentando a dinâmica do grupo em realizar a kill. -Relíquias de Silencio : Detalhes : As duas relíquias fazem um combo perfeito para o PVP, e mais com uso da habilidade "Sopro do Silêncio". O Cavaleiros da Morte sabendo usar de sua new, junto com essas relíquias faz o inimigo na arena ficar a rodada toda utilizando apenas de seus ataques automáticos. - Relíquias ante atordoamento : Detalhes : As três relíquias acima tem sua funcionalidade em proteger o DK de atordoamentos. No PVP, é muito comum o char por ser lutador de corpo a corpo, dá a cara no combate e toma uma chuva de habilidades, muitas delas sendo de controle te fazendo simplesmente não avançar. Com elas em seu arsenal de PVP será possível você punir a ação de seus inimigos na arena, GvG e War. - Relíquias de "punição" : Detalhes : A "Relíquia de fraqueza de vida terrível" e "Relíquia terrível da doença" são duas relíquias que afetam o inimigo marcado com punição direta em seus pontos de vida, sendo muito fortes para o PVP. As duas apresentam condições para uso quando ativas, a "Relíquia de fraqueza de vida terrível" pune o inimigo marcado quando utiliza uma habilidade, perdendo 10% pontos de vida (não mais que 1500 pontos de vida), e a "Relíquia terrível da doença" pune o adversário quando está sob controle de grupo, perdendo 2% da vida máxima a cada segundo. [ROTAÇÕES DE PONTOS DE HABILIDADE] Neste tópico mostrarei a nova build de "Reservas Secretas" e "Saturação", que virou a mais comum para os DK no patch [10.2-10.3], e outras que eu considero bem fortes. O Cavaleiro da Morte pode apresentar outras builds, fora das quais irei comentar, mas acredito que sejam as principais e mais fortes para o estado atual do char. Considere as habilidades básicas > Espinhos da Morte 3/4 > Emanar da Escuridão 1/5 > Provocação 5/5 > Fios da Escuridão 1/5 > Escudo Sombrio 5/5. - Build de "Reservas secretas" e "Saturação" : Reservas Secretas 4/4 > Saturação 4/4 > Maldição do Cavaleiro 4/4 (+1 ponto de habilidade dos talentos 2/4 Furação de Aço). - Build da "Aura do Ódio" : Aura do Ódio 4/4 > Maldição do Cavaleiro 4/4 > Chamado da Morte 4/4 (+1 ponto da habilidade dos talentos 2/4 Saturação). - Build Damage da "Aura do Ódio" : Aura do Ódio 4/4 > Maldição do Cavaleiro 4/4 > Furação de Aço 4/4 (+1 ponto da habilidade dos talentos 2/4 Saturação). Na build damage considere > Espinhos 3/5 > Emanar da Escuridão 5/5 > Provocação 1/5 >Fios da Escuridão 1/5 > Escudo Sombrio. 5/5 Particularmente eu adoro a build da "Aura do Ódio", mas se vc ja é um Dk com ampli +9+10, a build de "Reservas Secretas" e Saturação" é bem mais compensatória. A habilidade Aura do Ódio 4/4 aumenta 15% do poder físico/mágico e 15% de defesa física/mágica por 20 segundos. O melhor dessa habilidade é que quando ativa, seu efeito dura praticamente o mesmo tempo de sua recarga, com 2-3 segundos de diferença, deixando o DK sempre presente com skill ativa. [CONCLUSÃO] O Cavaleiro da Morte teve bastantes mudanças nesses últimos meses, assim como todas as outras classes tiveram, com as novas mudanças. Tive uma ótima experiência em jogo com essa nova versão do DK , fiz esse guia com o objetivo de apresentar uma visão geral sobre o que está forte nele e tudo que já tinha sido publicado sobre suas atualizações Buffs/debuffs. Espero que gostem desse guia e que qualquer comentário ou discursão sobre a classe é bem vindo nesse post. Agradeço a todos que gostarem do meu guia, espero que tenha ajudado em suas dúvidas. Smilechesx - BR (Tourmaline).
  4. This guide is mainly divided into 3 parts. Base Skills/Expert Skills and Relic Choice PVE weapon and equip Choice Summary and quote ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.Base Skills/Expert Skills and Relic Choice 1).Base Skills Blow of the Spritis Ahhh,sry,i m exactly dont know this skill,because i m physical chieftain.i never use this. Eagle’s Eye energy expense: 16/18/20/22/24 CD: 12 sec duration: 4/4/6/6/8 sec introduce:Deals 30 / 40 / 40 / 50 / 60 magic damage within a yard every 2 seconds. According to the character's "critical hit" parameter, it applies bleeding (physical damage): it causes damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds, and each scale is 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30% of physical damage. Relic: Relic of Accuracy is Indispensable,thats means 12% accuracy easy got,like Free delivery. Base skill can use 4 different Relic,but i only introduce the necessary. My opinion:this skill is chieftain core skill,even physical chieftain also can use this skill make huge aoe dmg.the bleeding critical can make 2000! dmg 1 hit. Bear’s Stamina energy expense:14/16/18/20/22 CD:13 sec introduce:Increased the amount of healing from magical power: 100 \ 110 \ 120 \ 130 \ 140 %. Reduced the amount of healing from missing health:5 \ 7 \ 9 \ 10 \ 12 %. Relic:Physical chieftain havent magic,so if u want to recovery HP,u will thanks those Relic. My opinion:its chieftain only HP recovery skill,mixed or magic chieftain love it,in especial PVP。 Wolf’s Alacrity energy expense:14/17/19/22/24 CD:18 sec duration:4/5.5/7/8.5/10 sec introduce:The next automatic attack will cause additional skill damage of 120 \ 130 \ 140 \ 155 \ 170% of the enemy's physical strength and reduce the enemy's movement speed: 20% / 30% / 40% / 50% / 60% 2 / 3 / 3 / 4 / 4 seconds. speed change:speed change: 110%/120%/130%/140%/150%. Relic:increase physical power,There is no reason to refused. My opinion:Increase movement speed,MC only this one! and 170% power addition,what a beautiful skill! Thrashing energy expense:18/20/22/24/26 CD:18 sec introduce:You are not allowed to move 4 / 4 / 5 / 5 / 6 seconds within a 3x3 radius.Reduce 10/20/30/40/50% attack speed and power. Relic:when fight with Boss,this Relic is very good! My opinion:PVE not good,because BOSS Almost unaffected. 2).Expert Skills Frenzy energy expense:21/23/25/27 CD:20 sec introduce:3/3/4/5 attacks,40/40/45/45% physical power。 The skill will now additionally apply the “Stun” effect to the target for 2 \ 3 \ 3 \ 4 seconds if it’s under the effect of the “Thrashing” skill. My opinion:45%*5=225%,the most power addition skill, Frenzy+wolf=20000dmg/sec,and this skill can help us got rage buff, i have 6.8% rage,if use Frenzy,99.9% get rage buff. Cat Reflexes energy expense:14/16/18/20 effect: reducing energy regeneration by 5 \ 7 \ 9 \ 10 units. CD:8 sce introduce:Increases accuracy by 6 / 7 / 8 / 9% and critical hit by 10 / 12 / 14 / 16%. When missing, its accuracy will also be improved by 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 seconds of 7 / 8 / 9 / 10%. My opinion:this skill 1/4 is very practical,but unworthy 4/4,because Skill points are more worth using elsewhere. and my critical already full. Clan’s Help introduce: Wolf and Rat Clans:pene 3%/4%/4.5%/5.5%, Eagle and Cougar Clans:critical 10%/12%/14%/16%, Bear and Boar Clans:defence 20%/30%/40%/50%。 (my English is bad,suggest to view game's introduce......) My opinion:something is better than nothing,4/4 can take 50% defence,if u want to tank or solo dg. Rugged Hide energy expense:24/26/28/30 CD:30 sec duration:6/8/9/10 sec introduce: Injury reduction 12%/22%/32%/42%.In addition, for every 2.5% hp reduction, the injury reduction will increase by an additional 0.4/0.6/0.8/1%. My opinion:Divine skill,Strong injury reduction skills,this skill like barb's Skin,and better than it.if dont full this skill,maybe your wolf Increase movement speed will be useless,because u will go first then die.this skill will help u wait tank coming. Bestial Wrath energy expense:26/28/30/34 CD:28 sec duration:12/16/20/25 sec introduce:If the character is equipped with one handed weapons, the attack speed increases by 5 / 10 / 15 / 20%. If the character is equipped with two handed weapons, the attack speed increases by 5 / 7 / 9 / 11%. My opinion:physical chieftain have to 4/4,except u have speed book and rage speed book,but even so,i recommend 4/4 too. Support of the Pack energy expense:0 CD:22 sec introduce:Remove 1 / 2 / 2 / 3 of the gain from the enemy. In addition, restore 10 / 15 / 20 / 25% of the maximum energy. My opinion:PVE not good,because BOSS Almost unaffected.for example, this skill cant remove myth sea buff and cant remove spring boss buff yet.so.... its uesless for PVE. Spiritual Purification energy expense:24/26/28/30 CD:30 sec duration:3 / 4 / 5 / 6 sec introduce:Removes 1/2/3/4 debuffs from the character or ally,including control effect,also applies Foritude buff on the target 3/4/5/6 sec.Buff increase the Resistance parameter of the target by 100%.Additionally increase the effect duration by 1 sec.for each debuff removed. My opinion:what a nice skill,both in PVE and PVP,when you run 2022 spring dg, you can use this skill resistance Boss's fear skill,then 10 sec kill him.when you run myth nadir dg,you can use this skill resistance town debuff. its very practical if you know how to use it. Swooping Army energy expense:24/26/28/30 CD:22 sec introduce:4x4 area. Deal 35% / 45% / 50% / 55% mage damage to people standing in this area every second, and reduce dodge by 5% / 7% / 9% / 12%. Valid for 3 / 3 / 4 / 5 seconds. My opinion: magic or mixed chieftain need this, the best AOE skill,but we need'nt. Curse of the Plague energy expense:20/22/24/26 CD:22 sec introduce:25 / 30 / 35 / 45% mage DD per second within a mouse radius of 3x3. The mage deals damage to this area and cuts it. The probability is 25 / 30 / 35 / 45%. The duration is 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 seconds. The accuracy and CD are reduced by 10 / 15 / 20 / 25%. My opinion:i think even if magic chieftain never use this skill yet. It is worth noting that All Skills Reduced the energy costs for all skills by 1-2 units. but i dont know how to test this change,because i have 5/5 Frugality Talents. 2.PVE weapon and equip Choice Base skills: 5/5 Eagle’s Eye; 5/5 Wolf’s Alacrity; 3/5 Thrashing or Bear’s Stamina; Expert Skills: 4/4 Bestial Wrath; 4/4 Rugged Hide; 4/4 Frenzy; Its me! weapon If u have [Speed Book]:+7% attack speed. This double pene weapon is the best choice. Else U can use speed mace about this one Belt this is only choice.because chieftain can easy 50% critical. so belt both have pene/speed is best. Amulet Amulet have lots choice,the difference is pene or speed? And auto attack or rage or steal health? Maybe if u have full book and merman,amulet can use Energy recovery. Cloak Cloak also have lots choice,and the reason same as Amulet’s reason. But i need say that if u have enough energy recovery, If speed enough,energy recovery = pene; Because only ring and belt can use energy recovery crystal,and ring also can use pene crystal, So if cloak have energy recovery,and energy recovery enough,u can use a pene crystal replace a energy recovery crystal.(maybe its hard to understand) Ring Ring choice about accuracy and HP. (1/4)+guild lv11 buff+Relic of Accuracy Chieftain is No lack of accuracy. So i think neednt use accuracy’ring*2. If u have light merman(10/10 increase 20% accuracy),use HP ring*2 better! Armor There are cheap and effect. There are difficult to Gather together,and expensive more than Archipelago. There are the best! 2/4 merman+ 2/4 rage.everyone love this,but in EU emerald.there needs 12 million maybe. 3.Summary and quote Summary in summary: 1600+ dmg 50% critical 30%+ accuracy 60%+ speed 30%+ pene 30%+ CD Is a great chieftain need .All choices point to this goal. The guidance strategy may not be fair and objective, with a lot of subjective views. The chieftain has rich and diversified playing methods, and there are the best playing methods in different scenes. Due to the limited time and energy, I can't fully show the chieftain's playing methods of PVP, PVE, magic, mixed and other genres. Everyone has their own favorite genre. It's enough to stick to it and have fun! quote 1. Инфо по скиллам + билды и вариации. Как играть за вождя и против него? [Версия игры 9.3] ---Thewho,forum 2. [2021.12.13] Warspear Online Update 10.2. Preview. Part one ----Holmes,forum 3. #1 Paladin Guide - Zeus - US-Sapphire ---lallous,forum 4. www.wsdb.xyz/en
  5. Я решил качнуть дру и прошел нуба за 10 часов, когда пришел на ирс, купил шмот под лвл и сталкнулся с такой проблемой: большинство заданий я могу выполнить только с банками хп, маны, и прислужниками, и то с трудом. А что делать когда это все закончится? Как играть, подскажите пожалуйста те, кто прошел ирс или проходит его. Ниже будут мои шмот и раскачка навыков.
  6. Какого персонажа надо выбрать для комфортного прохождения игры? Ну или же какой персонаж будет лучше других в PvE контенте?
  7. mudança da mecânica da skill: "Marcado pelo sol" observação: pelo que observei templario tank melhor sendo híbrido por conta da agressão que dar cura baseada no dano magico do personagem sobre a habilidade estigma onde o personagem usa a skill e causa um efeito de: "agressão" em área e cura com o atack automático do personagem que a utilizou, mas como é uma classe que ajuda a pt segundo a skill de "ensinamentos de harard" que cura o membro do grupo com menos hp de acordo com o dano mágico percebi que templario mágico é suporte. E agressão da cura para o templário mas mas o dmg da PT pode acabar atrapalhando a cura do templário pela agressão. Sugestão: sugiro que o efeito estigma não seja tirado pelos membros do grupo. Que o efeito de cura seja ativado somente por atack automatico e de skill do templario. Que a cura do efeito estigma seja redirecionada ao templario e a o membro com menos HP do grupo assim como habilidade ensinamentos de Harard. mudança da mecânica da skill: "mantra" essa skill é uma cura que o personagem que a usar ou a que for aplicado fica impossibilitado de atacar e de ser atacado e o personagem que for aplicado essa habilidade sofre uma redução de velocidade de movimento e tem o hp restaurado em uma certa %. observação: skill de cura, serve para se ajudar e ajudar aos membros do grupo, mas em um grupo onde o tank precisa ser curado o mantra acaba que atrapalhando o tank do grupo pois os mobs que o tank agrou vão para outro personagem do grupo pois o tank sob o efeito do mantra não pode ser atacado e assim pode matar a pt e dificultar a presença de templario como suporte em grupos. Sugestão: sugiro que o mantra continue impossibilitando o personagem em que a skill foi aplicada de atacar, mas que não impossibilite o adversário de atacar o personagem sob o efeito do mantra e que o personagem sob o efeito do mantra continue sem receber dano assim quando o tank receber a cura do da skill "mantra" ele não perdera a agressão e continuará a ser curado pelo mantra e não receberá dano. mudança da mecânica da skill: "toque da verdade" essa skill aplica um efeito de supressão ao redor do personagem que se expande em certos segundos(dependendo do nivel da skill a área de supressão se expande em menos tempo) depois que atingir o tamanho máximo a área desaparece e bloqueia o uso de skill de todos os inimigos que estavam dentro dela. observação: sendo uma skill que ativa abaixo do personagem isso é uma desvantagem para quem usa cajado pois precisa chegar perto do adversário para usar a skill e de cajado é bem arriscado usar essa skill de perto alcance. Sugestão: como forma de melhorar a experiência de templarios de cajado no pvp sugiro que essa habilidade possa ser usada a distancia também em um alcance de uso de 5 metros, semelhante ao fluxo reverso, assim não torna o templário de cajado mais propício a completar combos sem quebra de mecânica da própria especialidade que é se aproximar do inimigo sendo longo alcance.
  8. Всем привет! Кто я? Обычный рядовой игрок, в этой теме я рассуждаю в рамках того, что я видел и попробовал (32 уровень, Ru-Ruby), а также передаю свои ощущения от игры. Данная тема - ремейк полугодичной давности Если кто-то захочет почитать про Храмовника подробнее, заглядывайте под спойлер Главная проблема #1 - Касание Истины (с прошлого ребаланса пока ещё ничего не успели изменить, но ждём:3) Главная проблема #2 - проблема востребованности в PvE-сегменте для среднего и высокого уровней игроков. Главный принцип, которым буду руководствоваться при написании своих предложений — Хочу отметить тот факт, что у Вождей и Храмовников сейчас одни из самых высоких стоимостей применения навыков, думаю можно постепенно снижать эти показатели. Нужно отметить слабую синергию навыков Храмовника между собой. Если у Вождя на синергии завязана целая пассивка и таланты, то здесь сочетается только щит с благом и комба , провести успешно которую если сможете - идите играть в казино смело!)🏎 Не стоит забывать про вышеупомянутый рассинхрон (поставил «Обратный поток» не в то место, не туда кинул через «Запрещённый прием» вражеского персонажа, не попал «Касанием истины»..) — я приловчился к нему (скорее смирился с ним), но все равно частенько идёт все не по плану! Я считаю, нужно двигаться в сторону увеличения перезарядок навыков, а компенсировать это снижением стоимости применения или точечным незначительным усилением навыка, а у самых непривлекательных навыков изменить механику. Данное предложение я писал ещё более полугода назад и его можно было реализовать в прошлом патче..сейчас расписал, чтобы уж наверняка получилось! :3 Теперь обо всем по порядку! Я много читал форум, увидел кучу интересного, часто думал, вот это здорово придумали ребята! С PvP-cегментом понятно - переработать Касание истины и все будет окей:) На мой взгляд, можно предложить 2 направления развития персонажа в PvE сегменте: Изменять навыки в сторону улучшения танкования (дать базовый агр в первый навык, либо полностью переработать второй, масс агр сделать работающим от любого типа урона, а не только автоатаки, сделать из статуи аналог свечи паладина - уже класс заиграет совершенно другими красками, станет желанным танком в любых инстах). У храмовника нет навыков, снижающих получаемый урон, не считая неюзабельной статуи (малые проценты и статичное применение). Предлагаю добавить в ряд навыков параметры, помогающие успешно воспринимать урон - больше блока, больше защиты и здоровья, добавить надежность и прочее..❤ Весьма смелое и неожиданное предложение. Кардинально сменить специализацию класса - увеличить урон от Вихря покаяния, сделать его либо зависящим от маг дд, либо от того, какой тип оружия используется, сделать урон от улучшенного навыка боевая поддержка магическим и увеличить с 40% до 80%, заменить замедление с натиска на урон по области..и у нас выйдет уникальный класс, способный наносить урон по области, способный хоть как-то, будучи палочником, конкурировать с магом и жц, дополнительно умеющий заагрить монстров и подсейвить союзника Все ринутся качать таланты и захотят играть Храмовниками. P.S. Прошу прощения, что затянул.. @Holmes @Hedfuc Базовые навыки Экспертные навыки
  9. Acabei de chega lvl 20 na minha class xama, porem n sei qual atributos devo ter nos meus equipamento pra ter uma melhora no PvE, ou se vale apena compra ou guarda gold pra habilidade especialista.
  10. Таки здравствуйте, воины Аринара. Прошу вас советом и кнутом направить моё понимание "Вождя" как класса в этой игре. Давайте так - я предложу вам сборочку в калькуляторе, а вы посмотрите и покритикуете. Может подскажете где можно за счёт эксперток сделать эффективнее или в шмоте что-то разменять (не особо вываливаясь из бюджета). Заранее спасибо за внимание! https://wsdb.xyz/calc/ru/294425
  11. Гайд на шамана в PvE БЕЗ РЕЛИКВИЙ, мое мнение. Шаман - прежде всего, это саппорт (поддержка) группы, но некоторые люди собирают его с упором на дд. Двум вариантам прокачки этого класса в PvE есть множество объяснений и рассуждений. В этом гайде я хотел бы рассказать про оба варианта сборок, ибо они по своему уникальны. Если же у вас возникнут вопросы или дополнения к теме, вы можете написать свое мнение в комментариях, либо мне в игре - Ник - Shamoking. Сервер - Amber. Большое спасибо за некоторую инфу этим персонажам: Uninstall, Hawent, Furysham, Searitey. PvE Контент. Шам-саппорт. 1) Прокачка начальных навыков. Шаровая молния - Качать на 1/5. Дух лечения - Качать на 5/5. Защита Земли - Качать на 5/5. Вспышка молнии - Качать на 1/5. Землетрясение - Качать на 3/5. 2) Прокачка экспертных навыков. Тут уже есть множество вариантов прокачки, и при достижении 32 уровня, можно будет прокачать до максимума 3 экспертных навыка. Тут я детально все разберу. Формула перезарядки навыков - A÷(100+B)*100. A- начальное время перезарядки навыка. B- ваш процент перезарядки навыка. Исцеляющий тотем - Взаимодействует с группой и персонажем. Массово восстанавливает здоровье в радиусе 4х4 ярдов, 4 тика. Не наносит критический урон. Хил зависит от вашей магической силы. При 600 маг. дд на 4 уровне прокачки восстанавливает +- 640 здоровья. Качать на 4/4. Сила земли - Взаимодействует с группой и персонажем. Применяется на 1 человека. На 4 уровне прокачки моментально восстанавливает и увеличивает 25% здоровья на 50 секунд. Качать на 4/4. Энергетическое поле - Взаимодействует с группой и персонажем. Массово повышает скорость и регенерацию маны персонажам, находящимся рядом с шаманом и самому шаману. На 4 уровне прокачки понижает скорость регенерации энергии до 2.9 секунд. Повышение зависит от вашего числа регенерации энергии. Качать на 4/4. Ритуал пламени - Взаимодействует с группой и персонажем. Применяется на 1 человека. На 4 уровне прокачки дает 40% к кд. При определенном количестве кд (?) навык может использоваться еще раз до окончания действия . Не советую качать, ибо кд для шамана - не первый по важности стат, и при недостаточном кол-ве регенерации энергии у персонажа в группе, может сделать только хуже. Рука предков - Взаимодействует с группой. Перемещает одного из выбранных персонажей в радиусе 5 ярдов к шаману. Дает щит шаману и союзнику, на которого был применен навык. Поглощает определенное кол-во урона. На 4 уровне прокачки поглощает (?) урона. Не советую качать, ибо основная задача навыка - притянуть к себе союзника, и на 1 уровне прокачки он с этой задачей справляется. Огненный тотем - Никак не взаимодействует с группой. Наносит урон по одной цели, на 4 уровне прокачки делает 5 тиков. Урон зависит от вашей магической силы. Не советую качать, если вы являетесь исключительно саппортом. Щит молний - Никак не взаимодействует с группой. Взаимодействует с персонажем. При получении урона, с некоторым шансом наносит ответный урон. Урон зависит от вашей магической силы, и от магической защиты противника. При определенном количестве кд (?) навык может использоваться еще раз до окончания действия . Не советую качать, если вы являетесь исключительно саппортом. Тотем бессилия - Взаимодействует с противниками. Массово понижает крит/точность/пробив противников. На 4 уровне прокачки убирает по 15% указанных ранее стат. Не советую качать, ибо навык больше подходит для PvP. Теперь объясню, почему я советую прокачать навыки в таком раскладе. Исцеляющий тотем - очень хороший массовый хил, который за 4 тика при 600 дд восстанавливает около 2500 здоровья. Но если в группе хороший танк с большим кол-вом физ. и маг. защиты, то хила с силой земли и тотема на 1 уровне ему будет достаточно. Вместо данного тотема можно прокачать Ритуал пламени, который в совокупности с Энергетическим полем, очень сильно увеличит кпд любого персонажа в группе Энергетическое поле - очень хороший массовый навык, который позволит дд классам с недостаточным кол-вом регенерации энергии - восполнить ее, и использовать свои навыки сразу после восстановления. Сила земли - очень хороший хил навык, восстанавливающий и повышающий здоровье на 25%. Облегчает прохождения подземелий, если у танка в группе малое кол-во здоровья, и спасает в экстренных ситуациях, когда моментально нужно восстановить хп. 3) Снаряжение. СРАЗУ СКАЖУ, ЧТО НА ДАННЫЙ МОМЕНТ КАКИЕ ТО ЧАСТИ ИЗ СНАРЯЖЕНИЯ НЕЛЬЗЯ КУПИТЬ, ПОТОМУ ЧТО ЕГО ЕЩЕ НЕ ВЫБИЛИ, НО Я НАДЕЮСЬ ЧТО В СКОРОМ ВРЕМЕНИ ОНО БУДЕТ ДОСТУПНО ВСЕМ. ЕСЛИ ЖЕ У ВАС НЕ ХВАТАЕТ БЮДЖЕТА/ВЫ НЕ МОЖЕТЕ КУПИТЬ, ПОТОМУ ЧТО ЭТОГО НЕТ У ПЕРЕКУПЩИКА, ЕСТЬ АЛЬТЕРНАТИВНЫЕ БЮДЖЕТНЫЕ ВАРИАНТЫ ТАКИХ ЖЕ ВЕЩЕЙ. Я НЕ ПРИЗЫВАЮ ВАС ПОКУПАТЬ ИМЕННО ТО, ЧТО СОБРАЛ В КАЛЬКУЛЯТОРЕ, ЭТО ПРОСТО ОДИН ИЗ ОТЛИЧНЫХ ВАРИАНТОВ ЭКИПИРОВКИ НА МОЕ МНЕНИЕ. Переходя к сбору снаряжения на шамана, в первую очередь нужно собирать ему шмот с "критическим ударом" до максимально возможного значения, а это значение - 50. Далее для более комфортного использования навыков можно собрать шмот с "перезарядкой навыков". Хоть и у шамана большинство навыков имеют долгую перезарядку, и многие говорят, что кд данному классу вовсе не нужно, лично я считаю, что лучше собрать минимум 30% кд. И мне стоит еще раз повториться, что данный набросок шмота максимально эффективно подходит для помощи в группе, а не соло-прохождении квестов, фарме и т.д. http://www.wsdb.xyz/calc/ru/118284 - ссылка в калькуляторе. Все статы с гильдией 11 уровня. Оружие - 29, +7. Статы - 7.2 точности, 7.8 крита, 7.6 кд. Кристалл маг. дд. Плащ - 28, +4. Статы - 5% маг. дд, 38 маг. дд, 16 регенерации энергии. Кристалл крита и руна надежности. Амулет - 29, +4. Статы - 32 маг. дд, 32 энергии, 338 здоровья. Кристалл крита и руна здоровья. Кольца - х2 29, +4. Статы - 29 маг. дд, 32 энергии, 3.2 точности. Кристалл кд и руна здоровья. Голова - 29, +4. Статы - 7.6 кд, 3.2 крита, 3,2 точности. Кристалл кд и руна маг. дф. Тело - 26, +4. Статы - 28 маг. дд, 3.5 крита, 29 энергии. Кристалл ярости и руна физ. дф. Пояс - 28, +4. Статы - 3.1 точности, 3.1 крита, 28 маг. дд. Кристалл крита и руна надежности. Руки - 26, +4. Статы - 26 маг. дд, 2.9 крита, 2.9 точности. Кристалл точности и руна физ. дф. Ноги - 29, +4. Статы - 3.2 крита, 7.6 кд, 16 регенерации энергии. Кристалл кд и руна физ. дф. Теперь "поясню за шмот". Это наиболее сбалансированный набросок со всеми нужными статами. Возможно кто-то скажет "зачем столько кд, шаму оно не нужно". Это сборка под саппорта для группы, и от кд будет намного больше кпд, чем от пробива. Хп я так же посчитал нужным не собирать, т.к навык "Сила земли" пополнит этот стат до +-4500. PvE Контент. Шам-дд. Сразу хочу сказать, что собирается шаман так не для того, что бы соревноваться с +10 дд классами, а для выполнения двух ролей. Лишними 100-200к урона в каком либо инсте не будет. А сама суть заключается в этом - если у вас в группе хорошие дд, а хил там некромант, то такого шамана можно взять вместо еще одного средненького дд класса с 800-900 урона. Объясню почему. Сам шаман при такой сборке нормально наносит урон, а кпд от экспертных навыков ( ритуал пламени, энерго.поле ) даст возможность не проседать по мане всей группе, и добавить одному персонажу из группы +40% к кд навыков. 1) Прокачка начальных навыков. Шаровая молния - Качать на 1/5. Дух лечения - Качать на 5/5. Защита Земли - Качать на 5/5. Вспышка молнии - Качать на 1/5. Землетрясение - Качать на 3/5. 2) Прокачка экспертных навыков. Тут я уже не буду расписывать навыки, и просто скажу какие нужны и почему. Огненный тотем - Качать на 4/4. Энергетическое поле - Качать на 4/4. Ритуал пламени - Качать на 4/4 Энерго поле будет нужно как для шамана, так и для участников группы. Ритуал пламени так же будет полезен любому персонажу из группы, особенно если там есть +10 хант/рог, т.к это позволит нанести больше урона, за счет быстрого отката навыков. Дд тотем нанесет очень много урона при таком кол-ве пробива. 3) Снаряжение. Как ни крути, даже для дд-шамана, в первую очередь собираем шмот с "критическим ударом", далее "пробивную способность" и "точность". http://www.wsdb.xyz/calc/ru/118303 - ссылка в калькуляторе. Все статы с гильдией 11 уровня. Оружие - 29, +9. Статы - 7.2 точности, 7.8 крита, 6.4 пробива. Кристалл маг. дд. Плащ - 28, +4. Статы - 5% маг. дд, 38 маг. дд, 16 регенерации энергии. Кристалл крита и руна надежности. Амулет - 28, +4. Статы - 6% маг. дд, 329 здоровья, 3.1 пробива. Кристалл крита и руна хп. Кольца - х2 29, +4. Статы - 29 маг. дд, 32 энергии, 3.2 точности. Кристалл пробива и руна здоровья. Голова - 29, +4. Статы - 7.6 кд, 3.2 крита, 3,2 точности. Кристалл точности и руна маг. дф. Тело - 26, +4. Статы - 28 маг. дд, 3.5 крита, 29 энергии. Кристалл ярости и руна физ. дф. Пояс - 29, +4. Статы - 29 маг. дд, 7.6 кд, 3.2 пробива. Кристалл крита и руна надежности. (Можно заменить на пояс с критом и точностью) Руки - 29, +4. Статы - 29 маг. дд, 3.2 пробива, 3.2 крита. Кристалл пробива и руна физ.дф. Ноги - 26, +4. Статы - 236 здоровья, 2.9 крита, 6.9 кд. Кристалл кд и руна физ. дф. В данном наброске шмота уже придется выложить больше средств для создания дд-шамана. Но он оправдает ваши ожидания на 100%. Надеюсь я помог многим определиться, что и как прокачивать/собирать. Делитесь своим мнением в комментарии, обязательно прочитаю.
  12. PvE Искатель 8.4 В связи с тем, что на данный момент (после ребаланса) я не увидел хорошего РУССКОЯЗЫЧНОГО гайда на искателя, захотелось написать этот самый гайд самому. Здесь вы можете увидеть: навыки для раскачки; реликвии; основные билды; подбор экипировки. Пройдёмся по базовым навыкам искателя: Рассекание Щит Харада Воодушевление Исчезновение Ожесточение Перейдём к экспертным навыкам: Опасный удар Солнечные сети Солнечная мощь Дробящий удар Притяжение Внутренняя ярость Жажда крови Истощающий удар Инстинкт атаки Теперь давайте разберём основные два билда и один архетип. Билды рассчитаны на 30-ый уровень персонажа. Искатель на крит Первый билд это искатель на крит с двуручкой. Огромный моментальный урон, много крита, чуть меньше точности, хороший пробив. Такой билд подходит для новичков и он ДЕШЕВЛЕ чем искатель на автоатаки! Какие статы нужны такому искателю? Самый важный это критический удар, после идёт точность вместе с пробивной способностью, ведь без точности мы будем часто промахиваться, а нам этого не надо. Чтобы выдавать огромный урон нам нужно иметь достаточно пробива, собрать его довольно сложно. Также не забываем о вампиризме, ведь без него у искателя нет возможности быстро восполнить своё здоровье. Так как в этом билде мы используем две активные способности, а именно "солнечную мощь"и "ожесточение", что вместе дают нам шикарные бонусы, нам нужно собрать достаточно регенерации энергии чтобы не проседать по мане и использовать два основных дд навыка "рассекание" и "жажду крови". Итоговый скилл билд на 32-ом уровне: Экипировка Оружие Шмот Бижа Реликвии Руны и кристаллы Архетип Крит и Кинжалы Итоги Билд в Крит Искатель на автоатаки и скорость Второй билд это искатель на автоатаки и скорость. Дорогой билд, в основном из-за того, что нам нужна бижа на скорость, а она довольно дорогая. Еще цена возрастает из-за кинжалов, их придётся точить на +9, так как кинжалы сами по себе имеют маленький урон по сравнению с двуручкой. В билде на крит и двуручку мы достигли 1к урона с +8 топором и хорошей бижей, чтобы достичь такого урона с кинжалами нужны именно +9 кинжалы. В этом билде мы максим не крит, а скорость атаки. Точность и пробив также остаются очень важными статами, но их очень сложно набрать в хорошем количестве, поскольку мы вставляем скорость атаки где только можно. Поэтому если делать хорошего/топового искателя без книг на статы нам не обойтись. Как минимум нам нужна будет книга на ярость, чтобы постоянно иметь дополнительный урон + это нам даёт возможность вставить скорость атаки в тело вместо ярости. Так же хорошо заходит книга на точность, ибо точности у нас будет мало. А еще лучше зайдет книга "Стремительная ярость" +10% скорости под эффектом "ярость", но что-то меня понесло не туда. Давайте разбираться с навыками Итоговый скилл билд на 32-ом уровне: Экипировка Оружие Шмот Бижа Реликвии Руны и кристаллы Итоги Автоатаки и Скорость
  13. Recentemente (cerca de 1 ano ou mais) o jogo teve uma melhoria muito grande no quesito guildas, com o lançamento dos gvgs fixos as guildas comecaram a exigir mais de seus jogadores, como a mudança da build de skills para algo que ajude a guilda em combate massivo PvP, infelizmente para algumas classes essa mudança significa sacrificar habilidade muito importantes para outros aspectos do jogo (como o PvE e PvP de arenas), o que muitas vezes acaba reduzindo muito a procura dessas classes para diferentes conteudos do endgame. A proposta aki é simples, adicionar uma pagina extra de habilidades, onde vc poderia fazer duas builds de skills diferentes para usar em situações diferenes a sua escolha. Deveria haver algumas limitações para evitar problemas em cenarios como arenas ou dungeons, onde vc poderia simplesmente fazer builds especificas e usar ambas na mesma instancia ou arena. Uma exemplo de restrição seria: Limitar a troca das páginas apenas dentro de cidades (locais onde existem uma estátua de aparecimento) A idéia é que não haja impedimentos baseado em tempo, pois a intenção é que um jogador pve, possa mudar sua build sómente para ir pvp ou gvg, e trocar novamente para o pve, por exemplo um priest podendo upar habilidades de suporte para o pve ou gvgs, e habilidades de controle para o pvp, sem precisar gastar um livro toda vez que descidir se aventurar em novos desafios. Com essa mudança o livro de skills passaria a resetar apenas uma das paginas de habilidades.
  14. Bom, esse tópico vai mais diretamente para a Akasha e os devs. Eu sou um player a mais de 3 anos e sempre joguei de rogue. A classe ao longo desses anos tomou vários nerfs e HOJE é uma das mais fracas no quesito PvE comparada a todas as outras classes de dano do jogo, (menos Paladino que tá mais pra suporte). Várias skills da classe são tão fracas que chegam a ser inúteis, como por exemplo Frenesi durando míseros 12 segundos e Ataque Sinistro com um dano muito baixo. Enquanto isso, Seeker com três skills (Exacerbação, Inspiração e Poder Solar) causa 3/4 vezes mais dano que o Rogue usando todas suas skills no combo. Vi nos fóruns Internacional e Russo dizendo que a classe estava balanceada, no quesito PvP não nego, mas no PvE, muitas vezes um DK com foco total em tank e com arma +4, causa mais dano que meu rogue com machados +8. Gostaria de saber se os Devs tem planos de fazer mudanças significativas no PvE da classe (como buffs em skills que estão muito fracas ou implementação de novas habilidades do especialista em breve).
  15. Forma do Caos sombra Ativa-se com o lançamento de Erupção do Caos. Modifica sua Forma para Sombra com os poderes do Caos, aumentando em 8% o dano mágico que você causa Efeito vinculado. Envolvendo o bruxo com uma aura de sombra. Aparições Sombrias Quando seu dano ao longo do tempo de Palavra Sombria:exaurir acerta criticamente, você também cria uma versão sombria de si mesmo que flutua em direção ao alvo e causa (0,5%poder sombrio)% de dano de Sombra. Suas Aparições Sombrias causam 0,5% a mais de dano. Acumula até 3 3 sombras , se uma das sombras para eliminação automaticamente cura 150 cv do bruxo e aliado em grupo. Suas Aparições Sombrias abisovem 10% do dano sofrido Chamado tentáculos sombrio Aproximadamente [1.3 + Aceleração] procs por minuto Açoite de tem chance de gerar um Tentáculo do Caos ou um Açoite de dbuff de controle seu alvo por 15 sec,acumulo gerando 3 de tentáculos cada 1 s. Drenando a mana do alvo do alvo Capa das Sombras Instantâneas Fornece um momento de imunidade mágica, removendo instantaneamente todos os efeitos nocivos do feitiço. O manto permanece, fazendo com que resista aos feitiços prejudiciais por 10 segundos. Ativação após três dano sofrido Sombra Seus feitiços e habilidades tem a chance de chamar monsto da sombraz para o seu lado por 20 segundos, causando sombras silenciosas que bruxo seja visto . Fique na área sombreada vamos ceder 525 maestrias de mana sombria. Habilidade de tipo passiva Com consumo de energia Gasto de energia : 45 Sacrifica 250 pontos de hp Nome da habilidade: Forma do Caos shado Nv:1 Nv:2 Nv:3 Nv:4 Aparições Sombrias (Nv:1, 15s) (Nv:2, 20s) (Nv:3, 25s) (Nv:4, 30s) Chamado tentáculos sombrio (Nv:1, 15s) (Nv:2, 20s) (Nv:3, 25s) (Nv:4, 30s) Capa das Sombras (Nv:1, 10s) (Nv:2, 15s) (Nv:3, 20s) (Nv:4, 25s) Sombra reconfortante (Nv:1, 20s) (Nv:2, 25s) (Nv:3, 30s) (Nv:4, 35s)
  16. A intenção deste tópico é discutir a situação do xamã no pve, bem como fazer sugestões de mudanças que tornem a classe mais competitiva. Situação do Xamã no pve (9.2.1) Apesar de ser uma classe muito boa no pvp, o xamã não tem tenta relevância no pve do jogo, isso se dá pelo fato da falta de habilidades de suporte ofensivo da classe, como buffs de dano ou melhorias de status ofensivos para o grupo. Diferente do druida, eu acredito que deixar o xamã como uma classe competitiva para o pve não é algo tão difícil. Existem muitos caminhos que poderiam ser seguidos na classe para fazer com que um grupo não se sinta prejudicado em levar um xamã para farm ao invés de um necro. Irei dar algumas sugestões de habilidades que poderiam ser melhor trabalhadas para se tornar boas opções de suporte. Sugestões de mudanças Antes de qualquer coisa, se lembrem, o número de pontos de skills é limitado, e se você optar por evoluir uma certa skill, não teria pontos para algumas outras. Escudo de raios: A primeira skill de especialista lançada para os xamans, no passado provavelmente a skill tinha um brilho maior, mas hoje em dia ela só tem algum espaço em pvp, isso nos poucos casos que alguém opta por evoluir essa skill. A ideia aqui seria transformar a skill em uma aura que dá aos aliados e ao xamã uma chance de causar dano adicional nos ataques. Efeito: Cria uma aura que fornece ao aliados em um raio de 4 metros a chance disparar um raio sempre que atacar um inimigo diretamente. Usar uma habilidade de escudo não remove mais o efeito dessa habilidade. Com essa habilidade o xamã teria uma skill de suporte totalmente ofensivo para o grupo, fornecendo dano acionar para os aliados. Mão dos Ancestrais: Uma skill com duas partes, puxa o aliados e fornece um escudo para o xamã e o alvo. A parte de puxar o aliado é a única coisa relevante na habilidade, já que o valor do escudo é muito baixo, fazendo com que gastar pontos nessa skill simplesmente não vala a pena. Mudança: Agora não fornece mais o escudo para o xamã, apenas para o aliado. Valor do escudo aumentado em todos os leveis. Ritual Tribal: Uma habilidade interessante, mas o efeito simplesmente não é tão forte para valer os pontos, tem alguma utilidade no pvp, mas simplesmente tem pouco brilho. Mudança: A habilidade agora passaria a afetar todos os membros do grupo na mesma área que o xamã, além disso também passaria a fornecer penetração para os aliados. Obviamente que os valores de recarga fornecidos precisariam ser ajustados para se adequar a nova mecânica da habilidade. Campo de energia: Uma habilidade totalmente sem brilho, irrelevante em todos os cenários do jogo, efeito fraco e muito limitado. Mudança: Infelizmente não vejo essa habilidade podendo ser arrumada ser boa sem mudar muito seu efeito, mas dada as circunstâncias, tentarei fazer uma sugestão que não mude o foco da skill, fornecer energia aos aliados. Agora seria uma habilidade passiva, que recupera uma parte da energia do xamã e dos aliados a cada 30s com base na regeneração de energia do xamã. Efeito: a cada 30s, passivamente, os aliados em um raio de 2m do xamã recebem mana extra, essa quantia depende dos valores de regeneração de energia do próprio xamã. Com essas mudanças o xamã teria mais opções de builds para o pve, podendo focar em debuffs (build dos totens), ou buffs com as novas skills reformuladas. Comentem, deem suas sugestões.
  17. I just came back after 5 years and notice there a lot update. Any suggestion for expert skill and skill point for a PVE druid?
  18. Привет всем Начал качать некра и у меня возник вопрос. В какой последовательности покупать экспертные навыки и их качать? Я думаю брать на 18 дождь, 20 яд щит, 22 силу и туда все очки кидать, 24 рес и на 26 связь, а дальше я посмотрю что и как. Качаюсь я без доната. Шмот я планирую брать 17 сет страников пустыни (бижа также 17 лвл) амуль 18 с лаба или крафта, пуха 18 думаю брать синию с крафта. Вот если что ссылка: https://wsdb.xyz/calc/ru/230522 Дальше я не знаю какой шмот брать ну планирую 26 или 28 сет с кз Крит и кд. Своё мнение пишите в комментариях я обезательно прочитаю. Пишите мне в игре если что-то хотите подсказать мой ник Failer серв амбер.
  19. I would like to make some suggestions for the Rogue class. 1- Frenzy: Frenzy is one of the most useless skills in the class today, along with Flurry of Steel and Sinister Attack (despite changes in the last update). I would like to ask for the skill to become an aura skill (such as the Hunter's Combat Stance, Explorer's Exacerbation). The reason is that all other classes that are naturally damage have an aura skill, and Frenzy is not being a very interesting skill for the rogue's pve. So, why not combine the useful with the pleasant? This change would improve the state of the class in pve (which is not very nice) and would bring a utility to a skill that is not very useful. 2- Ricochet The meta pve of the game is very much aimed at classes with area control. Guild events, GvGs and Dungeons are increasingly having groups of larger enemies. And it is no secret that, of the classes that are naturally damaging, rogues have the worst damage skill in the area, which is Ricochet. I would like to ask them to improve the skill in some way, increasing base damage or adding some new mechanics to it (such as the Poison Blade + Ricochet combo). Anyway, these are my suggestions. The class has had its performance overshadowed by the other classes of the Legion and I think this will make him stronger. PS: Sorry for my bad english
  20. What is the build? And is it good to lvl up? Is it hard?
  21. seria bom se tivesse mais slots para as habilidades, pois são muitas skill e tirando as skills seria bom ter espaço para botar algumas coisas necessarias, como pot de hp ou pot de mana, isso ajudaria muito, a pala solar labs e em missões principalmente seeker que tem pouca mp, seria bom aumentar os slots(espaços) de habilidades ativas também pq ajudaria ao lider ativar as skill de guilda quando necessário, enfim isso ajudaria de diversas formas, e também seria bom ter a opção de selecionar qual botão vc quer selecionar para aparecer skill, se quer numerico(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0) ou se quer por mesclado(1,2,3,4,5,q,w,e,r,t)
  22. I think this expert skill becomes very useless, in other words this skill becomes a failure after a change. please fix this .
  23. Hello! New Bladedancer here, as I come close to lvl 18 I am thinking about expert skills. I am more of a pve player, (solo etc), I don't really care about pvp, maybe that later. Anyways, I was just wondering what the best pve expert skill(s) are for bd, and what lvl would you recommend to level them to. I was thinking for shield, but i'm not sure how helpful that would be. Any responses would be hugely appreciated, and i'd more prefer an answer from somebody who actually knows what they are talking about. Thanks Edit: Im not even sure if this is even in the right part of the forum xd
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