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  1. ROGUE CLASS GUIDE [Guide in development] The rogue is a hard class to use, but haves skills comfortables and versatile, is fast and is a skill damager, you can perform combos with the class. You can also flee from the enemies and take a breath to think about another attack strategy, it also works to perform surprise attacks, most of all to get the best potential of the class is to attack first, never let the enemy start because it is a lost game or you must think of something fast to obtain the victory. Faction: Mountain Clans Alliance: Legion Dealing damage, melee attack, physical damage, stealthiness. Rogues are fast, tricky fighters. They prefer light weapons and leather armor that does not restrict their movements. They won't hesitate to use dirty tricks to reach their goals, and they may even become fully invisible. Rogues are able to deal a huge amount of damage to all enemies in a short time. FACTION PASSIVE SKILL Mountain's Power Type: Passive All heroes of the selected faction have increased Health. Health parameter: 4% Lightweight armor Type: Passive Grants use of Light Armor. Dual Wield Specialization Type: Passive Allows you to use two one-handed weapons. Reduces damage from weapons in the left hand by 40% for physical and 30% for magical. Dagger Type: Passive Grants use of daggers. One-handed Sword Type: Passive Grants use of one-handed swords. One-handed Axe Type: Passive Grants use of one-handed axes. [In development] The skills are character powers that will help us a lot during our adventure in the game, each character has a maximum of 5 basic skills when you start the game. As the player levels up, the character can obtain skill points to improve them. Now let's know what the Rogue's skills are. Characteristics Attack skills deal physical damage They can increase parameters with positive effects They place negative effects or debuffs on the enemy Relics [In development] Merciless Strike Type: Active Usage range: Melee Cooldown: 6 Seconds Energy expense: 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 Units A furious attack with a weapon, dealing heightened physical damage. The strength of damage increases with skill level. (*)Skill Damage: Depends with skill development Kick in the Back Type: Active / Temporal Usage range: Melee Cooldown: 15 Seconds Energy expense: 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 Units Blow that reduces the enemy's Accuracy parameter for a while. As the skill develops, the number of attacks and effect duration time increase. SE Parameter Enemy's Accuracy Reduction: -5 / -15 / -25 / -35 / -45 % SE Duration: 3 / 7 / 9 / 12 / 15 Seconds Negative Effect: Accuracy Dodging Type: Active / Temporal Cooldown: 30 Seconds Energy expense: 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 Units Increases the character's Dodge parameter for a while. As the skill develops, the power of the effect also increases. SE Parameter Dodge: 10 / 14 / 18 / 22 / 26 % SE Duration: 15 Seconds for all levels Positive Effect: Dodge Gouge Type: Active / Temporal Usage range: Melee with bonus Area on Effect Cooldown: 20 Seconds Energy expense: 13 / 15 / 17 / 19 / 21 Units Deals the Paralysis debuff to the enemy, as well as to all targets within a radius of 1 yard from the character, for a while. Oppenents cannot move or use skills, any impact on paralyzed opponents removes the effect. If all opponents who are in battle with the character are paralyzed, then the character can use the Stealth skill. SE Duration: 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 Seconds PvP: 3 / 4 / 4 / 5 / 6 Targets PvE: Unlimited Targets Negative Effect: Paralysis Stealth Type: Active / Temporal Cooldown: 8 Seconds Energy expense: 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 Units Allows the character's to move in stealth mode if not already in battle. Any attack made when stealth is in effect deals increased damage. (*)Skill Bonus Damage: Only for 1 increased hit. SE Duration: 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15 Seconds Positive Effect: Stealth [In development] They are new skills that have been put during the development of the game. These are unlocked at level 18 and to access them you need to have spent 10 skill points on the basic ones. Elusive Jump Type: Active Usage range: 5 yards Cooldown: 16 Seconds Energy expense: 22 / 24 / 26 / 28 Units Moves the character to the enemy and deals physical damage. The enemy receives extra damage if they're affected by the Poisonous Blades skill. (*)Skill Damage: Depends with skill development (**)Enemy Poisoned Skill Damage Bonus: 20% Flurry of Steel Type: Active Usage range: 5 yards Cooldown: 18 Seconds Energy expense: 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 Units You are able to throw a knife at your enemy which will deal some physical damage with a chance to stun the enemy. (*)Skill Damage: Depends with skill development. 85 / 110 / 125 / 145 % Stun chance: 35 / 45 / 60 / 80 % SE Stun Duration: 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 Second/s Negative Effect: Stun Poisonous Blades Type: Active / Temporal Cooldown: 26 Seconds Energy expense: 14 / 16 / 18 / 20 Units Puts a poison on the weapons. Poisons the target during any attack and causes damage for a certain amount of time. (*)Skill Damage: Depends with skill development. SE Duration on Player: 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 Seconds SE Duration on Enemy: 6 Seconds for all levels Number of Intervals: 3 Hits Intervals Time: 2 Seconds Positive Effect: Poisonous Blades Negative Effect: Poison Ricochet Type: Active Usage Range: 4 Yards Cooldown: 15 Seconds Energy expense: 14 / 16 / 18 / 20 Units A rogue throws a dagger that ricochets and hits a few targets at once. (*)Skill Damage: Depends with skill development. Damage Radius: 3 / 3 / 4 / 4 Yards PvP: 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 Targets PvP: Unlimited Targets Extermination Type: Active / Temporal Cooldown: 40 Seconds Energy expense: 20 / 22 / 24 / 26 Units Increases attack speed and reduces skill cooldown time. SE Parameter Attack Speed: 8 / 15 / 22 / 35 % SE Parameter Cooldown: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 % SE Duration: 12 / 16 / 20 / 25 Seconds Positive Effect: Extermination Absolute Reflexes Type: Passive After successful dodge from an enemy attack, the hero's attack speed and dodge chance increases for some time. The skill's effect cannot trigger again during the duration of skill, as well as 2 seconds after the duration expires, for all levels. SE Parameter Attack Speed: 8 / 12 / 18 / 22 % SE Parameter Dodge: 5 / 7 / 9 / 12 % SE Duration: 3 / 4 / 5 / 7 Seconds Positive Effect: Absolute Reflexes Sinister Strike Type: Active / Temporal Usage Range: Melee Cooldown: 18 Seconds Energy expense: 16 / 18 / 20 / 22 Units Deals physical damage to an enemy and decreases its physical and magic defense by a certain percentage for some time. The power, time and damage of the effect increases with the skill level. The damage dealt also depends on the character's physical power and its level. (*)Skill Damage: Depends with skill development. SE Enemy's Defense Reduction: -15 / -20 / -25 / -35 % SE Duration: 7 / 10 / 13 / 15 Seconds Negative Effect: Weakness Frenzy Type: Active / Permanent Cooldown: 10 Seconds Energy expense: 16 / 18 / 20 / 22 Units Reduced energy regeneration: 5 / 7 / 9 / 10 Units Increases the character's Critical Hit parameter and the amount of critical damage they cause while the skill is active. All incoming damage to the character is increased while the skill is active. SE Parameter Critical Hit: 5 / 7 / 9 / 11 % SE Damage Critical Bonus: 6 / 10 / 14 / 18 % Incoming Damage: 20 / 16 / 12 / 8 % from enemies Positive Effect: Frenzy Trickiest Technique Type: Active Usage Range: Melee Cooldown: 16 Seconds Energy expense: 24 / 26 / 28 / 30 Units A blow that deals physical damage to the enemy and a negative Stun effect with a certain chance for some time. If the enemy is under the effect of the Poisonous Blades skill, the skill deals increased damage to the enemy and restores a certan percentage of the character's maximum health. The combo works with any Poison. (**)Skill Damage: 110 / 115 / 120 / 125 % (**)Enemy Poisoned Skill Damage: 120 / 130 / 140 / 155 % Stun Chance: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 % SE Stun Duration: 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 Seconds Restored Points: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 % of HP Negative Effect: Stun Legend: SE = Skill Effect (*) = The skill's damage doesn't meet the assigned percentage, or depends on a mathematical formula that includes the assigned percentage, hero level and/or skill level. (**) = The skill's damage if it meets the assigned percentage, but the damage doesn't en up being exact. ? = Unknown Data [In development] Stealth + Status: 1 / 2 / 3 Level/s Cost: 5000 / 10000 / 15000 Knowledge Increases duration of a skill effect. SE Bonus Duration: 1 / 1.5 / 2 Second/s Merciless Strike + Status: 1 Level Cost: 30000 Knowledge Increases the power of the skill from the physical strenght of the character by 5%. Shadow Veil Status: 1 Level Cost: 42000 Knowledge When leaving an invisible state from the Stealth skill, the character gets the Shadow Veil positive effect for 5 seconds. The effect keeps 25% of the damage bonus from the skill. Positive Effect: Shadow Veil ROLE TALENTS (DAMAGE DEALING CLASS) [In development] Long Death Status: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Level/s Cost: 2625 / 4465 / ? / ? Knowledge Increases the damage from the character's skills that deal periodic damage by 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2 %. Moment of Power Status: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Level/s Cost: ? / 5735 / 7765 / 10125 Knowledge Increases the damage from the character's skills that instant periodic damage by 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2 %. Frugality Status: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 Level/s Cost: 1800 / 2700 / ? / ? / ? Knowledge Reduces energy consumption when using skills by 1.5 / 3 / 4.5 / 6 / 7.5 %. [In development] Stellar Blessing Status: 1 Level Cost: 36000 Knowledge Character receives an additional skill development point. Well those are all the exististing skills of the Rogue, now let's see how we can develop the skills and evaluate them for PvE and PvP. Currently there are many ways to build it, some builds are not as effective as the others, but each one depends on how the Rogue is equipped. It also depends on the strategy and gameplay of the player, it is a character that uses combos so to speak, and as a player of this class you must take advantage of it. Defensive Parameters: HP, Dodge, Accuracy, Vampirism, Parry, Resistance, Solidity Offensive Parameters: Accuracy, Critical Hits, Penetration, Attack Speed, Rage, Piercing Attack, Attack Strenght, Stun. ROGUE DODGE The most well-known build, by the rogues community, is used for PvE, and exploited for PvP. It is a good build, it has excessive dodges, which can be replaced with the equipment that the player possesses. But it lacks control effects and damage. 3/5 Merciless Strike or Stealth (Stealth Recommended) 5/5 Dodging 5/5 Kick in the Back 4/4 Extermination 4/4 Absolute Reflexes 4/4 Trickiest Technique 1/4 Frenzy [2/4 +1 Stellar] I like to call it a mythical build, I got to use it when I reached the level 32, my rogue was untouchable and I could farm the bosses of the game. It serves a lot to farm bosses or mobs. Frenzy help us a lot for critical hits bonuses, need take a lot of care because enemies can make on us more damage. ROGUE HP (TANK) It is a Hybrid variant of the Rogue dodge, but this one has a bit change in its skills, it gives it good advantages of negative effects and control, supporting with it the good dodge index. 3/5 Merciless Strike [4/5 +1 Stellar] 5/5 Dodging 5/5 Kick in the Back 4/4 Extermination 4/4 Ricochet or Sinister Strike 4/4 Trickiest Technique This build works so that you are the tank of the group, you must have good damage with a little vampirism in your armor and this must have all the crafted equipment of HP% Sinister strike help us for decrease enemy's defense and that works for us for make more damage but is for melee chases. Ricochet help us for agro mobs around. Trickiest help us for recover HP cause of low vampirism, and healer classes Shaman - Necromancer is obligatory for dungeons bosses. NOTE: The members of your group party must not be classes that can surpass your damage. ROGUE DPS The fast rogue of the game, he has a good attack speed and vampirism, he also has good damage. It should be noted that the armor must have critical damage and accuracy. 5/5 Merciless Strike 5/5 Kick in the Back 3/5 Stealth 4/4 Extermination 4/4 Elusive Jump 4/4 Frenzy (Recommended Maxed) 1/4 Sinister Strike [2/4 +1 Stellar] Optional 3/4 Frenzy 2/4 Sinister Strike [3/4 +1 Stellar] This build serves to be fast damage of the group, and eliminate the enemies quickly, it is a build that has a little energy regeneration in the equipment, in exchange for making fast attacks and not using many skills. It has a medium performance to tank, it weakness is the control skills from mobs, most of players with this skill build haves specific armors for exploits all damage parameters, but they lacks of HP. Frenzy maxed, damage incoming from mobs are lethal for us. Depending of situations, many mobs or bosses with AoE attacks. Anyway if we use kick wisely, with a bit of luck we can dodge. NOTE: Is a PvE build. ROGUE DAMAGE It is a variant of the Rogue DPS, it can have a bit of attack speed and exploit some attack parameters of the game, it has a good control skills and effects, which makes it useful for PvE and PvP. 5/5 Merciless Strike 3/5 Kick in the Back 5/5 Stealth 4/4 Extermination 4/4Flurry of Steel 1/4 Elusive Jump [2/4 +1 Stellar] 4/4 Frenzy Optional 1/4 Sinister Strike [2/4 +1 Stellar] Is the true rogue of the game is the league of almost all build, its armor must be balanced with the use of skills and auto-attacks. Stealth maxed is very higher damage for next attack from us. Imagine harnessing the talent of Shadow Veil. Frenzy is amazing for increase a lot of damage critical, so it can works for us. Elusive Jump makes good damage with poisons. Sinister strike for decrease enemy's defense, but in our group party we can use Necromancers 4/4 Infection 4/4 Dark power or Charmers 5/5 Weakness is more useful than waste points on it. Anyway is optional. ROGUE STUN The most useful for PvP and GvG is this construction, but it lacks dodging, it is a construction that works to do good damage, apply combos with negative and control effects towards the enemies. 5/5 Gouge 5/5 Kick in the Back 1/5 Dodging [2/5 +1 Stellar] 3/5 Stealth 4/4 Extermination 4/4Flurry of Steel 4/4 Trickiest Technique Optional 3/5 Stealth [4/5 +1 Stellar] 1/4 Absolute Reflexes [2/4 +1 Stellar] 1/4 Frenzy [2/4 +1 Stellar] 1/4 Sinister Strike [2/4 +1 Stellar] The build can alse be used for PvE, but you must be a more experienced player, to know when and where apply the skills. And with this build we can use the point of the talent tree in the skill that you like the most. With Gouge we can paralyze enemies around us, the downside is that it is very ineffective if there are classes in our group that use any area skills. You have to use Gouge wisely, it also serves to escape from combat. Kick will serve us well for the moment. Only works for 1 target of our preference, cause the skill still being melee. If you don't like Dodging so use the stellar in Stealth. If you don't want active Dodging so use the stellar in Absolute Reflexes, but Dodging gives more bonus than this expert skill. Frenzy with stellar is for PvE Stun Rogue. Sinister Strike with stellar is if you don't want Frenzy, Sinister works for PvP and PvE modes. NOTE: The stellar can be used in any skill of your preference, I only put recommendations. [In development] This section is very important, as every player who wants to be a master of the class should know these tactics and plays of the Rogue, that can be used within the combats in the game. Note: Most combos play much better on PC than on mobile devices. This is not to say that it does not work for phones, but that they are complicated to do. On the PC they are also complicated to do, but it all depends on the use of the keyboard and mouse. I present 2 ways to do it, the traditional way, and the double click action way that can be enabled by going to Menu > Settings and Logout > Settings > Joker It is a move to start first, it serves to deal auto-attack damage and make yourself invisible so as not to be targeted by the enemy. It is quite complicated to do, but when you do it it is satisfying. Realization: Click + Stealth Stealing Like the previous one, only this time it is in motion, which makes it even more difficult to execute. Since it's harder to do and has movement, I decided to call it stealing. Realization: Move to the Target > Click + Stealth Deception It is almost the same as the joker, but this time with a gouge, it can be used in most fights because of how basic it is. It also gives us time to think about what strategy we will use while our enemy cannot use skills and during this time we give the enemy an auto-attack damage and disappear. If you do it in PvP matches you will know why I call it deception Realization: Gouge the Target > Click + Stealth Short Time This attack for the enemy's eyes is like breaking the laws of space-time, but it is a slightly simple trick, Elusive Jump is a very instantaneous and fast skill, so there should not be many problems in its realization. The trick is quite useful to massively boost the damage of Elusive Jump, if you have it at 4/4 you could see a lot of difference. I called it "Short time" because the poison is a negative effect of periodic damage that we cannot control, so we must be fast enough to use the Jump before the poison makes us discover the enemy, and if they discover our damage it would be like using the Same basic poison-jump combo. Elusive Jump Combo Skill: Realization: Gouge > Poison > Click + Stealth > Jump Dirty Trick Well, in elusive jump we increased the attack a lot, but is it possible with the Trickiest Technique skill? The answer is: yes, we can use the ability to do even more damage, and even better, apply a stun. Trickiest Technique Combo Skill: Realization: Gouge > Poison > Click + Stealth > Trickiest Fatalities After training quite hard, you can perform the fatalities. They are personalized attacks with the mixture of the previous combos. Fatalities are performed with the Rogue's skill build stun. They are good for dealing a lot of damage while the enemy is stunned, or with some chance that your enemy will respond quickly with a counterattack. Some Demostrations: It is also good to have some useful relics for PvE / PvP, I do not recommend using relics of periodic damage because they damage the attacks. Fatality CDPS To do this, you need to hit 70% attack speed and have more than 66% cooldown (66.3% is the CD I did this with) It is used to kill monsters quickly, for PvP it could also work, it is good to evade any attack or control effects. Abbreviation: CD Cooldown + DPS Damage per Second = CDPS Cool Damage per Second (This in Spanish sounds cool ) Demostration: TIPS · If you have the Stun parameter equipped in your build, you should know how to take advantage of that time to add it with the other stun skills, so you will be able to keep the enemy stunned for longer. · Try to try several times it never comes out the first time, I even made mistakes for time and movement. SOME THINGS ABOUT THE CLASS It is a class that undergoes quite a few changes during the development of the game. It is a character that is better played on PC than on mobile devices. It has a high spam of skills, but not all of them are used completely. He is the character with the highest attack speed. Damage is only temporarily increased during combos. The class is not immortal, it possesses many weaknesses against ranged enemies. His previous counterpart was the Blade dancer, now is the Seeker. Many new players select the class solely for stealth, as does the Seeker. "For me the rogue is a character that I have a lot of affection, with the little development he has, he is still useful for many things. It has little attack strength to sustain close combat, but great things come from the little things."
  2. After accommodating the dodge time, let's say that the class has not yet died and can continue to be useful for few things. But dying of being an unusable class, I don't think so, there is still a bit of hope, but for the class to be stable you have to make changes to the armor. Rogue Developer commentary: If you thought the Rogue was bound to receive strong nerfs in this update, then you were wrong. The Rogue, like any other class, has vulnerabilities that one can exploit and prevent them from realizing their full potential. It's important to mention that the Rogue's effectiveness only applies to one target and only against certain classes. We can say that the character adequately fulfills the role assigned to him in PvP battles. My opinion: The rogue is big nerfed, in dodge build, Is disastrous for the penetration and damage of the class, a change with the relics is also mandatory. And it would be a class of CD and energy regeneration by skill spamming. Dodging Increased the cooldown duration: from 20 seconds to 30 seconds. Reduced the duration of the skill: from 20 \ 30 \ 40 \ 50 \ 60 seconds, to 15seconds. Increased the “Dodge” gain parameter: from 5 \ 7 \ 9 \ 11 \ 13 % to 11 \ 14 \ 18 \ 22 \ 26 %. Good Dodge for 15 seconds and cd for 30 seconds. Ok that might be fine if they add 100% resist, the class is still vulnerable to permanent stuns to control. Because with 15 seconds they force us to arm DC and energy regeneration, I mean a class of low damage with attack parameters of a healer, and we would have to be forced to use the [Great Relic of Continuous Effect] necessarily, and lose the [Relic of Curse Removal]. So with the empowering relics the class is nerfed too. Gouge Now the skill additionally applies the “Paralysis” effect on all targets within 1 yard of the character. If all enemies in combat with the character are paralyzed, the character can use the "Stealth" skill. Reduced the skill effect duration: from 3 \ 4 \ 5 \ 6 \ 7 seconds to 3 \ 3,5 \ 4 \ 4,5 \ 5 seconds. Ok this is... Idk is the same like Blade dancer?, if is the same is fine. But Rogue cant reduce Damage or speed damage like them. 1 yard why not 2 yards? Ok is the same skill but only with aoe and low time stunning this only serves for run from the battle. Because make group for arenas or gvgs the skill still with poor removible stun. But in other chase this skill is nice only for expert rogues. Flurry of Steel Increased the cooldown duration: from 14 seconds to 18 seconds. Another CD nerf? why?, this skill and trickest fails excesive times 4/4, and "permanent stun" is Fake, both skills can be defended by parry, block and dodge, including resist... Trickiest Technique The combo restoring health if the target is under the effect of “Poisonous Blades”, now works with any poison. Good Finally! I can use Hunter's Poison for heal and Relic of Poison, is good for abuse it , This was not what I had in mind, but now if this need nerf, the idea was that it works with the poison of the player not of others, also about the Relic is a good reason to be able to use it. Absolute Reflexes Now the skill’s effect cannot trigger again during the duration of the skill, as well as 2 seconds after the duration expires. Reduced the skill’s duration: from 5 \ 7 \ 10 \ 14 seconds to 3 \ 4 \ 5 \ 7 seconds. Reduced the “Dodge” parameter bonus on 3-4 levels of development: from 18 \ 22 %, to 16 \ 19 %. I dont care, Rogues PvP not need this, is better waste skill points in stuns than this, the skill only works for pve, and with Knowledge talents build is 2/4, so nevermind. add: Ok I read again the skill is full nerfed no works, I prefer thousand of times delete this skill including Ricochet, the dodge bonus is moved to dodging active/temporal skill for 15 seconds. [Rogue Stun Build] Frenzy Changed the skill type from active with continuous energy drain to an active skill of continuous effect: reducing energy regeneration by 7 \ 10 \ 12 \ 15 units. Reduced the cooldown duration: from 18 seconds to 10 seconds. The skill no longer increases the “Accuracy” parameter of the character. Added the bonus to the “Critical Damage” parameter of the character during the skill’s effect: 6 \ 10 \ 14 \ 18 %. Added a visual effect for the skill. Only this makes me happy and unhappy xD, RIP Accuracy, idk but is time to make CD or Accuracy Build?. And RIP Penetration in rings now the class depends of Energy Regeneration. And regeneration boots... Add: Is the same worst skill from rogue, many people said in forums long time ago: remove increased damage from the enemy. This skill is only for decorative skill for rogue and increase critical failed hits. and I died many times with this skill actived. 20% is really excesive and upgrade this for 8% damage incoming from the enemy, no I prefer use other skills. NOTES: 1 Where is the rogue's Accuracy reduction debuff? the warden can now reduce 55%, it is more difficult to hurt them!, and frenzy without Accuracy is horrible. And the warden keeps putting up a Shocking Blow Stun, for only be resisted, no dodged and no parried and no blocked. Warden Punishment Increased the value of the “Accuracy” parameter reduction: from 5 \ 15 \ 25 \ 35 \ 45 %, to 15 \ 25 \ 35 \ 45 \ 55 %. = Wardens are overrated, idk why super buff this class they uses Block dodge rings for all occasions, and have block have parry why buff dodge?, can explain me pls. I tested pvp with warden 5/5 this skill, I never hitted him...and this isnt only for me is for all classes, developers you only make this for exterminate Charmers, but charmers still winning. Warden never going to be a Charmer counter pls. Better make more usefull rogue class for GvG, like my suggestion kick in the back with area on effect and remove decrease accuracy from shaman totem they no needs it... 2 Forcing the rogue to have a CD!? Is a damage no a skill spammer, and without accuracy... I prefer a thousand times the rogue as it is now than with the update. Damage classes needs Penetration Accuraccy, and "Rogue skills CD spammer" = No Accuracy No Penetration (Low Damage) 3 Ranger and hunter classes should not have been improved with dodge because they are "ranged damage", that takes them a lot of advantage, and the rogue's stuns will miss more! It is a 2d game and the classes that are melee have quite a disadvantage with the ranged classes. Rip Trickiest and Rip Flurry of steel, still failing each use 4 Also, where was the Kick in the back area debuff? It is the only way that the class is useful for something in PvE and PvP 1v1 and groups, because with the current dodge is possible survive the Area damage from the mythical Boss of Nadir-sar Dungeon, [but with those 10 seconds no longer, good bye to the rogue class] Developer changed to 15 seconds, use Great Relic of Continuous Effect for Dodging skill and Big CD + 50% 5 They'd rather nerf the Rogue's dodge than nerf the Blade dancer's resistances, it's already impossible to do decent PvP with the Rogue class. The rogue only served 1v1 by sheer luck. About "Permanent Stun", depends how works Gouge I not understand it, but if that works Like Blade dancer's Paralysis is: Maxed Stun Build: 5/5 Gouge (5 Seconds) + 4/4 Flurry (2.5 Seconds) + 4/4 Trickiest (3.5 Seconds) = 10.5 Seconds of Stun for Autoattacks For Human's Minds = 6 Seconds of Stun for Autoattacks (Stun Build Still Nerfed and Stun Gouge Timing Nerfed 2 seconds. but let's see if gouge is like Bladedancer's paralysis, and PvP vs Seekers coulds be a funny disaster xD) Guys is a disaster. 6 So the Rogue class still like garbage in PvP, it depends on the kick that is still Melee, so if they fights vs 2-3 players or in the GvG with 5/5 dodging coulds works good, but with 1/5 dodging, maybe... At the end, the class Rogue still useless for GvG or groups, it is nerfed in 1v1 combats only because it makes "excessive dodge", with dodge rings, also without good damage and vampirism, using axes that make it slow, and dependient on lucky stuns. (Probability stun fail 10%-20% + Enemy's Resistance Parameter + Blocked, Parried and Dodged) After the update it can be said that it should be put CD for PvE and PvP modes, and Mana Regen for PvE, and the class continues without resistance defense from enemy's stuns, depending only of resistances runes in amulet-helmet and guild passive bonus lvl 12, losing vampirism in Amulet, and defense in helmet for PvE / PvP modes. Read for Understand: It is a bit unfortunate that a class that should take advantage of its defensive and offensive stats as a damage class ends up being beaten by the community of Sentinels just because they can not kill Rogue class in 1v1 combats, but they are happy when they are finally killed in groups, because it is more easy to apply stuns at all times. So I don't understand why the people hate the class so much, if with most of the classes on the Sentinel side they can make a good counterattack. Also it was only an issue in 1v1 to apply the stuns to evade the kick debuff, or use resistance parameter in armor. I think that was it, like damage class is not good ,good day for everyone
  3. Ok the moment of truth has come, we already played the test server. I have taken some screenshots with CD parameters and skill time. Then opinions can be discussed. I'll leave you screenshots of the Dodge skill, and give some and other tips to improve the rogue, which I think could work very, very well. "I also want to clarify that the CD I used is an approximate one, with equipment from lvl 29 -30. I also have improved the 1/5 CD of the talent tree from update 10.0 Era of Knowledge" Dodging Skill Without CD: Dodging Skill With Helmet Nadir lvl30 (CD Crystal) + Snow Belt CD lvl30: Dodging Skill With Helmet Nadir lvl30 (CD Crystal) + Snow Belt CD lvl30 [Extermination Skill Buff Actived]: Dodging Skill With Helmet Nadir lvl30 (CD Crystal) + Snow Belt CD lvl30 + Passive CD Guild lvl10: Dodging Skill With Helmet Nadir lvl30 (CD Crystal) + Snow Belt CD lvl30 + Passive CD Guild lvl10 [Extermination Skill Buff Actived]: As you can see, the minimum I could get out of the Skill was 18 seconds, which as a defensive skill has a gap of 3 seconds difference is a bit problematic for 15 seconds. Some pros and cons of the skill: Pros: A high CD will be needed, which can be used to benefit other skills and exploit damage skills. Skill can be overexploited for constant use of offensive and defensive relics It has a good dodge parameter if you make it maxed, only for a PvE build and a rare PvP build, where you depend on using a lot of dodge. If the skill is not improved, it is double the bonus of what there was before, then you can change 1 dodge parameter to 1 weapon or 1 ring, and put parry, damage reflection or vampirism. If the skill is maxed, you can use a full vampirism build, without any problem, and in weapons that depends on the use and the taste of the person. Let's say there are good pros, but do you know how long it took me to think about them? and they are still practically few. Cons: Like a pros, the high CD can be seen as a cons Constant high mana consumption in a short amount of time due to Skill Spamming. Due to Skill Spamming, many auto-attacks are lost. Other good offensive armor parameters are lost (Accuracy, HP, Penetration). The drastic change in armor bonuses causes a complicated build. Must be Exact Relic change Need a high level guild, so not use this class like secondary char in a low lvl guild for farm strong bosses, you losing speed, CD and dodge. are super importants those parameters in Rogue class. Let's also say that you can leave it in a low level guild but you will know that it is not the same to deal with bosses with great accuracy. TIPs for Rogue players I remember that with the full CD build that I put with guild and everything, it is 18 seconds of CD, so we have 3 seconds left without the ability, what can we do? First we can leave it at that, leave the empowerment relic that we use. in my case I use the [Relic of Curse Removal]. Second, if you want permanent skill I recommend you use the [Great Relic of Continuous Effect], it is obtained in the dungeons. Relic increases skill time by 40% then: If it is 15 seconds, 40% is 6 seconds, if we add the 2 it gives us 21 seconds of the buff. 15s + 6s It can also be made permanent with the [Small Relic of Continuous Effect], 20% is a 3 second bonus, so now it is exactly 18 seconds. 15s + 3s. The downside of increasing the bonus time with the relic, is losing the use of other empowering relics that are quite useful not only in PvP but also PvE. In my case, losing the [Relic of Curse Removal] is quite painful, because it has saved me from quite a few deadly debuffs like bleeding or poisoning, and even curses. And this has only been PvE, the PvP mode is missing to see the massive difference. (I think some things were missing but I forgot) Dodging Skill With Passive CD Guild lvl 10 [Extermination Skill Buff Actived]: Actually, it's 50.2%, I don't understand why the photo shows 50.5%, that is, an extra 0.3% but let's say it's 24.9 seconds, rounding it is 25 seconds. Then imagine waiting 10 seconds to use dodge again. It is unusual in my opinion, the enemy classes are mostly full Stun, so giving them that opportunity of 10 seconds, is something absurd, and kick only removes the accuracy of 1 enemy. It is very absurd, now the magicians, druids, blade dancers, rangers and paladins, apply the stuns and place a single combo and they already kill you. then the skill is now obsolete. Now let's say that with the [Great Relic of Continuous Effect], it is 21 seconds, there are still 4 seconds left to recharge, Ok now we can say that surviving 4 is better than 10, for me it is something reasonable but at the same time not. The great weakness of Rogue class is to be stunned and the enemies ranged-attack, those are its 2 weakest points in the game since it is melee. For me, being a melee class is unfair, because in the arenas the only thing they do is run and move away, and if we get close to them, they slow us down with skill combos, and this damages vampirism, auto-attacks including also the use of our skills. So how "balance" of this skill I still disagree, they are rendering the rogue very useless vs ranged attacks, and most of the players prefer to attack from a distance and run. I admire more those classes that are melee, they are people who do know about combat. And I still don't understand why ranged attack classes keep improving them to the point of being impossible to touch. Also its against is the worst is as if the skill did not exist, each point of precision lowers points to dodge, the only way it works is that the precision only applies to PvE mode and not PvP. But obviously they won't do this and by the way it would be super difficult to balance this, because this is when everyone uses dodge on their armor. I also tried the passive skill Absolute Reflexes, and that causes me to erase it. Now speaking of melee attacks, the rogue continues to work, only with the Kick in the Back skill, if you don't put this on your enemy, forget 100% that you will dodge. But the class has a very poor survivability performance. Because Kick in the Back is still melee for 1 target. And 1v1 depends on your enemy, but I assure you that if you make only 1 mistake you are dead. I don't mean to say that melee classes are difficult to kill with the Rogue, because we all already know what they are. And even so those classes will remain the same, some that others improved a little. Ok now let's evaluate the stuns skills: Flurry of Steel: It is horrible, I could say that it is even worse, I tell you: your PvP armor needs CD on it, but even so the skill is still just as weak with 2 seconds of stun with a probability of 80%. And it can be blocked and dodged, I did pvp with ranger and hunter and what they did was dodge the skill, I mean wait for the CD again to fail again. No, honestly it's horrible, if you are still build Stun I recommend leaving it even 4/4, no matter how useless the skill is, but there is no other way to stun the enemy at a distance, if you reduce it the probability of stun will be worse than your luck dropping books. Also if the stun fails use jump and then Gouge. But if you are Rogue, you will know how complicated it is for this to be 100% successful. Flurry of Steel Skill With Helmet Nadir lvl30 (CD Crystal) + Snow Belt CD lvl30 + Passive CD Guild lvl10 Flurry of Steel Skill With only Passive CD Guild lvl10 and CD crystal in Helmet PvP lvl 29 Trickiest Technique: I did not tested it, sorry, I will do it next time, but the skill remains the same, I have not tested if it can be cured with any poisoning. Until then when I test it I go edit this part. Gouge: Ok, the skill is the druid's copy of the song of the forest, but it is 1 meter around the rogue, it could be a cross shape or a 3x3 area. I like it, it is useful for facing classes that summon summons like Necromancer, Druid, Charmer, Templar. Ok the bad thing is: the skills "elemental backing" and "help of chaos" are ranged now, so it is still weak to magic attacks. Also that is not what I expected, I thought it would do the same effect of Rush of the Blade dancer but without running. And this makes it poor in gvgs, the Legion continues to have very poor area stuns, which are removed with any hit, so why do we have chieftains? If using a gouge it would be a waste of energy. And not just chieftains, but most of the Legion Side all have AoE skills that remove these types of poor stuns. Another thing, 2 seconds of stun removed to do the same skill, but AoE? the druid has 7 seconds 4/4. So it should be 7 seconds for Rogue and Seeker, both classes use the 7 seconds to think what to do, 5 seconds of AoE stun is little and forces us to use other abilities like crazy without thinking, and Seeker is not a class that has a good CD, so I also see them very disadvantaged. Put 7 seconds!!! On the other hand, putting the AoE ability was a good suggestion, but it seems that the player who suggested it sacrificed precious stun time in exchange for an AoE stun. And I have not taken the time to read the Russian forum, because I have very little free time. And looking at it like this, the rogue still has only 5.5 seconds of auto-attacks while the enemy is stunned with luck. Then it is better that for PvP weapons swords and daggers are really useful and do not have critics. That bonus is really useless. These should be daggers Precision and Attack Speed, and Swords Penetration and Attack Speed. I see balanced this in rogues and seeker, the precision to kill the rogues. and penetration to equal the damage of the seeker's auto attacks. TIPs for Rogue players: Ok now how the skill is AoE. It's even better, but with relics. I suggest you use the [Relic of Reaction], [Terrible Relic of Sickness] and [Terrible Relic of Control]. [Terrible Relic of Sickness] not works with AoE, only works in the selected target [Terrible Relic of Control] works with AoE. I don't have [Relic of Reaction] yet, but the skill can be resisted in AoE too. I think the Dodge skill should have Resist, and remove [Relic of Reaction] from Kick in the Back, why? Well, the 2 skills Kick and Gouge are debuffs, so it is more attacking than defensive, and I prefer to use dodge and have a resistance time for control effects and there it would be a totally consistent skill. Also, if the enemies are going to be running, it is not worth having a relic that also only activates by chance, because Kick and Gouge are put many times, it is more worth having the relic in the AoE skill, than in 1 melee, and if you use dodge and resist a control effect, it gives you time to attack. Ok for last, is time to evaluate the "FIXED" skill Frenzy Visually: It is a skill that looks very beautiful, I give it a 10/10, I love it too much, it also matches with [Fu Hao] costume, orange is one of my favorite colors. Damage performance: I have the skill at 1/4, because my construction is full stun, to help something in PvP, also the game is more PvP mode than PvE, so it is not worth putting it to the maximum. The skill disaster (Read before buy this in the update): Very pretty, very good benefit of critical damage, but the skill continues to have the same error that we all want to erase, and that is that the skill continues to have the same debuff towards the rogues, receiving more damage from the enemy. "In short words, enemy's attacks will hurts more". It's sad, the skill had been perfect until I noticed this fatal error. They take away the dodge, frenzy remains the same, our stuns are useless, we have no shield, we do not reduce damage, The stun is removed by 1 AoE effect or any damage, and are we still useful for 1v1 or in groups? This shows a lot of hatred towards us. The rogue's balance is incomplete yet, you can't even call this a balance. "Sorry this is too long, but I say all this because, these balances are made only 1 time at year, and during the year it is seen that something always went wrong, and I think it is very little time to make such massive changes for the snow update, thanks for read " (I will keep updates on this post, any send this to devs please... Zzz...)
  4. The rogue itself must be the character that uses daggers, but the bonus stats of the daggers are not very good at most with the parameters that the rogue currently has, he has many enemies that can easily kill him in 1v1 combat or in groups, so he makes a character weak in defense and weak in attack due to the rare constructions he has Haves low accuracy and critical hit parameters due to Frenzy's ability that nobody uses, in addition to not maintaining constant damage as other damage classes do. He can only hit 1 strong damage if he makes a low stealth blow, also to be able to do a "decent damage" he must use axes but he loses attack speed and is slow, he can use daggers but loses dodge and some precision parameters, penetration and critical hits Depending on the dagger, and if it is the crafted one, it loses attack speed, then to arm it is difficult and it must also have Wrath in case of emergency. each bonus of these loses other bonuses so it costs to build it in if this class, and as it is a damage it is expensive. I did not add attack strength, but the class should have it because it uses daggers, but what matters most is the damage that is partly better because all skills will do good damage the same Then the rogue as he cannot reduce the damage or he cannot use a shield, his defense is the dodge and it no longer works, so I present some Ideas and arrangements for the defense and offense of the rogue, also that it can be useful for group attacks Dodging Type: Active Increase parameter Dodge 15%-18%-20%-22%-25% Add: Resistance to all control effects and debuffs for 4-4-5-5-6 seconds and remove [Relic of Inmunity] from this Note: It is a defensive skill of the rogue, but its parameters must be increased so that it works better in both PvE and PvP, it is reduced very easily with the accuracy parameter, which turns it to 0%, The Rangers reach the maximum accuracy and the bladedancers have decent accuracy and reduces dodge and parry. PvP mode makes enemies prefer accuracy build than critical hits, so as a defensive skill it is useless, and makes the character an easy target to kill. And the skill should not have similarities with the other skills of the other classes like ranger or hunter, the rogue is supposed to dodge in melee and those classes are ranged and it gives them much more advantage to make attacks, and worse than those stuns of them can only be resisted which is unfair to the rogue who is melee. Also the passive is a skill dependent on this, that if you do not have a good "dodge" it will not be activated and with Build PvP it is 1/5, then the rogue does not have a skill that allows it to defend itself well against the attacks it receives. I added resist to be able to escape from the control abilities, as it is a melee class and the enemies are not allowed to do any damage with all the stuns they put, the resist works like the chieftain, which can be activated while you are in trouble . Smokescreen Reworked Kick in the Back Type: Active Usage range: 5x5 Area of Effect Energy expense: Skill with mana consumptiom Reduces parameter Accuracy 15% - 25% - 35% - 45 - 55% Adding: every succesfull autoattack to the enemy gets again the debuff Note: It is the strong defense skill of the rogue, it is not even dodge, a rogue practically puts dodge on the armor and puts this skill at 5/5 and does a few dodges, but in the pvp mode against many being melee it does not work, so why It works, it must be in the area of effect, it must also reduce the precision quite a lot by 55% to the maximum, because other characters damage such as the ranger all the precision is increased, this makes the dodge absurd and that is why all the hits hit it, also if Come, the enemy would have -5% accuracy, which if you have the dodge activated it would only serve 20% at 1/5, and if it is at 5/5 you would only have 30% dodge. He also added that each hit of the rogue's auto-attacks returns to the enemy the effect of lowering the precision, this is in the case of bladedancers that have a considerably high precision, in addition to reducing the dodge parameter, and it would help a lot to remove the 3 loads resistors in case they do not remove it, it also works for the mermen armor, which always removes the debuff and waiting for the cd makes it useless. It is also a range of 5x5, which is considerably short, because it would be 2 yards of space to the enemy at the moment it is applied, but if the enemy receives a hit he gets the debuff of lowering his accuracy. it's like the exacerbation of the seeker Also smokescreen is literally nerfed because it is for 1 use only, it does the effect to 7 enemies maximum in area, but these can have the debuff if they are auto-attacked With smoke screen and dodge explained, it would be a total of 20% or 30% dodge to do against the enemy, with this in pve you can easily decide whether to put vampirism or more dodge. In pvp it is the same if you decide to dodge him with vampirism accessories and have little resilience, or arm yourself with full sand accessories and have vampirism or dodge enchantments. I emphasize that a 20% dodge is not much, so the skill would not be taken advantage of but it is much better than before where you do not have a considerable dodge and all the enemies hit you without fail Extermination Type: Active Cooldown: 20 seconds max level Add: Effect Penetration 10%-13%-15%-18% and Increase damage 5%-10%-15%-20% Note: The cd is excessively high that forces you to put a cd in your helmet and boots and even so the effect is not permanent like the other damage classes, so it must be reduced to 20 seconds, so as not to have gaps in attack speed in the Fights that only appear because you are stunned sounds better, I also added 18% penetration because it would have Smokescreen's energy consumption ability, and with how little the character hits and how slow in DPS. Trickiest Technique Type: Active Increase chance stun 100% level maxed Increase time stun 4 seconds level maxed Add: Decreases enemy's attack speed parameter 10%-15%-20%-30% Note: Stun has many failures in pvp but many, plus it has many counters such as Block, Parry, Dodge and Resistance. So if it can be defended by the enemies, why put 90% chance stun?, I do not see it very useful in itself honestly, also the ability should have a parameter to reduce the attack speed of the enemy after the stun, this is for be able to deal damage class against them and not die from auto-attacks as easily as seeker or blade dancer. And adding lowering the attack speed of the blade dancer would be the best thing that could be done to do battle with them, because it is not fair that this class has a counter for all of them, the attack speed of the rogue is high but if it goes axes it is slow, and if Daggers do not hurt, and if sap reduces the damage and the attack speed is a very strong skill also that you will be under the effect of paralysis which is annoying not being able to do anything Now why the stun time it has to be 3.5 seconds and not 4? explained are 3 seconds of stun plus 1 bad addition that does not work Flurry of Steel Type: Active Increase chance stun 100% level maxed Increase time stun 4 seconds level maxed Combo: If you are in under effect Stealth ignores dodge and parry effect Note: Ok this is the most useful and useless skill of the rogue at the same time, its error is that the stun time lasts very little time 2 seconds 4/4, also it has a low chance of applying it 80% 4/4, and this is another skill that can be defended with Block, Parry, Dodge and Resistance. So adding the stun skills of the rogue are 5 seconds of stun for attack which 5 seconds for a character who should use "daggers" and uses axes is very little time to do damage with the slowness and little that hits, it is not even a good DPS, ok regarding Parry because it applies to him if it is a ranged ability? I have already done enough pvps and it fails for a parry this is extremely stressful because it gives the enemy the opportunity to slaughter you with only 1 combo, and the rogue has literally none at the moment everything is a matter of luck if you hit the stun, take away those defensive parameters Under the stealth ability, a frontal attack can be defended but if you don't know where he is? the stun should be applied Ok I emphasize the stuns the strong ones of the rogue pvp, the failure rate is very high, both are not 100% probable that they apply the stun all enemies can make them defenses so their application rate is not 80-90% it is much lower honestly I also emphasize the stun time that adding would be 8 seconds of pure attack, while the enemy cannot move, this makes it more useful, also reducing the attack speed makes it a good opponent for bladedancers who apply the same skill to us Poisonus Blades + Trickiest Technique Fix Healing from enemies, I cant heal if hunter or another rogue puts poison in boss 1st than me, so I need put poison 1st for get heal Killers instinct (Reworked Frenzy) Type: Active Increase critical hit parameter to 8%-13%-18%-25% and critical hit damage to 5%-10%-15%-20%, enemies inside in the area of effect 3x3 gets bleeding of 30% of dmg base PvE: Unlimited PvP: 4/4 7 Players Note: Some say that the rogue is melee and that it should be like that because yes but it does not say that it has defenses in the area and the rogue as I described it is still melee only with a little damage in area, because Ricochet's skill also does not work and does good damage
  5. mudanças agradáveis no jogo: -mais espaços para mudar de set automático(pode ser liberado por coins/gold). -botão para retirada de todo o set( ultimamente creio que dos 3 espaços de set utilizados só usam 2 pois disponibilizam 1 para retirar o set e fazer o "telemorte" onde o player se sacrifica para chegar em um local mais rápido, no caso a estátua. -Disponibilizar a compra de bag compartilhada disponibilizar o acesso remoto ao deposito de guild e ao marquete/market(vendedor de itens usados) mesmo que com coins ou gold ou quest. - mudança na mecânica de quest de boss e lives se uma pt matar a missão será cumprida para todos os aliados(fora da pt e dentro da pt) e o drop só vai para a pt que realmente matou o boss ou diminuir o tempo de respaw do boss para 5min. obs: sobre a mecanica de done do boss isso ajudaria bastante pois evitaria conflitos ou uma pt mais fraca esperar +10min para boss renascer e evitaria de as pessoas recusarem char fracos na pt. - mudança nos slots de habilidades ter a opção de fixar os slots de habilidades na tela não sendo preciso selecionar para abrir os slots de habilidades ao invés disso simplesmente aparecer mais slot de habilidades na tela e com opção de botar teclas de atalho para cada habilidade assim cada jogador não precisa se adequar a um modo restrito(12345qwert) de usar suas habilidades.
  6. 前言:盗贼作为高山族的刺客职业,拥有独特的爆发伤害,在战场上隐蔽自己,将脆弱的敌人轻松击杀。该职业数据,是关于盗贼的技能信息,以便各位能够方便查看,获取数据。 —————————————————————————————————— 严厉打击 【盗贼对目标进行砍击,造成较高伤害】 冷却时间:6秒 蓝量消耗:11/12/13/14/15 技能伤害:105%/110%/115%/120%/125% 【严厉打击+】初级技能强化 将角色的技能伤害提高5% Gif演示: 背踢 【盗贼向后踹击目标,降低目标敌人的精准】 冷却时间:15秒 蓝量消耗:13/14/15/16/17 降低精准:5%/15%/25%/35%/45% 持续时间:3/6/9/12/15秒 Gif演示: 闪避 【盗贼为自己施加闪避增益,提高闪避能力】 冷却时间:30秒 蓝量消耗:13/14/15/16/17 增加闪避:11%/14%/18%/22%/26% 持续时间:15秒 Gif演示: 凿击 【盗贼对目标发起凿击,使敌人昏迷一段时间】 冷却时间:20秒 蓝量消耗:13/15/17/19/21 持续时间:3/3.5/4/4.5/5秒 附加效果:该技能还会对角色1码范围内的敌人附加效果,当和角色战斗的敌人都被眩晕时,角色可以隐身。 Gif演示: 潜行 【盗贼能够很好得隐蔽自己,并增强自身的攻击能力,发起突袭】 冷却时间:8秒 蓝量消耗:15/16/17/18/19 攻击增加:120%/130%/140%/150%/160% 持续时间:7/9/11/13/15秒 【潜行+】初级技能强化 提高角色1/1.5/2秒的隐身持续时间 【暗影面纱】高级技能强化 隐身结束后,保留增加攻击效果的25%,也就是满级60%*25%=15%,持续5秒 Gif演示: 神出鬼没的跳跃 【盗贼跳向目标,造成较高的攻击,如果敌人在被剧毒刀锋的中毒状态下,还能对其附加20%的伤害】 冷却时间:16秒 蓝量消耗:22/24/26/28 释放距离:最远5码 技能伤害:110%/115%/120%/125% 中毒附加伤害:20% Gif演示: 钢刃乱舞 【盗贼向目标甩出刀片,造成较高的伤害,并有几率眩晕敌人】 冷却时间:18秒 蓝量消耗:7/8/9/10 释放距离:最远5码 技能伤害:85%/110%/125%/145% 眩晕时间:1/1.5/2/2.5秒 眩晕几率:35%/45%/60%/80% Gif演示: 剧毒刀锋 【盗贼为武器附上毒液,攻击敌人时会使其中毒】 冷却时间:26秒 蓝量消耗:14/16/18/20 技能伤害:90%/100%/112%/121% 存在时间(自己):8/10/12/14秒 中毒时间(敌人):6秒,2秒一毒,共三次毒 Gif演示: 跳弹 【盗贼扔出弹性匕首,对敌人造成伤害,并且匕首还会弹到其它目标造成伤害】 冷却时间:15秒 蓝量消耗:14/16/18/20 释放距离:最远4码 技能伤害:50%/60%/70%/80% 弹跳范围:最远3/3/4/4码 PVE数量:∞ PVP数量:3/4/5/6 (注:跳弹一次会减少10%的伤害,因此跳弹多个目标伤害会逐渐减少) Gif演示: 灭绝 【“千山鸟飞绝,万径人踪灭”,盗贼为自己施加灭绝增益,使其更快击杀目标,完成屠杀】 冷却时间:40秒 蓝量消耗:20/22/24/26 持续时间:12/16/20/25秒 攻速增加:8%/12%/22%/35% 冷却增加:15%/20%/25%/30% Gif演示: 绝对反射 【盗贼早已习惯战斗,面对突如其来的攻击,盗贼有如自在极意功一般,能够躲开敌人的攻击,并且为自身提高闪避能力和攻击能力】 持续时间:3/4/5/7秒 闪避增加:5%/7%/9%/12% 攻速增加:8/12/18/22% 限制效果:现在技能无法在持续时间内和结束的2秒内触发(点评:重量级削弱) Gif演示: 邪恶暴击 【盗贼对目标发起极其疯狂的打击,将敌人的防御力大幅降低,并造成较高伤害】 冷却时间:18秒 蓝量消耗:16/18/20/22 持续时间:7/10/13/15秒 双防降低:15%/20%/25%/35% 技能伤害:40%/50%/65%/80% Gif演示: 疯狂 【盗贼想要一场疯狂的屠杀,会不顾一切的攻击敌人,因此在这种杀红眼的状态下盗贼能够提高暴击,但是代价就是要受到更多的伤害】 冷却时间:10秒 能量再生降低:5/7/9/10点 自身受伤增加:20%/16%/12%/8% 暴击增加:5%/7%/9%/11% 暴击伤害增加:6/10/14/18% Gif演示: 棘手技巧 【盗贼自有一套袭击敌人的技巧,使敌人对付盗贼会觉得棘手又麻烦。盗贼对敌人造成较高伤害的同时也有几率眩晕敌人,并且因为熟练的技巧能够为自己恢复血量】 冷却时间:16秒 蓝量消耗:24/26/28/30 ‌技能伤害:110%/115%/120%/125% ‌对中毒目标的技能伤害:120%/130%/140%/155% 眩晕时间:2/2.5/3/3.5秒 眩晕几率:60%/70%/80%/90% 自身回血:15%/20%/25%/30% 最大值生命 ‌注意:对受到剧毒刀锋导致中毒的敌人使用能够为自己回血 Gif演示: By:Tulips,小酒,卡卡西,狗财奴与Wtf(all sea)倾情制作
  7. Fala ai rapaziada saiu a primeira musica do ALBUM LEGIÃO... Conteudo WARSPEAR TRAP! Quem poder estar divulgando , serei eternamente grato! Hey guys, the first song from the legiao's album came out... Content WARSPEAR TRAP! Whoever may be promoting, I will be eternally grateful! Привет, ребята, вышла первая песня с альбома legiao ... Контент WARSPEAR TRAP! Кто бы ни продвигал, буду бесконечно благодарен!
  8. RexxSkan

    Warspear music

    Fala ai rapaziada saiu a primeira musica do ALBUM LEGIÃO ... Conteudo WARSPEAR TRAP! Quem poder estar divulgando, serei eternamente grato! Hi everyone, the first song from the legion album is out... WARSPEAR TRAP content! Whoever is promoting, I will be forever grateful! Привет, ребята, вышла первая песня с альбома legiao ... Контент WARSPEAR TRAP! Кто бы ни продвигал, буду бесконечно благодарен! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXLA1qI6Hok
  9. Hello everyone, I'm here will suggest new rogue's skill to give him more SURVIVABILITY with the detail: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rogue blink to any specified direction within 4 yards. After rogue blink, he will stealth and leave the copy of him in the first place rogue use this skill. (The copy attack the enemy near him with auto attack only). If the player click the skill button for one more time (before the stealth is over), rogue back to his copy and stun & dealing damage near him. After successfully stun any enemy, rogue will immune from any CC and he can use stealth skill. Detail of skill develops: Stealth Duration & Copy Duration--> 3s/4s/5s/6s. Stun Duration --> 0.5s/1s/1.5s/2s. Immune from CC Duration --> 2s/2s/3s/4s. Stun Damage --> 30%/40%/50%/60% from the player's base damage. Copy of Him will have --> 15%/20%/25%/30% from the player's stats (health, defence, damage) So in this case this skill can be used twice before the stealth duration is over. -------- Inspired from Hayabusa & Kagura -------- OK this is only my suggestion, feel free to critics and feedback. I hope devs dan rogues player will interested with this skill suggestion. Cheers..
  10. I came to bring some ideas to the rogue ricochet (passive) after 5 automatic attacks the rogue throws daggers at everyone around him within 2 meters extermination (active) (1) Increases attack speed and skill cooldown when equipped with daggers. (2) Increases parry and critical when equipped with axes. (3) Increases penetration and accuracy when equipped with swords. frenzy (active) increases chance of dealing 100% damage with equipped weapon in second hand. while the skill is active, the physical and magical defense decreases example: ignore the debuff that reduces secondary weapon damage by 40%
  11. Bom, esse tópico vai mais diretamente para a Akasha e os devs. Eu sou um player a mais de 3 anos e sempre joguei de rogue. A classe ao longo desses anos tomou vários nerfs e HOJE é uma das mais fracas no quesito PvE comparada a todas as outras classes de dano do jogo, (menos Paladino que tá mais pra suporte). Várias skills da classe são tão fracas que chegam a ser inúteis, como por exemplo Frenesi durando míseros 12 segundos e Ataque Sinistro com um dano muito baixo. Enquanto isso, Seeker com três skills (Exacerbação, Inspiração e Poder Solar) causa 3/4 vezes mais dano que o Rogue usando todas suas skills no combo. Vi nos fóruns Internacional e Russo dizendo que a classe estava balanceada, no quesito PvP não nego, mas no PvE, muitas vezes um DK com foco total em tank e com arma +4, causa mais dano que meu rogue com machados +8. Gostaria de saber se os Devs tem planos de fazer mudanças significativas no PvE da classe (como buffs em skills que estão muito fracas ou implementação de novas habilidades do especialista em breve).
  12. Seria bom o jogo mostrar na tela de amplificação a quantidade de sinal necessário para amplificar a tal nível o item ou arma, assim aumentaria muito as esperanças de amplificar e aumentaria também a demanda por sing na conclusão de maior lucro ao jogo e melhor experiência para os jogadores pois apresentam uma meta visível para bater e passariam mais tempo no jogo e gastariam não só tempo para atingir um meta mais também investiriam mais no jogo pois sabem até onde tem que chegar muitos jogadores acham que a arma bugou só por que gastou horrores para amplificar do +9 ao +10 e não conseguiram e por isso amplificaram outra arma ou até mesmo parou de jogar de frustração conheço muitos jogadores que não arriscam amplificar até do +9 até +10 por medo de gastar muito e não amplificar e pensando que o item pode bugar. seria uma boa mostrar a quantidade necessária para gastar para amplificar até determinado nível ex: (x) = quantidade de selos (sinal) - (x) selos para amplificar (0 -> +1) - (x) selos para amplificar (+1 -> +2) - (x) selos para amplificar (+2 -> +3) - (x) selos para amplificar (+3 -> +4) - (x) selos para amplificar (+4 -> +5) - (x) selos para amplificar (+5 -> +6) - (x) selos para amplificar (+6 -> +7) - (x) selos para amplificar (+7 -> +8) - (x) selos para amplificar (+8 -> +9) - (x) selos para amplificar (+9 -> +10) - nota: ou o sistema mesmo mostraria na tela de amplificação do item o limite máximo de sign(selo) ou esfera para amplificar até +10
  13. rogue magic kick in the back, let it go without precision and just dodging!! GMS AND ADMS TAKE ACTION!
  14. A friendly PvP of shaman vs Rogue Hope you guys enjoy it Don't forget to like share and subscribe .
  15. Here is the problem about mobility! Now we have: The seeker who can walk faster The mage who can jump The paladin who can jump The blade dancer who can rush The rogue who can jump on target The barbarian who can jump on target Pay attention, we have 4 classes with mobility mechanics on the Sentinel side, and all those 4 do not require a target to gain Square meters of advantage when moving to an objective. On the Legion side we have 2 classes who do need to get a target to move forward. So during Guild vs Guild games if it's required to reach a point faster, even with the 30 seconds skill lock on the mermens trials, during the whole match, the Sentinel side will have a big advantage getting someone there first, always! There is no way if you have to walk 200 Squares into a line any class from legion be there faster than a seeker/mage/blade dancer/paladin! this is the problem, they will reach the position first, even if they get wiped as many from the legion, they will be able to reach the objective, fight again faster! this is not fair!!!! Legion do need more mobility just as Sentinels have! The lock skills at the start of mermens trial if very fair but it do not solve the imbalance we have when someone can revive and get back into battle faster then the other side!!!! Please take a note into that!!!
  16. Rogue's Mark The rogue marks a target with a curse causing a negative "Slow" effect. After some time (4 seconds) the skill "Rogue's Mark" is active for 10 seconds, applying the buff "Enraged" to the rogue and "Marked to Die" to the target. The "Enraged" effect increases the "Attack Strength" (by 2.5% / 5% / 7.5 / 10%) and "Attack Speed" parameters (by 5% / 10% / 15% / 20%). The "Marked to Die" effect applies the negative "Bleeding" effect (damage = 10% of total damage) and reduces the target's defenses by 10% / 20% / 30% / 40%. Duration of the target's Slow effect: 4s / 5s / 6s / 7s. Slowness effect power on target: 40% / 50% / 60% / 70%. This would be basically the skill that unites everything (or almost) that the rogue needs in both PvE and PvP, closing the gaps that are bothering most rogue players.
  17. I would like to make some suggestions for the Rogue class. 1- Frenzy: Frenzy is one of the most useless skills in the class today, along with Flurry of Steel and Sinister Attack (despite changes in the last update). I would like to ask for the skill to become an aura skill (such as the Hunter's Combat Stance, Explorer's Exacerbation). The reason is that all other classes that are naturally damage have an aura skill, and Frenzy is not being a very interesting skill for the rogue's pve. So, why not combine the useful with the pleasant? This change would improve the state of the class in pve (which is not very nice) and would bring a utility to a skill that is not very useful. 2- Ricochet The meta pve of the game is very much aimed at classes with area control. Guild events, GvGs and Dungeons are increasingly having groups of larger enemies. And it is no secret that, of the classes that are naturally damaging, rogues have the worst damage skill in the area, which is Ricochet. I would like to ask them to improve the skill in some way, increasing base damage or adding some new mechanics to it (such as the Poison Blade + Ricochet combo). Anyway, these are my suggestions. The class has had its performance overshadowed by the other classes of the Legion and I think this will make him stronger. PS: Sorry for my bad english
  18. Smoke Bomb Throw a smoke bomb, blinding enemies in a 3x3 area, decreasing their accuracy, silencing for 1 second and removing Rogue's "In Combat" status, allowing it to use Invisibility. If you think it is a bad idea and unnecessary skill, look at this part:
  19. Данный гайд актуален на версию 5.3.0. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Разбойник - класс, наносящий прямой урон противнику. Носит кожаные доспехи. Имеет невидимость. Может носить: кинжалы, одноручные мечи, одноручные топоры. Прежде чем мы приступим, снова немного цифровой базы: Теперь о нашем оружии: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ну а теперь давайте традиционно про умения разбойника, с цифрами, разумеется. - Безжалостная атака. Дальность: Ближний бой Мана: 12-13-14-15-16 Время перезарядки: 6 секунд Базовый урон: 25 Прирост урона с уровнем персонажа: 2 Прирост урона с уровнем умения: 15 Прирост урона от физической атаки: 105%-110%-115%-120%-125% Время действия: - Количество целей: 1 Комментарий автора: Сильное умение ближнего боя, наносит хороший урон, маленькая скорость перезарядки. Основная атакующая способность разбойника. Как посчитать урон который вы получите (для всех умений объясняю 1 раз на примере этого умения): - Толчок. Дальность: Ближний бой Мана: 13-14-15-16-17 Время перезарядки: 15 секунд Базовый урон: - Прирост урона с уровнем персонажа: - Прирост урона с уровнем умения: - Прирост урона от физической атаки: - Время действия: 5-7-9-11-15 секунд ИЛИ 1-2-3-4-5 автоатаки Количество целей: 1 Спасибо игрокам за помощь в тесте: Hrizamer, Manhettan. Комментарий автора: Толчок снижает точность противника на 50% на следующие 1-2-3-4-5 автоатак, либо если автоатаки не были сделаны - кончится через 5-7-9-11-15 секунд. Важно то, что работает он на автоатаки, т.е. если у нас толчок прокачан на 3, мы используем его против противника, он делает по нам две автоатаки, потом использует 5 различных умений - все умения тоже будут иметь точность, сниженную на 50%, так как они не считаются за автоатаку. "Глаз дракона" мага даёт 50% точности, таким образом после использования толчка на маге - у него останется только шанс точности, который был до использования умения "Глаз дракона". - Невидимость. Дальность: - Мана: 15-16-17-18-19 Время перезарядки: 8 секунд Базовый урон: - Прирост урона с уровнем персонажа: - Прирост урона с уровнем умения: - Прирост урона от физической атаки: 120%-130%-140%-150%-160% Время действия: 7-9-11-13-15 секунд Количество целей: 1 Комментарий автора: Умение начнет перезаряжаться только после того как вы покинете невидимость.Невидимость увеличивает только ваш физический урон в параметрах. Например, с использованием умения Безжалостная атака 5/5 из невидимости 1/5 - оно Не нанесёт на 20% больше урона, просто его значение в 125% от физической атаки будет считаться от вашего повышенного невидимостью физического урона. - Парализующий удар. Дальность: Ближний бой Мана: 13-15-17-19-21 Время перезарядки: 20 секунд Базовый урон: - Прирост урона с уровнем персонажа: - Прирост урона с уровнем умения: - Прирост урона от физической атаки: - Время действия: 4,5-5-5,5-6-7 секунд Количество целей: 1 Комментарий автора: Не знаю, увеличивается ли шанс прохождения в зависимости от уровня умения. Постараюсь посчитать позже. - Уклонение. Дальность: - Мана: 15-16-17-18-19 Время перезарядки: 20 секунд Базовый урон: - Прирост урона с уровнем персонажа: - Прирост урона с уровнем умения: - Прирост урона от физической атаки: - Время действия: 20-30-40-50-60 секунд Количество целей: - Действие: Даёт 5%-6%-7%-8%-9% уклонения. Комментарий автора: Уклон он и в Африке уклон. - Неуловимый прыжок. Дальность: 5 Мана: 14-16-18-20 Время перезарядки: 12 секунд Базовый урон: 20 Прирост урона с уровнем персонажа: 2 Прирост урона с уровнем умения: 20 Прирост урона от физической атаки: 110%-115%-120%-125% Время действия: - Количество целей: 1 Комментарий автора: Прыжок за спину противника (о.О). Спасибо игрокам за помощь в тесте: Groundman. - Ядовитые клинки. Дальность: Ближний бой Мана: 14-16-18-20 Время перезарядки: 26 секунд Базовый урон: 60 Прирост урона с уровнем персонажа: 2 Прирост урона с уровнем умения: 20 Прирост урона от физической атаки: 100% Время действия: 8-10-12-14 секунд Количество целей: - Действие: Накладывает яд на цель после автоатаки (Если вы попали), Яд наносит урон 3 раза с периодичностью в 2 секунды. Спасибо игрокам за помощь в тесте: Feme, Groundman, Derzskiiy, Schok, Mmushaa, Revn, Venturik. Комментарий автора (!): Урон указан для всех трёх срабатываний умения. Т.е. то, что вы посчитали - надо будет поделить на 3. Погрешность возможна в 1-2 единицы для каждого срабатывания из-за плохого округления игры. - Истребление. Дальность: - Мана: 14-16-18-20 Время перезарядки: 39-37,8-37-34,4 секунд (Пока умение действует - сокращает своё же время восстановления) Базовый урон: - Прирост урона с уровнем персонажа: - Прирост урона с уровнем умения: - Прирост урона от физической атаки: - Время действия: 10-11-12-14 секунд Количество целей: - Увеличение скорости атаки: 5%-9%-13%-17% Увеличение перезарядки навыков: 10%-20%-25%-40% Комментарий автора: Прикона . - Стальной шквал. Дальность: 5 Мана: 7-8-9-10 Время перезарядки: 4 секунды Базовый урон: 0 Прирост урона с уровнем персонажа: 3 Прирост урона с уровнем умения: 10/10/10/20 Прирост урона от физической атаки: 30%-45%-50%-60% Время действия: - Количество целей: 1 Комментарий автора: Непонятно зачем, но на 4/4 умение получает дополнительные +10 урона от прокачки. Спасибо игрокам за помощь в тесте: Tenb. - Рикошет. Дальность: 4 Мана: 14-16-18-20 Время перезарядки: 15 секунд Базовый урон: В процессе Прирост урона с уровнем персонажа: В процессе Прирост урона с уровнем умения: В процессе Прирост урона от физической атаки: В процессе Время действия: - Количество целей: 3-4-В процессе-В процессе Комментарий автора: Ещё занимаемся. Спасибо игрокам за помощь в тесте: Hypeology, Travel, Maqnat, Tenb.
  20. Hey Guys just want to know the skill build on pvp rogue lvl 32 as well the gear and enchantments Thanks guys
  21. ***This post is not to humiliate the hard work and effort of the game developers, but instead trying to understand why people from multiple servers spammed slogan "RIP ROGUES; WAKE UP AIGRIND"*** First of all congratulations to the team who have worked on this massive update. I hope this is a great milestone for 'Warspear Online'. Secondly all the new skills were entirely unique and will bring versatility to the game. Now coming to the topic, the new skill added to the rogue was a pretty good skill with a decent amount of heal and damage when timed properly. But why were the majority of the people unsatisfied with this skill or rogue in general? I personally messaged few players in order to find what's in their mind and also I have listed my hardships and difficulties faced as a rogue. The reasons are: 1. Why another DD skill, rogue are already full of DD skills. 2. Rogues do not have enough mobility to use their skills as they are mostly under control both in 1v1 or groups.( Lack resistance) 4. Even though rogues have potential to build to maximum dodge (60%) the blast damage of all elf character can counter easily with high accuracy. Dodge 60% looks only good theoretically but practically it isn't. 5. No proper control skills either. The only control skill rogues possess is gauge which is useless in most situations. 6. STEALTH is not effective these days as a simple AOE will bring him out of it. 7. Rogues being melee are like paper and die quickly by the blast damage of bd Ranger and seeker. 8. The blast damage of the rogue who is handicapped with the above mentioned drawbacks,is far inferior compared to all other classes. 9. They have condition inorder to achieve certain abilities example:- FRENZY: increase damage to the rogue for a small % of accuracy and critical. Trickiest technique ( new skill) : have to poison the enemy inorder to get more damage and heal. Absolute reflexes: have to dodge atleast once inorder to get the bonuses. Where as the sentinel classes with far superior above mentioned points have nothing to sacrifice. 10. The heal of the new skill is only once and the application of that is very difficult. This is because when we poison the enemy, he immediately controls the rogue making it almost impossible to complete the combination. I have presented with some of the common but prominent difficulties faced by the rogue class. I hope my voice is being heard. And instead of spamming the world chat I think it's better talk out what's on our mind in a more civilized way. A little more kindness and a little less judgement is what the world needs Long live Warspear Online.
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