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Found 47 results

  1. Hey GM,today i got the answer for my ticket (Recovery account) i've been waiting for it and was very happy to get the reply,but it was dissapointing all i got was (please update your game versions), so i updated it,but the outcome was the same,all the days i've spent waiting was for nothing,can't you just return my acc? I'm on my arena season and already lost my rank because of it,please help me seriously,and to other moderator i really apreciate your help and response but please don't lock this topic,atleast until GM answer it
  2. Singed

    I need help fast

    Hello there gm, its been around 5 days since you answer my ticket,and i've already replied as soon as you reply it,so please help me,i'm on my arena season now...
  3. Preciso de ajuda . bom eu tenho uma acc que foi ban por estrono da play store sei que errei mais entrei em contato com o suporte para ver uma forma de sair do ban ele mim responderao em 5 dias uteis dizendo que eu tinha que paga 2040 moedas milhagrosas ai eu fiz o pagamento comprei 2 pacote de 50 reais ja faz 6 dias uteis e nada do suporte mim responde . help
  4. May the support forum explain to me when I received my coin because on Saturday it is 06.05.17 I paid 3 sms for 30 zlotys for miracle coins and I still did not get them written on the mail to support and through the site and nothing please help and I want them to be paid to me Miracle coin ...
  5. Singed

    Help me

    Hey gm i just sent ticket from my mail, could you please answer it asap? [email protected]
  6. Какое кв мне надо пройти ? Что бы попасти в айв , б3 прошел , говорят надо пройти в топях сюжет " 2 кв " но не знаю какие
  7. Hello there! I'm a level 16 Ranger,playing in EU - Emerald that needs help with Shadows of Berengar Quest and i can't complete it alone. If someone can help me, please comment or pm me in game !
  8. I have completed most this quest and I now have the rune to throw into Mevelin's Well... but I can't find the right well! The quest won't let me see where on the map it is and I've found a few wells already in the houses, but no arrow indicating to throw the rune in! Do I have to start again or is there a pacific well somewhere?
  9. Hello dear fellows warspearians so before few days I started with new char (shaman) and I cant find any guide about this class only skillbuilds wich is also good thing. So I have alredy few chars lvl 13 and 14 (rogue and necro) but I want to ask some tips how to be good healer for pve like hunting bosses 85k or in labs wich expert skill should I buy. P.s sorry for my english I know its terible. Thank You all for answers.
  10. SakKiimil


    can't done this mission dont find the place for the ritual
  11. Good evening I have a doubt regarding connect with facebook acc , A acc can be accessible just a facebook connected ? Or can the number at the same time ? And if a facebook is saved on another add ?
  12. Can you answer me some questions about 'Unbind'? 1- Can i unbind arena equips? 2- If i unbind an equip, i will lose it's amp? Thx!
  13. What is the best : 5heal 3 nigthmare and 3shiled ??
  14. Dear elfs, I Karleusa I want to help them how to be stronger and how to u soon perijodu winning wars spears !!!! Here are some tips that will give you: 1. Select only one character with whom you play and you have to fight. (It is easier and faster progress if you take just one character and you spend your time on it than to have two) 2. doing out regular blue quests (dnevvne kuesc) because so quickly level up and get more money. 3. Do not allow your mobs killed. When you think that you will lose a life, go to the side and fill your life (HELCOM) 4. MOST IMPORTANT! You must help the elves elves who are lower level than yours. Help them to cross the DG. Help them if you have more cash on hand, buy them something, stimulate male elves to advance faster and to go level up. 5. All the elves have to go to war, because if we win we will have extra bonuses that will help everyone to be strong.
  15. Sup, I haven't played WS in a long long time and when I seen it on my phone I had to start playing again, downloaded it on my phone and PC again, but things have changed a decent bit. Firstly the game servers have died down a lot so its somewhat boring just starting out when you have to wait around for someone willing to help kill some of the more challenging bosses/DG's in T1, which comes to me seeking a very very active helpful guild/friends in game. I do play on both US and EU servers altho more US than EU atm because I haven't found the took I want to main yet, which leads me to my second issue. Anyone willing to give some tips and point out the classes strong points atm. The game seems to have become more PTE than ever and I don't wanna spend $$ not just yet. So far I've played Druid, necro, bd, and mage up to lv10. I used to be a huge fan of mage but have been hearing a lot of negativity about it becoming the major under dog. Any suggestions on a good balanced toon to reach pretty decent standards in game besides druid and shaman til' I decide how much $$ I wanna fork out, and any helpful guilds or just good ol' buds willing to chill in game? I need a little convincing on what factions to choose to :/ WS is such a nostalgic game for me, but its like I'm learning it again all over from the beginning.
  16. ребят ни как ни поиграть...скачиваешь через центр приложений Ubuntu . так там версия 3.10 ,и ни как не обновляеться...надеюсь кто ни будь смог решить эту проблему ,я знаю что как т можно играть на Линуксе
  17. I'm very stuck in my Chosen game. I'm trying to finish the Medicine and Blood quest to no avail. I've killed everyone in the cave and have found absolutely nothing... The dead deserters have nothing relevant on them and I can't open the chest there either. Please help someone!
  18. Решил поставить на свой debian Warspear, но не смог, т.к. не подходит архитектура. Погуглив, попал на закрытый топик, где уже отписывались о том, что нужна сборка под armel. Но ответа так и не было, лишь немного оффтопа про некропостинг. Так вот, будет ли сборка под armel'ы? Просто это реально единственная возможность поиграть. Спасибо
  19. fronkiiing


    Why no have permission to pm my friends here?
  20. I can not create a blade dancer in BR-Tourmaline server. Help me create an elf! When I create I get a message that the server does not create the hero of this faction. Portuguese language, becouse my english is bad: Eu não consigo criar o dançarino da lâmina no servidor BR-Tourmaline. Quando vou criar, recebo uma mensagem dizendo que não é possível criar personagem dessa facção no jogo. Gostaria de uma solução, pois se não puder criar a única classe que sei jogar, vou desistir de jogar e desinstalar o jogo.
  21. How to get my account again??
  22. Hi guys it's Kevin what's up? I Made a new guild for newbies those who are active and honest, if you're one join in and be a part of guild. Maybe you're thinking what's best for you joining in lol, i will give 50Set signs or more every month to a reliable play who will please guild, and 10set for other all for activity, if you're new so you have an opportunity to get stronger and defeat your haters or whomever you hate lol Guild name Australia(new made def skill 2/3) Text me back anytime on EU Danggerous(elf) Herohitler(mountain clans) thanks for reading and cheers
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