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  1. EpicNinja098

    Im back XD

    And none of you remeber me most likely
  2. idk that isle one bosses dropped equipment I always bought that stuff O.O
  3. it would disrturb me because the rouge is a damage based character while the barb and dk r defense based
  4. it all depends on what time it is for the most active players and what server u r on. the best way in my opinion to figure that out is take notes about how often you encounter elves in that hour( no all at on time tho)
  5. clearly somebody, not saying names or any thing Shilan , doesn't know that one handed weapons r already easier to amp than two handed
  6. the only events in warspears seem to be halloween and xmas so far
  7. everything is clear now :shok: i can see without the op classes i see.......hope :rofl:
  8. quickly get the shock padsbzzzzzzzzzz bzzztt beep..........beep.........beep...... its alive ;D
  9. lol none talk anymore it was interesting reading this stuff o.O
  10. but u could easily hide it in the setting s like we already do u can go thru and take off the everything and no-one will have anything over there character :P it makes wars very.........interesting
  11. do u mean an item that can be bought with gold or farmed for to increase your guilds warehouse storage, like the extra bag space for ur inventory?
  12. well he is in the black market and alot of ppl would gladly shut down the black market in real life
  13. technically its not over priced. they have a higher demand due to a higher population however their drop rate remains the same so due to the low supply and higher demand of items prices have been raised where as on mc side our demand is lower resulting in lower pricesits simple economics ;)
  14. true the prices are different but the prices will eventually adjust to the supply and demand of the combined factions
  15. i always wanted this the character item transfer thingy i mean
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