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  1. ^^ title says what im buying, im selling dmg cloack horror with magic def lvl 22 40k speed accu dagger lvl 22 10k speed/accu set lvl28 >> boots only 65k horror bow +1 lvl28 12k i also have a few xp pots large ones if anyone needs il sell them for 6k a pop :) also also if some one can be a G and sell me a few sets signs for 14k would be appreciated :)
  2. hey so the title says it all mostly been away for few years annd enjoying playing on my ranger, i see that guilds are a must for above averge players, soo if some lovely person with some lovely friends can inv me to a guild preferebaly one with the damage boost as im in one thats lvl6 just now but we dont have enough buffs and i feel like no one ever really talks or does anything ( im not much of a talker myself lol, but its nice to FEEL like theres other players) i literally just playe on my ranger power lvling atm to get my lvl28gears equiped so i do generate a good 5k + gp weekly thats withoout dgs, which il be doing plenty oce im 28/30 (27 atm) so yeah just add me ign is Virtuals , my bd is Deathdealr if some of you run across me ages ago :D
  3. looking for guild bros im power leveling atm was lvl1 5 days go so will make gp, can do decent donations if required name is Deathdealr - eu
  4. the stun will probably be like 4% each attack and stun for like 1second so inv pvp there probably wont even be a singe stun, or at most 1 stun, so dont get up in your nerves about casters and other op classes
  5. basicly losing abt 120hp and getting 40hp per hit, not too bad
  6. yeah i agree, big hp same attack is boring, maybe 150-300k hp and like control skills and stuns and summoning would be good+it can have a stanza where its like warlock, freezes itself so hes invincible and canta attack but also summons little water sprites and has an AoE with 150dmg every 1sec in 5yard distances, so healers = dmgers get hit and they have to be carefull
  7. yeah having +10 dd and arena mix with resilliance runes is the biggest dmg reduction you can get, 4.5k def with 20% resil? like 65% def with 4k hp against a rogue is pretty good
  8. you will have 3.2k def but you will get 300hp more, as bg give 150hp and lower def but bonus 400 odd def, so your not gonna lose much, i prefer 250hp rather then 400def, but thats just me and i like pvp and its a bigger advantage having hp
  9. Lucky to be +9? you know nothing about me, i spend my time and money on my amps, not luck, and i completly disagree a+10 shaman so lke 3k def with 3k hp would get duckled by a +10 bd, it mostly depends on their health, a shaman with 3.5khp 2.5k def would survive a +9 hamstring attack, if the bd is pro with his rush skill he can cathc the shaman at 1.5-2k hp and finish him off, warlocks are easy since 2hams wil definetly finish thme if not 1ham, a +10 d would kill a +10 warcock with 3k/3.5k hp in 1 ham, unless lucky dodges parries ofc, but the stats do not lie, mid amp isnt +9 btw, mid amp is +7/+8, and a +7/8 bd can kill a shaman/walock with luck, if the shaman/warlock is same amp as bd(so +7/8) the bd will lose, because hes simply not strong enough to kill them, the dmg output isnt great enough.
  10. Best pvp classes are: Shaman, Warlock, and rogue for running around for elf its: Druid, ranger and bd has pretty nice expert skills like my bd has 4k hp and my shield can protect me for 1k dmg, bd can solo every boss up to and ncluding kratt, with minimum 2.5k def and 3.5k hp and 400dmg, most importantly having the shield skill, but ranger is best for questing and killing mobs because of the dps and the range, but bd is good 1v1 and running round like tank rogue
  11. yeah soloing is the way, if you can solo garr shagg go for it, cause usualy no one farms it and you can get def+dmg spherse and essances more often+ good lvl13 rings worth 4k
  12. nope, im 554 dmg only +9/8 and i can kill locks in 1ham (3k hp 2k def 10%ress which is averge) some shamans too with lower hp, and rogues easily who have 3.2k- hp 3kdef- and 10%ress-
  13. for bd i quite like the warlock novice or the necro novice suits, dragon charmer is the best looking one tho but not all can afford to spend 500k on it
  14. Yeah but its the most confusing thing ever with 250 pages of posts and its not used very often, this is a more spesific buy/sell ppost for the halloween event
  15. Post here what you buy/sell on halloween, i buy werewolf on halloween and ripper blade
  16. yeah, or too much pvp so it will be impossible to get some items, ofc i want it to be a challenge but i wanna get some rare costumes and skins this time myself
  17. i disagree pvp wise and farming wise and in general. 1. in pvp high dmg is best because, for example lets say your pvping a warlock, with 500dmg and the lock has 3k hp(with 3k- def)(8% penet) you can kill him in 1ham, 500dmg is +8 lvl19 axes, with axes bd attack is 3.08, which is generally averge, with daggers im unsure what the attack is but i guess its something like 2.1 or less but at +8 lvl19 daggers the dmg is only about 320-400, so a bd with axes can cause about 4.5k dmg(no def, no crit) with daggers, although they are quick you cant accomplish 4.5k damage because theres not enough time to get to 4.5k dmg so you end up cause 3k-3.5k dmg, and you are wrong saying daggers have higher dps, its the same, all dps is the same for daggers, swords, axes, ofc attack different but thats not the point, as most daggers have better stats than swords/axes you probably will cause more dmg to bosses with 40k+ hp, but little differense (because of accu/crit) 2. for mobs/ green mobs(7k hp), axes are much better in my opinion, e.g. if you had daggers +8/9 you would attack an imp with 1k hp, you would attak 350, it would take you 2attacks and 1dmg skill, or 3attacks, with axes +8/+9 your dmg would be 550(+9 600), you would only take 2attacks, or 1attack and 1dmg skill, also you can kill yellow mobs, 2k hp with 3attacks and 1dmg, with dagger it would be 4/5 attacks and 1dmg skill. ofc axes have noob stats sometimes with no accu or something but you can achive accu other ways, 14% accu is enough for a bd, and personaly i like to see myself doing high dmg per hit than low dmg per hit, my bd attacks 543 and i have no problems with shamans/warlocks/ or rogues, i usualy kill warlocks in 1ham if they are at 3k hp with averge def, even if i dont kill them i can easily "rush" to them and catch them with a ham and finish them, shamans are a bit harder and usualy die from 2hams because of their heal, i get them to 500-1200hp then they blind me and run away, then i ham them again at 2k hp and finish them, but ofc if your battling a pro runner shaman you have no chance no matter how much dmg you do, the shaman will heal 300
  18. Sure i give you credit for your +10 and you high dmg, i would like to get +10 too, but seriosuly, bragging about it just makes people think you are noob but guys, +10 bd is very stronge and prestige, 1ham and any class dead apart from other tanks and possibly rogues, so it doesnt matter if your pro or not, know how to use bd or not, as longg as the +10 bd can use ham your dead
  19. Bd went from noob class getting raped by locks and shamans to god class raping shamans and warlocks, rogues get raped to easy from bds now i feel sorry for them
  20. pvp with healers is pointless, stop complaining and make a bd
  21. stealth is one of rogues best skills, especiacly the major difference between lvl1 and 5, i guess you can max it for damage(400avg dmg is 700dmg stealthed) but i maxed it for the stealth time which is more than double the normal time, very usefull for pvp and if your in battle with multiple opponents, good for running away, sneaking up to kill elfs at a boss or getting past a territory of mobs, with lvl4 stealth you can go through caravan without unstealthing and get to the stairs, with lvl1 it unstealths just after shop, very usefull for crossing in elf lands, and manovering around, i recommend you get it to atleast lvl3, its one of the best skills to level i think, and dont bother maxing merciless strike if you want to be a pvp god
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