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    Warspedia Mk. II

    :good: For skills; List of the 5 skills on every class-page, with only the description ("This is a heal skill, based on the amount of astral blablabla"). With a link "read more" for the specific details, user-oppinion, etc? So i say split ;)
  2. Yeah, indeed. But most have more than 250 moon ;) I also said it is 1 hit extra, but is almost 2 because blind takes 5 seconds. I'm on your side on this, junior. Shaman is a lot stronger than a druid. Sure, sometimes quake misses, but quake hits very often multiple players too :P
  3. It is absolutely not. Why should a char walk to the centre of a circle/earthquake and then casts it only, but always (100%), when the char has the mob/player targeted already?
  4. My +3 shaman is 10 times stronger than my +7 druid. 4% extra? on 250 moon/astral that is just 10 per hit. With blind the shammy hits 1 time extra and get a heal without getting hit. A lot more *hi*
  5. maybe you should start a lock or shaman lvl 1, click zillion times on the same place, wait for an hour so you are sure you are on that spot. Click on a mob, cast earthquake/circles on the mob and see what happens :)
  6. It is not position-bugged. Executing Dark circle (but also earthquake of shaman) targetted an mob/player makes the char walk to the middle of that spot first. Solution is disable the target by clicking on your char (or walk to another spot) before activating the skill.
  7. So you want places where you are safe in mc-land and can do kills AND you want to kill the questing mc's who quest nearby elf-cities? The problem is; mc have to quest in that area's. The elves-quests are heaven. All safe. By the way; "my" side is both sides. My druid is still my strongest character :)
  8. It is now called multiple times as an example; the area of the quest prayers of the plainsmen. Mobs do not attack elves but does attack mc (of course, the quest is killing 20 of them).
  9. In arena you have usually more than 1 opponent, and the players are always running to the healers. I can be wrong but i do not have the skills for keeping multiple players full time out of range. Especially rogues, rangers, dk (pull), barb (charge). Mages and locks ofcourse too ;) With the cloth armor we get hitten harder by these classes, so we die usually very fast when more then 1 player is attacking. You claim 20% crit is a 100% heal crit. Sorry but it isn't. I have 20+% crit too and a lot of arena's will go by without even 1 crit heal. It just happens once in a while (20% ;D).
  10. Healers already spoils a lot of spaces in his items for astral/moon/dark. Next to that a healer Always has to choose between heal or damage because not every item has the combination of damage/astral. So a healer has lower overall stats (dodge, parry, crit, speed, etc), it spoils damage for high heals or spoils heal in combat for higher damage, and now you also want a new stat just for crit heal? I don't think so...
  11. CL is simply impossible. My lvl 20 char still stuck at maraksha (used event to finally finish kratt and dinalt). Indeed, not a rogue :P And now it is too late. I have lvl 17/18 equipment. All those imbalance for just some lvl 15 gear? ;D
  12. And more elf-quests are easier, compared to the mcaken. Legion quest; 40 gremlins -> in the cave, meet a lot of elves go to AA. Riff quest: 40 demons next to riff. Legion quest: 20 guardings in griduar-area. In cave, meet a lot of elves go to AA. Riff quest: 40 trolls in a safe spot. Kill quests; elf-> lava ifrit/fitch/ailment/crunch/fire predator/etc all easy to reach and kill without mobs. mc-> leopard/winged demoness have extra mobs so no easy kill. etc, etc :P
  13. Exactly. And don't forget the epic easy quest legionairies (vestmar, utlagi, dihrush), compared to waters of immortality: armandor (into elf-side in cave), innas (next to shadows) and fanatic. I think a lot of options to tease MCakens for elves. And for crying out loud ;D How can gariel be harder than griduar as daily. Gariel is a safe-spot and a 10 second walk for elves, griduar is next to the AA entrence. A lot of disturbers! Yes, we are talking about dailies!
  14. There we go ;) We can all be friends, just with different tastes. Mine? Pepperoni.
  15. Sorry, you didn't understood my "this is a ducking forum". I ment this is just text, and will communicate different than face to face. Just text is harder than face to face, so everything is taken very hard (the nonverbal communication is missing, which is actually very important). Anyway, the guy explained what he ment by "obnoxious" (unpleasent, dislike), so you can stop seeing it that bad as you take it. And his video; in my oppinion not the best i've seen. True. But that does not mean he (and his guildmembers) did a lot of effort to create it. They had to schedule it, recorded the dungeon, had to pick the best parts, etc. It takes time too. I have respect for that. I can call it far from not creative.
  16. Well, saying something is not creative when someone put a lot of time in something can be seen as insulting too. The guy already said "obnoxious" means "unpleasant" (translated to my language too). I think next time when you feel insulted by a post, think "maybe he does not mean it that bad as i read it". It is a ♥♥♥♥ing forum. Face to face it will not that bad at all. For some reason ppl get offended here just by a post with bad words about their class...
  17. Saying a video is ridiculous, as an oppinion is not insulting. Maybe this is a good life-lesson. You will get dissapointments later in life too when you get honest responses from others. I am a programmer. I create applications for big companies. In those appllications 90% is nice in an alpha-test. The other 10% will get flamed in test-rapports. And those raports are always about those 10%, not about all the good things :P Get used to it. It does not mean you are an asshole. it means the thing you created is, in someones oppinion, is trash. So be it.
  18. 1 person talked bad. The other gives his oppinion about video's with a story. Not your video. He is not talking bad about you, only videos. See the difference. He just have another taste. So you want to tell 1 person to have respect. Not the full guild. You are insulting 15 when you only want 1.
  19. You keep repeating yourself in multiple topics. Not so usefull.
  20. Yup, in my ignorelist for that already for a long time.
  21. Says mister drama. How do you get into that drama all the time? Maybe it has something to do with yourself, Jayrox. You even get 'offended' and go insulting me (by calling me rude, for example) when i only say to cherrybia not to judge over an individual when guildmembers of that individual are being rude. You have a nice past of being offending/insulting to others, so probably i go hate all your members of the guild too. (no of course not). Don't forget; YOU are the one who starts the drama in this topic.
  22. Tsja

    Best Video

    I stop reading after sentence 1 your new post. I did read the topics.
  23. Tsja

    mc is OP

    The game is never ment to be 1 vs 1, so there isn't.
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