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  1. some chicken food fell on my phone's screen the other day, exactly on the "use sign of imperishability" and the "AMP" buttoms. when my chicken, fast as a lightning, ate the food that i accidentaly dropped, not only she disabled the "use sign of imperishability" option, but also made a failed attemp to amplify my +9 lv23 weapon wich is now.. lost forever. Please Ruland, can i have my weapon back?
  2. aint no mcoin user ! i changed my name to Princecoin last week ! Huzzah ! Lycara #1 PRO munchi linda bd lv20.. she quited
  3. Panchen


    Long life to SNES games ! I'm playing Ilusion of Gaia at the moment.. welcum btw !
  4. music + alcohol, makes me miss certain people more than normal where should i post my 1000th post?!
  5. they died in the very same moment in wich someone decided to ask "you?" have you ever thought of taking a picture of your dog while he's/she's pooping and make a portrait?
  6. perfectly explained in the following video how much time do you spend taking a shower?!
  7. aint no nab ! and clearly aint no negro ! jimmy y u gotta be so rude?! show up !
  8. keelin RANDUM NABS at arena.. sum too weak, kent evn hit
  9. Buttercup saving Emerald server !
  10. How to keep drama going in warspear's forum: 1) First possible scenario: BTminBT says Snowkath may be a bit raw sometimes; Snowkath mutes; BTminBT starts a topic about it wen he comes out of his mute; Julia supports him; Snowkath vs Julie.. Fight ! 2) Second possible scenario: Panchen replys to this topic; showing possible scenarios of how to keep drama going in warspear's forum; Livi, the most strict and severe moderator, instantly bans Panchen for outopic posting; Raislin, who's deeply in love with Panchen's chicken soup, starts a Topic defending Panchen; Livi vs Raislin... Fight !
  11. can you think of something even more mind-blower than this?!
  12. cuz.. Noso is out of questions remember when you were little and no matter how many times u washed your butt, the paper would always get brown? lol lel lawl lolz lelz lawlz
  13. Give this nena a bowl of chicken soup !
  14. holy chicken soups, Batman !
  15. Panchen: How do i look like? Vera: Cheese Moshpit he's clearly trying to start a new drama by calling me Cheese Moshpit !
  16. this is when BORNITO comes and i start screaming "i told you all ! i told you all !"
  17. wow Livi wants to exterminate beggars! :0
  18. meet Panchie's rolled pizza doesn't it look sexy and awesum?!
  19. where's the imposter?! 10 seconds to find him !
  20. oh no ! the evil yushito is terrorizing the forums again ! someone call the powermod girls !
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