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  1. sunflower seeds what's the worse way to spend $40?
  2. if you mean toons, hudreds of thousands. people.. i might have made one or two suicide after beating their ass uncountable tiems how much can someone get to know you by looking at your room?
  3. i can't know ! i don't even know of its existence ! what is something that you belive you need once you know of its existence?
  4. the price for sauced chicken legs hasn't changed
  5. "nab" is teh rite way to say "noob", not "nub"
  6. she saves up toilet paper cleaning her butt multiple times with the same sheet of toilet paper
  7. forgot teh questin omg.. my mind was 100% focused on pizza errmm.. eemm.. pizza?
  8. He's teh president of Panchen's fans club !
  9. warspear of course ! we all are sponge or no sponge?
  10. finaly ten thousand posts ! thenk fur all who made a million posts possible.. i'll be signing autograph from 17:00 to 18:45.. gifts welcum.. no nudes pls..
  11. I don't feel comfortable with the idea of unknown people spying on my items. Can u consider a "Disable inspekts" option? also don't forget bout disable exchanges alrighty? Rulan pls also don't hate thx
  12. PRO players like Hassn sell signs 5k per set
  13. changes in ARENA. bd get invi. chicken outfit. white cat. black cat. grey cat. fairy queen's hp increased to 3m, drops lv25 wepuns. who dys first: blak guy, sexy chik or teh azzhole one?
  14. not a great viktory! u probably wer using big red beard.. i inspekted an confirmed it so dat probably scared 2 or 3 players of the mc party, wich made a 3v3 or 3v2 fight. u probably rushed with druid an priest followin u and used banner but mcs didn't get in banner's range. Solostar was probably busy with her make up (i inspekted an yea, she is a girl) an robinhood.. i bet he was making a sandwich with chicken and mayoneese (i asked him where he is from, in his country people do stuf like that) so you 3, seeing your banner fail, decided to try perfumes but forgot 2 people from ur party wer
  15. "Livi More" is the future #1 PRO search engine !
  16. proofs? nobody's gonna ask for em?
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