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    Logic game

    I was hoping there would be no "lateral thinking" attempts !
  2. Panchen

    Logic game

    Check out this Warspear Logic Problem! Your replys will actualy help me, so give it a try please: Panchens has 1 piece of each of this runes and crystals in his bag: Rune of Defence Rune of Magical Defence Rune of Fortitude (HP) Rune of Healing (HP regen) Rune of Reflection (Parry) Rune of Shielding (Block) Rune of Evasion (Dodge) Crystal of Harmony (MANA regen) Crystal of Wisdom (MANA) Crystal of Dexterity (Attack speed) Crystal of Deadliness (Critical hit) Crystal of Accuracy Crystal of Permeation As Panchens isn't rich, he doesn't have too many bag slots, so getti
  3. enuf with teh monitor's chat damit
  4. i forgot already ! we don't use it anymore
  5. no chikn nab namechanger wil get me nao bak to wat's important! summon Bornito !
  6. i no like callin anywun lier but.. am with Cyber deez time (not dat aggression lvl tho).. i had to trust elixir of permanence hundreds of times i mean i got all map 1 boss an dgs done, all irselnort an swamp quests an both maliat elves an tlalocs reputation completed on lv14 and sexy elixir didn't ever failed by a single exp point. Elixir of Permanence is my gawd.
  7. you can start with flash strike ! it would be smart to level up that skill first, very useful if you're questing. Hamstring next ! once you learn a bit more about the game, you may consider parry and sap skills tho but flash strike and hamstring are perfect for you if you are new to the game. send a message to Princefran if you have any questin, need help with quests or if you're hungry for chicken soup c:
  8. wow i uploaded it the 11th of february, 2013 ! so tomorrow is this video's third anniversary
  9. wow grats to all elvus at sapphire, 147 seconds is not even 3 minutes ! we made teh fastest victory due to eficient an well designed stretegys
  10. omg omg deez is liek super wow much awesomeness ! i am..
  11. try it then, name switcher !
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