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  1. Or just update your IOS...
  2. I didnt read all the posts in here but you should get like 1 gp evertime you kill an opposing faction member. It would give meaning to hunting and PvP.
  3. Why unity sign personal??? If you already in a guild its pointless, you should be able to trade it to your guild leader for leveling up the guild youre already in........
  4. So hes going to get banned for Razal's own personal mistake?
  5. Yeah thats what i mean. One team has a player from the bracket 7-10 and from the bracket 11-14
  6. Devs you did not give an explanation and I would also like to know what happened there. Just curious :pardon:
  7. Cant even get to my characters screen...
  8. Title pretty much says it all. Some costumes look really cool without the helmet, for example: So add a feature that when you have the option "Hide Helmet" on, that it will hide the headpiece of the costume you are wearing. For both miracle costumes and novice costumes :)
  9. Fail... You're not alone unless you can actually do that 334 damage. :facepalm:
  10. LOL so random :lol: The movie he's talking about is Oblivious
  11. If they were to increase forsakens passive skill they would need to increase every other passive's skill, then it would be pretty much the same as before. You hate how slow your mana regen is? Put crystal on everything and your fine. Without running out of mana, fights would be extremely long and boring. I would love to have forsaken's passive skill as chosen's passive skill. How do you think we feel? 10% extra wisdom is good for like 1 skill use, then it's gone. But with better mana mana regen your better in the long run. Personally i think necros are better than priests, more damage skills and nightmare is way better than armistice. That's my opinion.
  12. Uh-oh retard alert! He gives us info there are 4 rogue's in elf land, me & contesa find and kill them all :lol:
  13. Yeah party chat keeps getting turned off all the time. But when it's off party chat still works. Is it a bug?
  14. So much dang lag. :bad:
  15. All of KYR SP33DY's vids :lol: : http://www.youtube.com/user/speedyw03
  16. Game crash when Im just walking :bad: and IOS keyboard bug?
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