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  1. There are still a good amount of druids on EU - Emerald, I've even helped newer druids coming in, I do have a couple of druids, one slowly rebuilding and a newer one I'm trying a new way of questing for me to try out and see how viable it would be to use on other classes.
  2. As someone who also returned after years away, I can say that that you can still play free, especially since ayvondil t1 and t2 dungeons are not required for progression. It's much easier to grind for things than when original maps were being made, especially with dungeons in 1st maps. Plus all the things you can get for free. Honestly the only issue on an overall basis is the daily knowledge cap on quests.
  3. With the Advent of almahad I have seen more new wd as most likely some are talking about as something that is needed or experiencing that they are having issues with almahad and trying another approach.
  4. The spring attack strength equipment and now bracelets that can increase physical strength so you can use now also use 2 different half sets with physical defense bonus per half set would increase wd combat ability for damage and still retain a good solid defense, with this it just depends on how you allocate and use your skills including expert skills for maximum effectiveness. I myself have a skill build that is more offensive and one that is purely tank related, to this effect. Remember we have two ways of doing skills so we have the ability to change to what is needed at the time. Also we have three spots for equipment so if we wanted we can have when needed a offensive build, tank build and one in between if we so choose. also if you go through the talent tree to the branches there are skills and improvements that can help with both damage and overall tanking.
  5. Yes the warden does have a slow start, once it it's able to get at minimum fortification and the attack strength expert skills things get much better especially when you do half and half sets with physical defense bonus.
  6. God this brings back so many memories, it definitely was interesting how we were even able to at times come together even on opposite sides to do these, I think we even had at least 20 parties in shadows once.
  7. For an easy starter I recommend either beastmaster or seeker for sentinel side. For legion side I recommend either charmer or death knight. Beastmaster max skill beast awakening first, followed by it's healing skill. Seeker max exacerbation first, followed by inspiration. Charmer max call first, after that depending on how you want to play it you can choose a few different ways as this class has a lot of utility. With death knight I recommend asking the ins and outs from @Drakoslayd as he has played this class for a long time. All the classes are good to play as and all have their pros and cons about them, but these I feel currently you may like as you learn about the game through experiencing it. You may decide to try another class later or not which is fine. No matter what I hope you enjoy this game like a great many of us do, again feel free to message me if you have questions or having trouble with something and I will do my best to help.
  8. First of all welcome to warspear. Next is what server will you be on. This will help with possibilities with guilds. I personally play on eu emerald and don't mind helping or guiding new players. With the classes it depends on which side you play, sentinel or legion with both having 2 factions. Some are slow starters but really strong later in game. Some are early game really good, mid game might have issues but late game really strong again. After that it's more tailoring to class and going over things with you . Feel free to message me especially when you decide on which side and faction you want to play .
  9. Bracelets definitely a game changer for many builds I've made and had to scrap because they needed what these give
  10. Actually think they should remove knowledge quest cap all together, would really open game up to both new and older players. Potion would just make it faster to the cap, which is already a short run to it
  11. While I can agree to this sentiment, after going over again most recent update information, there does appear a need for this extra magic defense. This is especially true for those who might not have best available or amped to max equipment or have a more physical oriented build. We could honestly see potentially needing magic tanks soon.
  12. Maybe we have more magic oriented boss coming and need it, you never know
  13. Ok as it goes for knowledge, even with new characters going not even one town maybe two will cap knowledge, this is a serious disadvantage from the outset as most of us will just keep going instead of stopping. They need to seriously need to consider getting rid of knowledge cap when it comes to quests. It hurts all of us from new up to those of us playing for years. Gold requirements in at least first section up to the triple skill combination needs to be halved or significantly reduced. Newer players should be trying to find what to do with knowledge and older players shouldn't be stifled from growing once you reach a certain point. Elite kills knowledge is another that needs to go up, a cap for that is fine otherwise many would fight over areas for them, but a big increase needs to happen 5-10 times in non event situations would help greatly. As I don't normally cap out yet when it comes to dungeons I'll let someone else go into that if it needs to be addressed.
  14. I agree a dual system would be good. The best way I can see that happening is they add a dueling pist to each town and that like exchange both sides confirm and are sent to a duel area like in arena, it would probably revitalize pvp and if they include it in arena subsection it can make battle pass easier for some.
  15. They are non player guilds , meaning you can join them in addition to your own
  16. This is amazing, I'm really looking forward to it. Are there going to be any teasers to the talents for the guilds? Good question, from what I read there are guaranteed items and completely random items. What is going to be available for guaranteed items and what kind of items are random?
  17. That's a good question, if it's only available there hopefully it's not class specific or have one class specific that can go along with non class specific
  18. As another example while doing quests on 1st map with a character knowledge for quests capped out roughly 1 and 1/2 towns/ camps worth of quests if not less, so newer players already have a disadvantage in that regard as well as I was on and off a lot in one day for this.
  19. As returning player I can understand where you are coming from since knowledge and talents is now relatively new to me. While I find the knowledge costs to be reasonable,I wish they would do a permanent increase to the various daily knowledge caps as many of us can attest we can do multiple quests each day and exceed the cap quickly while still turning in quests in one example not to mention if we hoard quests to take advantage of xp pots. My main issue that I have with the system overall is actually the gold cost if they halved at least the first tier coming up to the 3 combined skills you can choose from I think more players would feel better about the system especially since we now have the branch talents which I'm already looking forward to and anticipating the skill builds and tactics I would do with them.
  20. Maybe a belt that complements them to keep it in armor or maybe first set type accessories?
  21. Ok, there is a circle below the green question mark for lunar circle I believe, press that then kill the spirits that are summoned, this may take a few tries as it needs three runes, you may need to bring a carry with you or a full party, depending on class, level and gear.
  22. Agreed an update would be good especially with branches, approximate gold amount would be good with an updated knowledge to max
  23. It would be interesting to see what they come up with if they more experts
  24. Thanks I was wondering how this could be possible
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