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  1. mais isso e pq vc e mamarola do sulla todo mundo sabe disso hsuhsushuashuh concordo vc e horrivel em ingles usa pelo menos um tradutor quem fez a piada foi o sulla :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. anymore, well that is probably what will happen in the expansion but for now has other things to do for example: evolution of classes improve skills arena duel war guilds without having to take the island of noobs kkk Berengar the tower would be great
  3. sulla freedom or at least in Brazil topics please or you did not see that I put Brazilians in the description besides come and post crap still has a bad Portuguese :diablo: the next time use google translator at least is great for those who do not know how to write in another language own experience :bad: longer have to assume the joke was good :rofl: and one more thing the game and pvp Brazilian loves blood and Since we can not kill in real life let us kill the game :bomb: :diablo: :bomb:
  4. bro thank you and the man worth it I will complete the number of posts you have me + karma (mano muito obrigado tu e o homem valeu mesmo so completar o numero de post tu tem +karma comigo) :clapping: :drinks:
  5. would be easy to put the confirmation of registration and had to have approval by a moderator finish off this nonsense :good:
  6. ou galera postem aki pra gente saber os brasileiro que tem no nosso servidor de preferencia os elfos e claro
  7. the Haloween has also helped me a lot not have to complain about it along with the * * Sonder boss hunt that makes me and never let me die ... it depends on the person, then you should save only for you, people you dislike Why am sure that is not char like you too
  8. [glow=red,2,300] some people told me that the city of Nadir we can exchange But I have already tried it and it is not intended [/glow]
  9. also need a global chat so that we can call people from anywhere :shout:
  10. truth Why am I not getting tb ping the ip of you No connection to server
  11. You might be decreasing the number we have for the initial 2 charge so vague in contrast to 3 would increase the number of spaces in a backpack that contains 15 slots in the backpack with initially discourages who is starting for every 7 to 15 minutes you've got to return to town sometimes even already standing in the middle of the mission. messing up sometimes qa bag is full and some boss while you remove something from the bag therefore only those who want to have the same three classes will have to buy a place at the new char do not know if the idea is good holver is someone to comment :drinks:
  12. Kra eu tava verf isso so q e mais foda que nos pensavamos varia todas as operadoras de acordo com estado e regiao desde 4,50 ate 7,30 pelo mesmo tanto de moedas quanto mais afastado da capipal do seu estado mais caro e, tenso neh :diablo: :diablo: :diablo:
  13. Oops improved sent me an email saying they are trying to find a solution to what happened with my char for now I'll wait for AIGRING to see what happens :( :blush: :yahoo: TY technical support
  14. BlackTiger

    TINY Bag

    I think when you leave the chest to store items they will charge for access to it also is not as bad as you guys think because when they stop earning money (remember that to create a game that is in beta) the game would simply close I spent too much money on the game, not by the items in the store are a lot of good for you more so why do we have to help developers put a bag over so small and very poor :bomb: :bomb:
  15. clear but they answered my email so that only asked a few questions and not talked about anything that is already only a few days more days to support requests or needs as they need support sometimes, and always solved my problem very fast
  16. Thanks guys for the fun time in the game I hope we can play another game in another time I really enjoyed meeting some gringos this game known if any want to add it on msn blacktiger.tfz @ live.com up again if God wills TRADUÇAO `PARA `MEUS MANOS DE PATRIA valeu galera pelo tempo divertido no jogo espero que possamos jogar outro jogo em outro tempo gostei mesmo de conhecer alguns gringos deste jogo se algum conhecido quiser add la no msn [email protected] ate outra vez se Deus quiser
  17. persons other than the developers will know what is the best in the next update then when choosing which and do not go by better, but because it identifies where you
  18. BlackTiger

    Support team

    I am not finding the support as good as before the chars from my account disappeared EU-Emerald, I sent an email to them responded more so far none of the solution some questions and did not sent email with more information or solutions for now I am still in waiting, because I find this very cool game, so that if I have to start all over again, especially because so much that I spent Mcoins surely not continue playing ... :diablo: :diablo: :diablo:
  19. Of course this is a War of Races each race with his God :bad:
  20. Although the Kuzmitch could answer this for us would be a good :blush: :blush:
  21. I leave here my shout out to one of the most important men of my generation Despite not having been the inventor, a projector was important for our generation R.I.P Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011 :shok: :facepalm: :'( :cray:
  22. after you make your account would receive a login number q when you join us in the game he does not ask for password and not ask User everything is stored on your mobile there after your registration you will do in the User Option it will have the option to place an email and a password. :friends:
  23. Karma literally means your state of mind ie If you are a good or bad person and that people are who determines forum, as you increase your karma decides to help (+ karma) hindering (- karma) nothing more than a way to see if you who sent you the answer and a believable or not depending on it karma :good:
  24. thx :give_rose: for the topic was really what i looking for ;D
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