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  1. 500k? :shok: 2011 haloween it could be bought on miracle shop for only 399 miracle coins (without any trick like pumpkin treasure and ice casket that you need to open like 100 to get something usefull) congrats devs... :facepalm:
  2. ^|| thats what happen cause when there is crystal/runes/ signs offer, you reduce success, today i used @ 10 crystals n runes on my char and guess what? dont got any great charm... fair? riches will say yes its fair cause they dont care about spending millions in a game, that happen at sign offer too, used @ 10 sets of sign in my ranger's cbow and don't move from 7 to 8 and i see people saying they get from 0 to 9 with 3 sets, thats so sad. im sorry for 'crying' here but its the reality of this game.
  3. Doboru

    Crossbows vs bows

    ur right, it can be the same damage on the end but, u can change it depending on ur gear and enchants, but anyway i like crossbow
  4. Doboru

    Elusive Jump

    IMO its not op at all, since the skill kick in the back has no use(for me, not sure for others) and this skill come right in time :rofl:
  5. não, é um calculo feito usando o tempo que voce demora pra atacar e seu atk podendo variar dependendo de quanto atack speed voce tiver Na minha opinião, sd blade é perfeita pra quem quer instant kill graças ao dano alto é dificil escolher
  6. Eww i bought coin on weekend thru Boa Compra, wanted to get thid bonus :sorry:
  7. "suffering from magic damage" is it right? it would be physical damage or if its right, ranger will need to use caster cloak and rings with magic for increased dmg on this skill? :facepalm:
  8. every time i go to nadir theres ppl doing "pvp" there (inside) and most of cases involves druids, btw Ialread reported and they dont care, roland locked my topid and I guess its allowed.
  9. agree, the actual arena costumes its cool but i dont like green color so they would add it in another color
  10. agree and for head drop, it could be an item not for sell but for show to other player that u killed that people all want to kill, the item could call ["Player Name" Head]
  11. Doboru

    Hunter scrolls

    worst topic i saw :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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