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  1. I am also waiting for this, but I believe that this is not possible this year, developers are very busy with future events. Maybe next year.
  2. Mrkhalifa


    It is not a matter of violation of rules, but because it is an issue without solution, it will generate a discussion without direction and at some point it will generate misunderstandings here. There is no more that we discuss.
  3. I am surprised to learn that the Shaman does not have a stunning ability, like all other legions.
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    Many use VPN because the game is not available in the country where the person lives, it is a rather annoying subject to be discussed. There will be the wrong side to be used, but there will be cases where VPN is the only solution.
  5. Higgings explained above that support is not very available at the weekend, the most advisable thing to do now is to contact Valve support urgently.
  6. Have you connected your game to other login methods? Have you contacted Valve support so they can resolve your account problem? If it is not better to contact Technical support for Warspear.
  7. Are you looking for any specific skills list in any class? or all? I advise you to take a look Here
  8. Have you searched all the forums? Maybe find some (see in Russian)
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    @Higgings This topic should be closed ....
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    this is a controversial subject, just like bots
  11. I also live with the same problem
  12. Pois é! Fazem as coisas sem pensar nas pessoas que trabalham no suporte, eles pensam "Ah, é o obrigação deles resolver o meu problema rápido" Pura ignorância do ser humano.
  13. Mrkhalifa


    As they said above, it all depends on how lucky you are, do you think it would be unjust to every death of the boss of this Drop somebody? They would all be left with items and I think it would not do well the economy of the server.
  14. The blame for the high value is not on the company but on the government, with the high corruption rate and poor distribution of income for the population and with a high tax placed on the foreign companies makes the price of some products in game is But I really do not know how it works, I live in Brazil and the minimum wage here is R $ 900 (reais) and the maximum mcoins is costing around R $ 300, but our country depends a lot on taxes and the dollar. It really depends on the government and the currency.
  15. On many servers the Battles are totally unbalanced by the fact that 100% of players in Irselnort only 40% go to war while 60% are "afk" on T1 or other locations. My idea was to implement a way to get people involved in the Battles in the same way as the Dynamic Holiday Events, some form of "presents" like some random items chest or some Buff beyond the stars. I believe that this has been thought of by the developers but I hope that this idea is taken seriously, many are unmoved to go to the Battles. The Territory Achievements are one of the best things that happens in the weeks, it was lovely to see "the whole server" struggling there. I hope you took seriously as soon as this is a section of possible suggestions for implementation.
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    The issue related to use of VPN or Proxy is the most controversial by online gaming companies, this year, specifically September, Microsoft closed the possibility of using VPN in the purchase of Xbox Live games from other countries by having a low value. Steam (Valve) in turn is banning players who were using Russian VPN to buy Games, due to the fact that the price is low. The subject is discussed every day in various online locations and it really becomes a shower of opinions against and for, this is on the part of the company and full obligation to take appropriate action to players who enjoy total cheating. Many industries do not add the price according to the Dollar or the GDP of the country, but with the currency, if it is being devalued the price tends to rise, as well as the taxes placed on top of the companies. The use of VPN is indeed illegal, the way the company treats the people who use it should be completely equal. It is wrong you are paying less for buying mcoins while your friend is paying a high price. Sorry, I can not keep quiet in these situations.
  17. Have you thought about translating into English?
  18. I have seen many priests applying the shield's ability, but healing I have never seen.
  19. Não lembro de ter ocorrido nenhuma oferta de evento referente a miracle coins, melhor aguardar e comprar as do fim de semana, sai mais em conta.
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