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  1. From the looks of it forums :pardon:
  2. I like the idea of saying yes or no to a fight, in this other game I use to play they had tht an it worked very well, also were able to challenge people from same faction :good:
  3. Wen laying down my trap sometimes it doesnt like where im goin to lay it :lol: so it chosses to go off 2 spaces in a diff direction while takeing me with it :rofl: (sometimes I wonder whos really in control :pardon:)
  4. The new lava map is easy win if you know wat ur doin ;D (an not an mcoin user :rofl:)
  5. I was goin to say somein but u beat me to it :rofl:
  6. :lol: ive heard havein high swarm is great makes att speed drop, forget how much but was ahell of alot
  7. congrats :yahoo: now stay out of 5v5 i want some wins :rofl: vs 2warlock 1nerco 1barb an 1rouge not happenin :sorry:
  8. if they are going to low the ap amounts for wins then yes should have given us more tics. if your goin to take someing away you should atleast add something :sorry:
  9. from playing both sides ive noticed that many (mostly all) low lvl rangers are ganking :bad: makein my class look bad :cray: an on mc side would be thee rouges an barbs :shok: im not sayin kill every low lvl that walks in ::) just keep an eye out :dirol: lets teach them the rigth way :friends: o an by now u should know witch high lvls are doin it :search:
  10. Wo badges!!!! IM IN!!!!!! :yahoo:
  11. aww man pvp should have let me know we could have lvled together :cray: you dont have to play one side (born) can play both like me :pleasantry:
  12. No problem i only get on forums every other morning ::)
  13. timeuss


    My lil brother looks just like me but shorter (an crazier) ::)
  14. Am I on the getting ganked list? :blush:
  15. timeuss


    Daum :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  16. Wtf is this :bad: close it or keep it open plez pick one :bad:
  17. dang :good: most mc ive taken on at once was 6-7 lvl 16+ :dirol: gota love dodge :blush:
  18. from USA play on sapphire :like a boss: 8) may switch to eu but shhhhhh :bomb:
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