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  1. timeuss

    Blocking Elf

    Lol im never really there wen they do this idk how i miss it but wen i am there they dont hold for long 8) nuff said :dirol: swag
  2. timeuss


    I love turtles O:-)
  3. i think its luck for the most part, check it: i lose sometimes to lvl 20 rouge wen full armor is on but wen i com back put on my troll mask an take off chest peice i own them (while they are still in full gear) ive lost to lvl17 rouge that hit bout 280 but beat a op lvl 20 rouge tht hit 400+ on me
  4. Im not mad at u :give_rose: just sadden lost good people to ur sever (or quit) :(
  5. timeuss

    Blocking Elf

    I really see no skill need wen u have warlocks an shamens :pardon: congrats u can hold a crossing with dark cricle, puddle, an quake :crazy:
  6. Really! wow :bad: well ik champz has been busy with his things, we should do somein as clan even if its standin in nadir talking of how great or day was :blush: if gona be in same clan with people should build some kind of positive rela. ;)
  7. My vote is on this couple :clapping:
  8. Thought we were a no on Fred :bad:
  9. Hahahaha mages show up :lol:
  10. timeuss

    HeyAll! :)

    Hello, also a sever called sapphire can check out :pardon:
  11. Me an the famliy will be singin whered you go I miss you so seems like its been forever tht you've been gone plez come back home :give_rose: :cray: love this song :lol:
  12. Daum u replyed fast :rofl: just maybe :spiteful:
  13. :blush: A sexy lvl 17 ranger tht also has a very sexy lvl 10 warlock :blush:
  14. Wait u leavein again :unknw: If so see ya next week :give_rose: :lol:
  15. :search: O haha first we att his heart ::) Well if u wana get on my bad side thts number one way to do it :aggressive: >:D
  16. U do know tht im not mrstimeuss :bad:
  17. Is it ok to not know wat tht is :unknw: cause I sure as hell dont :bad:
  18. i love my 30min fights with repoman :lol:
  19. No! :diablo: this one belongs to us :diablo: u already took our beloved zhur :cray: :cray:
  20. sadly yes :bad: :bad: That doesnt sound to bad :pardon:
  21. ranger vs shamen!! who wins you decide!! whos next!! epic_arena_battles_of_warspear!!!!! :lol:
  22. yesterday beat team of manley an rokzz think 3/5 or 2/4 ;D partner was snider lvl19 ranger +4 bow an no chest armor ::) o did that make my day :rofl:
  23. love all these ideas :good: id love to be able to use arrow storm it could be like puddle were drop hell storm of arrows for short time an if if used like this u can take trap away :lol: or can be like earthquake minus the stun part ::) if used like puddle it would have to deal low damge it prob be just used for slowing down. if as quake deal some damge once ofc :aggressive: thats prob the only thing the damage delt cause people ♥♥♥♥♥in rangers already have bless :blush:
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