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  1. I suppose I can observe this tournament before I make my own. But in the meantime... Zythus Barb lvl 20 Count me in this game. I want to play. :diablo:
  2. Ummm don't forget me. We have dueled before, and I have defeated you. ::)
  3. I rarely ever go to pvp cave now. Cause all I ever see there nowadays is just stupid shit. :facepalm:
  4. Really? Thats interesting. I usually have more trouble with bds than rouges...
  5. Lieukaka is amped to the teeth, but not very skilled. at all. Thexlion, mmmm... hes decent.
  6. I personally try to keep elves out of mc lands, and even set up roadblocks of my own left of t4. But... I can't be everywhere at once. Ppl ask me to help with chainless, which has been insane recently. I want to lvl up my new characters, but I usually can't because someone needs to keep elves out... Perfect example: I was roadblocking for a good few hours, nothing got past. I switch to one of my other characters for 2 minutes, and I find elves setting up lawn chairs at lake!! Was time to switch to my barb again... :facepalm:
  7. I crossed back after completing a Tiglash quest to turn in other quests. I come back and I saw that. I have no quest to cancel. I can't get accross. I completed all the other quests up to killing Sayros and Zigmar. Tiglash is the only next quest... This is like a beginner's trap, beyond atrocious. :facepalm:
  8. Aye, but I'm in NY right now for the next 2 days, and my pc is at MA. :facepalm: However... when're you guys planning this raid? :diablo:
  9. I respect your dedication to your elves, but funny thing is... mc is lacking in unity and order (largely unity). I have no idea about elves, but what I do know is elves outnumber us 3:1. :facepalm: Unless you're playing on the EU server, we're unfortunately not as organized as you make us out to be. ::)
  10. Zythus


    What? :unknw:
  11. I personally had enough trying to get a good old-fashioned 1v1 going in that cave. Last time been trying to do a best of 5 and we couldn't even finish! Considering doing duels by private invite in 3v3/5v5 arena from now on. The disturbers amaze me. Instead of using their much needed skills on a war field or raids (where they would actually get recognized and feared), they hide like cowards in a cave, ganging up on enemies one at a time. Makes perfect sense right? To them I would say, awesome job making a joke out of yourselves. :good:
  12. Zythus


    Why are you leaving Roula?? :shok:
  13. I personally max out sb, roar, and charge. Chop and taunt are efficient of themselves at 1.
  14. Figured your birth certificate was an apology letter from the abortion clinic. Now I know for good reason. :facepalm: They should've stopped your mother's shit when they had the chance.
  15. Do not worry, you will get there soon enough.
  16. I hope she had enough time to see what I sent. I (as well as everyone here) want her to see her baby before she passes... I was thinking of sending her a card, but how would it work to have others sign it?
  17. Thats unfortunate, was thinking of being arena partners until Xeli got back. :'( Oh well. I hope you feel better soon, take it easy now. ::)
  18. Zythus

    PVP Cave

    I kinda agree. The bats really do get in the way sometimes.
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