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  1. Now start a new game play with alil old fighting style woot woot woot 8)
  2. group of people with a lot of heart
  3. ranger you don't wanna mess with :wacko:
  4. Lot of friend a new gamin family
  5. Lol you all got me rofl very badly I can't breath
  6. Lol you two no fightin :aggressive:unless it in arena then rip his bloody head off lmao :lol:
  7. Ty for that I like that rule :lol:
  8. Ok to all that hate me it ok I know you don't like me and I can understand I'm a noob but it take time for me to learn a game with ppl and get my skill to were I'm good or better then you all. To mc hater or mc hunter don't know why but I don't care. To ppl I come to know ty for all you surport and you kindness.. and now here my point I have no problem with ppl or new ppl I just want to be respected as you want to be but I know I have to earn it like everybody else. I won't lie there are a lot of you better then me and I respect that you are going all out to show your great. So don't mind me m
  9. imma try a clan instead of making one for once to see how it works :aggressive:
  10. :facepalm: ty for not adding me to stuck up for my taste. It group more fired for mc not here :facepalm: :wacko: :facepalm:
  11. Final someone see my point if I could get ppl to interact with some noob just for a day to remind them that they was just like that and didn't have a thing going for them. When this update come everybody going to be a damn noob with high idc mood to others aging and that going to put this game in some drama stuff I mean look at sonofman man I respected him like his name this guy was solo all day farm all night. And not he act like no one is worth saving nepz awsome but to silent. Eisha she cool but idk were she when. Heck most high are gone like my main god figure defyndeath I die for that man
  12. Mc or elf doesn't matter there lazy. When you bored you come kill to make yourself laugh as we do the same :facepalm: it just you as an mc would help with no problem for you friend or noob that you meet but can you say that for some of you high lvl over there. No you can cuz a high lvl mind set is on farming for gear to be boss. When that happan y9ou have others follow you but in order to kill you or your friend best way they can by stealing your kill same thing happen on elf side as well. For those who ppl they don't like they get them kill and act as it funny as hell that they died to kill
  13. It not the clan I'm worryed about it the ppl that join in it. The leader are the one that make them better. And even in eu it won't matter were I go. Mc have the stuff done fast then an elf could in a day. Hell I been on the fisrt island 6 time and got off it in 1 days time of none stop playing. Some of you say oh it hard to ge here and there to that lvl ha :facepalm: howardg gking me and kingzane are proof enough to say some elf mc are to lazy to get there on there own. Sure you got job and kid or you kid and got school. Hell I made it to 15 half a day 12 hour of game play. Now I know I'm not
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