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  1. Ok whatever, if you don't have enough education to follow some logical rules nvm, sell your brain in chat but dont cry for scammers! You are so stupid that you call scammers to steal you! Rape chat, I dont give a shit, I wont post again, do whatever u want...
  2. +2 acc sellers... EU emerald elf side
  3. I join 5min and caught 2 more... Special thanks to syluxxx for warning! EU emerald elf side:
  4. Oh sange thanks for notify me, its a friends ss. I want to add that if you make your own ss and you want to send them to me to post if you dont want to see your name please delete them or tell me to delete, you can also use "don't show names" at settings. Thanks. Ps: Fire if you want I can remove it.
  5. Seb its not that i afraid to use my normal acc, but I dont have something with these guys, I just want to stop doing that and after blame scammers... The only reason is that if i use my normal acc these traders will add me as friend and when I log in they will hide, like when moderators log in... I dont have anything with someone in game, but if even my best friend do it i ll post him! I have played games with over 500€ donators and if they speak an other language than english in chat they get life bann! I believe that Warspears rules are unreaded by 80% of players, maybe more! And I sai
  6. Well, i see EVER DAY, ALL DAY some guys on trade chat, now and at alliance chat who selling and buying accounts. This is illegal in warspear! Everyone i caught i ll post him here and i hope that in the feature moderators will do something! I ll be graceful if you post and your ss with acc traders!
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