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  1. luleee

    Wrong ?

    In Game, NO! In Forum, YES!
  2. luleee

    Update error

    Well no answer is an answer too.... Try to download the Game from the Homepage of Warspear, install it and it works. If not....throw your device away and buy a new one :lol:
  3. luleee

    Update error

    What system you play??? ( Android, Symbian, IOS )
  4. they where busy with amping new items. No time for 5x5 Arena spam :lol:
  5. the account is saved on a server. If you formating your PC u only loose everything on your PC. Well, Warspear you have to download again and you can log with your ID and Password ( if you remember them )
  6. Devs know what they did??? Cmon, Kids are playing this game too. EDIT: picture removed sorry.
  7. I got same Problem with Android 2.2
  8. Why don't we get any Items ( Pot, Scroll, Consumables ) from Ayvondil Quests like in Isernot?
  9. luleee

    Android 2.2

    Hi Devs, as you know the Devices with older Android versions cant log to Game. ( Process crashes before the App runs ) At first Ayvondyl Update it worked fine ( a bit laggy but fine ) after the last Maintenance its impossible to start the Game. Hope you find the Bug and repair it. ( dont wanna buy a new tablet just for 1 game )
  10. Its not shitty at all. Can be usefull in Dungeons to kill Mobs faster. I raised this Skill to lvl 3
  11. Hi Devs, my 150% XP Pot doesn't work in Ayvondil Btw, im the first who reached lvl 21 ;D
  12. Wow, ty Devs for finally releasing this Update. After 3 years being lvl 20 there was not much for me to do in this Game. ( bored ) Well, the only thing that i dont understand is your Timing of releasing latest Updates. within 3 Months so many new Weapons ( dung, craft ) that could be earlier. But anyway, ty for the new Island good luck to Russia in the World Cup :good:
  13. luleee


    Hi Devs, can u tell me what the difference is between lvl 19 and lvl 20 Weapons. The only Difference i see is the Name and LVL. But Stats are the same. Shouldn't lvl 20's have a bit higher Stats???
  14. Happy Birthday little Ghost
  15. Happy Bday and THX for the new stuff. Wow, im playing this Game since 3,5 years now
  16. luleee


    They are soooo annoying :mega_shok:
  17. luleee


    CC Equipment + Dungeon for Tourney Winner i think
  18. an not announced MT is always an Update. Maybe they put New CC Equipments+Dungeon for Tourney winners. If Servers back they will announce it in Forum as an surprice.
  19. :facepalm: you just earned more disrespect!!!! 1st: read, 2nd:use brain (if u have) and 3rd: reply to post
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