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  1. Send support ticket pro. and said they blocked my account And so? after 1 year and just playing you will not do this so pq had the information ... okay I stop playing. change this policy recovers on account of you ... I know it was my fault for most places aletorio email so I was sad after regretted bye elf friends :cray: :cray: Love u mage
  2. That's the problem I have no information that the print I had in winrar password has been deleted've tried several program recovers and unsuccessfully :cray:
  3. Hello people help me. wish someone told me only email account I lost. not have any other information except the name of the character already sent ticket pro suport however reached an automatic message ... I would have a pro account restaurace old email will be whose. I was sad about the game and put it in my account id of characters that I can not remember. Example [email protected]
  4. Cade as quest diaria :facepalm: ? Sumiro "TODAS" .lv 17 nem ganhei o book valew :good:
  5. Pelo amor de D. :facepalm: eo necromancer so magia lixo :bad: Agora AINGRID eu tenho priest CHUPA :clapping:
  6. Ainda bem que nao depois dessa vergonha de 7x1, 3,0 :cray: os russo me zuo tanto que vim ate joga no BR :rofl:
  7. Sem duvida bom's tempo :cray: Na minha humilde opnião .. eu nao queria que tivesse novas skill. :spiteful:
  8. Ta impossivel joga warspear. direto perdendo conexão... LAG DA... :aggressive: Oque ta acontecendo ,,, vao concerta?.. tooodo mundo falando que ta com lag a ta impossivel joga :bomb:
  9. Qsurvivor


    Obrigado, :clapping: *
  10. Qsurvivor


    Por que no pc nao da pra copia e colar no warspear? Fica chato conversa engles ou em russo .. ter que teclar :bad:
  11. :mega_shok: Always so.? to you kidding ne 2 years ago was much easier amplifies I could not sign one gets +3 staff ... The EQUIP CHANGED ON THE CHANCE THAT DOES NOT HAVE THE LUCK ... IF IT WERE SO IA PRO SET WITH 2 +10 SIGN IF SPENT 2 SET SIGN AND WAS PRO +3 Mafia amp I prefer this system is the same as +3 puts more miracle coin :rofl:
  12. Hi guys with staff to lv 17 and 120 stamp. Question and I can let her +8 or +9? And what are the chancer example with%? :'(
  13. For Me .. they had to improve, and the new magic Necromance :bad: Example .. why not twins Fateful Connection with Poisonous Shield for pvp strip?? Do not pressisa connection with 2 enemy! Or do then bleeds it would be show :yahoo: #Bora gente fazer uma capanha pra melhora isso - PT-BRAZIL
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