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  1. they was add music to game but 1 day later they remove it becausemusic makes too many bug
  2. as i was saying, i predict that u will give much bug in new skill to force ppl buy book then u fix it with an innocent face then many ppl will get mad and quit game :dirol: :drinks:
  3. haha another update another money!! make the skill bug then players buy book and the skill. then u fix the bug, and ppl wil get mad and quit ur game :3 :D
  4. 1. Priest's valor aura just have 4 level max, and i agree with u each lv roughly increase 4 % physical and magical dmg and additional 10 second duration. level 3 = 30 seconds, level 4 = about 45 seconds 2. Please dont mention this epic fail skill anymore, it hurts me. 40k for pvp skill? r u insane?
  5. thats right, i always think it aa hunt, but for boss drop only, not in chest. The treasure chest is supposedly have somethin inside, even just def or pots. But dont you think its frustrating if it isnt any item in the chest? I was always get item from chest, even just def. but at least still can make gp from tower, but not too worthy
  6. well yeah, thats pretty unlucky, ON YOUR OWN :facepalm: :give_rose:
  7. well devs, u did it again this time, disapointing me. i got nothing from any tower dificulties, even a nipple! i've go through 9 tower of normal and hard with about 18 stamina wasted and boss no drop anything and no item in the chest! good job devs :good: is it a bug or this is ur NEW way of earning more $$$$$?? :yahoo:
  8. this is just my opinion, but dont you think this ''bug fix'' that meant to make the game balanced cause priest skill elusive treat is op, is still unbalanced? well i still agree you make a limit to elusive, but you forgotting something! Rogue skill! Still unbalanced. Why? Because rogue now have 3 skill that can be chained together and still op against all class, PLUS that fuc**ng stealth skill of they own. its unbalanced and dev not fix that. my level 1 elusive treat always resisted on any mobs and boss, always. I prefer not update any priest skill if it is useless at the first place. So what do you think about this fixes? :3 *40k is wasted*
  9. wow is that so? Im relieved to hear that. :) thanks for ur answer :D
  10. if i installed ws in disk C or D, and when my laptop is need to format C or D because of some issue, will my warspear acc deleted too?
  11. it may reduce the hp greatly, but i think this skill reduces the chance of getting drops too. i always hunt genie and any boss alone with this new skill. but still no drop, or at least i got def and dmg spheres :facepalm:
  12. guys really, this skill pretty useless against any char if they know what to do if elusive treat is spelled on him. but not for bosses :friends:
  13. hahaha dont worry guys, maybe devs :snorlax: are up to something in the next update. cheers :drinks:
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