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  1. Maybe there is a right balanced build, i dont know. Atleast you will be OP on melee PvP
  2. People know how OP it is and how OP DK/Charmer/Warlock are.. but most are busy complaining about barbarians, they are whole new level bullshit on PvP. The developer that does balance changues has too much work to do
  3. koszpl

    New Skills

    I think he meant hotkey skill order wich is already possible to changue
  4. поражение без двух рук топор: проблема в заряд и защита щитом не должны наносить урон, Варвар 5 dd умений с высоким масштабированием. и щиты не должны быть очарованы свирепостью. 2 ручных топора, варвар, мертв, они делают больше dmg с защитой 1h +, так как они могут делать быстрые мгновенные перемотки между атаками между навыками легко 8 дд быстрых ударов в 1 комбо
  5. The ranger trap bug was just visual :( but good its fixed. I wasnt aware of charmer bug but i hope barbarian gets fixed too, they are raping every class on PvP arena and too strong overall. A preview of horror update to hype us will be great since game is too boring now... or atleast some clue about it Can you tell is if there would be class balance/nerfs and skill changues like on last update? thanks
  6. победить лучших Страж EU полный HP 4-0 Not imba at all
  7. Yea to beat a good barb with shaman you 'just' need to be like Lordxx, full arena rewards lvl 26 sets (cloack, helm, amulet, armor, gloves, boots, x2 rings) +10 full with everything crit enchant and rare def skillbook He dont need resi skill because his resilence probably capped... but barbs > shaman bro...lol The formula is simpler. 1v1, X (mc and forsaken classes) wins Y (elf and chosen classes) 95% of times if equally amped and skilled. There is no ducking discussion on that, they have all crowd control full stun cycles. If they let you play +10 Barbarian/DK/Hunter/Charmer/Warlock/Shaman you will own all BDs/Wardens/Rangers/Seekers/Mages/Priests easy. Druids and Paladins will be harder but you will end owning them too. Rogue is out of the formula since they weakest MC/Forsaken class on 1v1, but its funny because even being weakest of faction they still can win many elf and chosen classes, so look how balanced things are Shaman does not have full stun cycles but they are unkillable with heal totem and fire totem does like half HP or more of people lol They can kill all elf and chosen classes but will have hard time aganist Barb/dk/hunter/charmer/lock 1v1 is kinda balanced on own factions if they use chaos potion but mc and forsaken are on a whole new league and denying it is just cringe Ranger or paladin wont kill lock if equally amped and skilled. Druid wont kill barb because it takes ages to do so and song will fail soon or later, vladeath 10-0 best druids of EU. They need cooldown reduction gear to full stun without song, but using that vla or any good 1 handed fero barbarian will one combo them if he stun first beacuse they will lack resilence (vla already can one shot them while they use resilence gear, kek) Arena is more balanced but mc and forsaken classes still have the upper hand going with any class, while elves have to find classes that counters their party and play better if they want to win. We can say elf/chosen classes are more pro on PvP arena if they win, but their PvE is kinda easier than mc/forsaken. Also on this topic people touched the thing about arena rewards, arena rewards are just a 'lifeless' war, whoever has more free time and patience will get them, so its pointless crying about that saying ''i will lose rewards because other faction classes stronger and they block me''. But im agree PvP classes should be more balanced, and Barbarian need HUGE nerf. Chargue shouldnt go up to 7 yards and they should remove ferocity from shields and decrease defeat damage. Just check russian forum barbarian section everyone complain, saying barbarian is balanced is just stupid (with all respect)
  8. One year ago he was on AoAl maybe he just had a bad experience being there
  9. Barbarian is most broken class 1v1 and arena 2v2, seals 3v3 and 5v5. They also good PvE. They should fix them before touch other classes, im agree charmer/dk/warlock are toxic too but not that strong everywhere
  10. There are tons of +10 full BDs active on EU lol Last patch they did good work with skill changues on some classes so maybe next update they do some nerfs/buffs GMs are also players (they play on russian servers) i bet they aware of class balance problems already. Repeating things 1000 times being mad its not going to help. Elves/Chosen are better on PvE and MC/Forsaken on PvP and arena, however i believe elf/chosen are slighty better on massive wars/castles because they have more AoE damage. If they give MCs ton of AoE skills in future you can expect they give full control cycle skills to all Elf/chosen classes, game is too long for now its balanced on their own way, dont you think?
  11. Play the class you have fun with, not the one its most OP and broken, Im agree classes like warlock/charmer are toxic. Let those kids feel OP killing 1v1 everyone with full control thinking they outplayed them or are better lol, arena is more balanced and all classes can do a good job there If you like the lore of classes like warden/BD/rogue then play them, they are good enough. Im not agree with BD needing buffs. BD with bug position rush+hamstring can kill anything that is not a tank in seconds, warden is good support but maybe their stun need increased range + stun duration, Rogues are good enough, maybe they should be able to resist/dodge a control skill with a chance of 25% of their dodge stat (10% having 40% dodge) Seeker is kinda dead PvP, needs small stun/silence, or control resist % when their "rage" passive being low hp triggers In my opinion God tier PvP, need some nerfs: #1 Barbarian #2 Druid/Warlock/DK/Charmer/ #3 Mage/Shaman/Hunter/Paladin Averagel tier: (They still good if you amp a lot and play the class properly but need minor buffs) -Necro, Priest, Ranger, Rogue Almost on poo tier: -Warden and Seeker
  12. Yesterday MCs got 3 stars and was good war but EU mc side is just and simply HASSN now a days, without him mcs cant win war and probably win tours (he amped/made rich many OP people on berserk and yy). He did lead war nicely yesterday, took Riff flag alone by himself with rogue and when the flag HP was 4K, he wait and made all mcs go nadir to attack elf caravan instant, so elves couldnt have time to move from Riff to Caravan Elves played poorly though, they wanted so bad to attack when we had less numbers than mcs. They were too arrogant to defend maybe because they are not used to it, but if they did mcs would not receive 3 stars since last one is very hard to achieve if people defend bridge
  13. Its harder to find a tank with aggro skills than a healer though
  14. Rogue is very strong on PvP and has highest burst damage of game, its just 1 guy saying the opposite. What it is true in my opinion, is that you will need high amp on arena ferocity weapons (+7-+10) to feel good on lvl 28 arena (you still will win some and have fun with +5 but you get my point). You dont need to amp defence so much on rogue, you can invest on dodge build if you want more survivability You kinda can get good amp on weapons being F2P, signs on EU are 7K now Also developers said the game is not balanced for it yet, but it is funny because the "1v1" thing is the main concern of so many people playing MC/Forsaken (i played 2 servers) Since developers gave them too many full stun cycles they ended having best 1v1 chars, most people there ended with high ego and is asking for 1v1 all the time you kill them on arena or war and making dramas if you reject. If you care about them you just have to make a druid though, they will be silent for a while :D
  15. и на арене они просто заряжаются с 7-го двора, избегая всех cc и людей с 1 выстрелом, используя 1 руку + щит. танк не должен иметь такой высокий урон. он расплавляет полный набор эластичности арены 10000 def в секундах (8k + 30% защитного глаза Легиона)
  16. Rogue has way higher burst than ranger i played both at high lvl & amp for a long time. Warlock is good on tech and they are best class PvP, you starting crying about them too? I have experience on rogue PvP and they are fine. You probably cant kill top 5 druids/charmers on EU but vs rest classes you can win if you play correctly Top kek 2017. Get +9/+10 fero weapons or learn to play the class. Maybe ask some tips to Vrillon if you play on EU
  17. Im 90% sure they were able to see email in past, i dont know current situation
  18. So this sunday and next thursday again? (I thought wars were going to be each month instead each week) Guilds owning a castle lose it or will they have the chance to defend it?
  19. Ranger was the only damager class on sentinels too and they havent even 1/3 population of rogues, on other topic people from different servers agreed saying it is a dead class now lol. and of course is because people consider them too weak unlike rogue... people would stop playing rogue (even more with new classes release) if they were that bad/frustrating as some people trying to say Rogue is good class on PvP arena, they do have a stun (gouge), wich can make arenas a cake since nobody can tank 2 rogues burst while the other guy is sleeping. Gouge also good 1v1 to do another insane stealth hit. And rogue survivality is kinda strong with passive and dodge build Rogue is just a class that requires a lot of amp to be okay, just like ranger. Im agree they are not the best 1v1 character vs equal amped, but everyone use rogue to gank people wich is weaker than them anyway... btw im sure highest rogue crit is far from 10K now... even adding resilence and defense to the mix it will still be a lot of burst... (without forget poison dmg and elusive jump combo)
  20. Is the most popular class on EU, if they were so shit nobody would be playing them ;) In contrast, nobody playing seeker at all, lol
  21. Agree in some points but developers did really a good job with the little buffs on last patch, even if we are still at the bottom of PvP classes we dont have to cry anymore since more balance fixes coming in future (i still dont understand why they buffed even more deathknight and barbarian, but whatever)
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