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  1. Bd best dodgers, 50% dodge, 4/4 enlightenment go go bd
  2. It's a skill- doesn't matter Use it till your heart is content druids!
  3. To activate: use potion in bag. Ehen active, potion in bag turns into personal and there is a time on the potion left on it Deactivate: use the same potion again. When you do so, the potion will ssy how much time it has left so you can use it another time. Why? Annoying when you no longer want a potion to be active. This should work with minions too. This willnot wprk with exp, uunity, etc pots.
  4. Worst class Pvp: mage best pvp:druid Worst class pve: necro best: mage, priest. Aoe heal, aoe damage buff, aoe awesomeness. Mage best with a dedicsted hesler in pt. I.e. a druid soley hesling the mage only. Ridiculous dmg.
  5. Mentsl pit, damage reduction also causes heal reduction, affects cooldoen aswell Bd counter, ridiculous dmg. Shaman, totem. I thought they were healers Ranger, blessing will always be op to me Rogue, poison damage isnt direftly proportional to your defense.. 6175 def, still ticks 290+ from some rogues. Awesum
  6. I havent had my turn yet! BD: Ticonnix, Mrvendetta, Critcree, kickexgunx Pala: Seshomaru (idk spelling), sharpnarut, sweetmandy, ultravoid Ranger: Snipedownx, nessah, luckranger, livefox Priest: Mj, Blakpriest, mrfaze, Mrhobbos druid: Emperior (he has beaten me twice), xanand, redbird, amplitude and myself mage: skynete, Sexytwerk, riskitx
  7. Idk, pvp i agree dk rapes, pve - barb will always have my vote. I'm looking more towards durability here. Barb will live longer, self heal ultimate defense, roar and warcry. Barb has more hp. Saturation is a sad sad skill with 1h wep, but no hate to either classes
  8. You really arent anything great, i hope you know that!
  9. You must not have tank gear equipped. A barb can achieve over 10000 defense with that skill (forgot name), lifestesl boost on dk is pretty useless with a 1h wep (Low heal output) a barb has more healthpoints aswell, wheras a dk has more mana regen. Lol. in lab, deathknights are slow compared to barbs Aswell. I know dk's have dark shield, but apart from that skill, most of their other skills are not as pve effective as those given to barbs. Roar at level 5 isamazing aswell. Both classes have an aoe taunt but im pretty sure the barbs aoe taunt (also increases def) has a larger range? Correct me if im wrong.
  10. x6t3nc3

    A hook

    ^ dont forget they'll lose money from life scrolls. i for one, will not revive onspot if i am going to be stunned the second i revive.
  11. Dks are very useful when high amp, however barbarians have the best defense As for best at high amp, id say healers,, shaman or druid - mostly druids. Dk's have incredible stuns but unfortunately they have a chance to miss, if 1 misses - it could spell the end. Thatnis, in terms of pvp. In pve, tanking id say they're hella great. 5/5 dark shield is sexy. But barbs tend to do a beter job imo, self heal, charge, roar etc. Very great class - needs skill otherwise it is useless.
  12. Everyone ganks and gets ganked, unfortunately you cant help it, but i wont lie - having enemies makes it a lot more fun. Personally i dont gank, attack me and i attack you back. Sure some try gank me, how many succeed though, 1v1 2v1 or 3v1, i'll always try sort out my gankers alone, calling for help turns a 1v1 gank into a 242332v5141424 gank, thats how we have guilds like nbk claiming they kill gankers.
  13. You never used to welcome me back...
  14. Overstretched, limited, bs tutorial. Can barely fit all ur quest items in the pitiful bag you start with unless you buy miracle coins or sell have your shit to buy an extra pocket...if you know how to.
  15. invig stream heals 708 lvl 4 for me now, 20 sec cooldown makes it useless as its basically a crit heal (704) But the most useless of useless skill in this game is that dk lifestesl skill
  16. However i did say xxxx can be warlock month etc
  17. ^ never did i say theyd finish all classes in one year, But you understand
  18. Was it intentional to make reviving on spot useless now? The Blue PvP status is not effective anymore. As in, when you revive - people can automatically start attacking you - same as finishing arena. If it was intentional; it kinda ruined the use of revive scrolls if you're just ggoing to be stunned tHe moment you revive or finish arena
  19. Problem is - the quest dialogs are huge af. Nobody gonna read that, keep it simple. Like the game help popups when u download the game for the first time. All quest should be like that. Temporary chat bubbles
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