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  1. Game will assume that you want to move then attack, easy solution:befor casting quake, click your current spot ylu are standing then use quake on an area. If you are already locked on, your character will move into range of earthquake
  2. At least delete the arena ring off his char, let him make a new char and put the ring there. Also reimburse him mcoin spent on the char, he can provide you transaction ids. Or just give him 12 coin + his ring on new lvl 6 and delete the lvl 7. Id be brokennif this bs happened to me. Feel bad for you bro xxdeaath
  3. Yo i wouldve gotten that 9999 dmg staff xd
  4. All great tweaks, yes to the rewards being nerfed, and yes it would be beneficial if the dungeon was hard, hard enough that even +10 players would still require great teamwork in order to succeeed.
  5. Ive told you ingame man, they were taken a while before arena season ended but also after achievement system update was announced on forum. somewere between that timeframe.
  6. x6t3nc3

    need drop

    Need and want are two very different things
  7. Thank you! Thats it, innervate was the skill that had a chance to make a skills mana cost 0 when casted
  8. i had a conversation about it with my friends in game Mentioned i had suggested it on forum Decided to bump it again Growing commumity, new forum users maybe wouldve liked to see it too im happy, u is not, i dont curr
  9. Inmnervate is not magic power lol Innervate is a book that does something else, i remember reading it when it was on Tchat Probably the book that said the following: chance to refresh cooldown on all skills when an enemy is killed. As in, if a skill has a cooldown period active, e.g. heal, and you kill something, it has anchance to instantly finish the cooldown. However i am unsure if innervate was the name for that particular skill.
  10. Use the search feature before creating another suggestion That's what i did Hope ur not too hurt
  11. Leaked skill books, perhaps present in a future update.
  12. Passive skill books from a while ago There was also books for increase phy and magic power; as well as a few other unique skill books. However i do not have the screenshots.
  13. You cant wven block without a shield tho, ill agree anyway
  14. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/19270-two-new-classes-say-hello-to-monks-and-pirates/?hl=monk
  15. Hey Vera, what'd you ask for as your reward? :- )
  16. why is it called a red cat tho..
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