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  1. tibiame

    need drop

    Many ppl get drop, why me nt please i need one drop. If me dg me need cloak lv22 damage for my bd. If me hunting me need costum demonologis suit or snorlar suit.
  2. tibiame

    need drop

    Hallo GM, why me dg many day and many seeker stamina me use. You dnt give me item, i need drop for my druid in eu-emerald. I need amulet lv22 damage, cloak and ring. Please give me easy drop for my account [email protected] Thaks
  3. How to get my account again??
  4. Why 20 day my account blocked. I send support why nt respond or replay. I hate now,and i'am lost money for play warspear online.
  5. Why,my account nt unblock,i want back account,pliss help my ...??
  6. How to dowload warspear online for nokia lumia 520,i download need like first visit game.
  7. Pliss help my how to get my account again.
  8. Pliss help my account shaman nick jembott lost,i need new account and new password thank'ss...!!!
  9. Pliss help my account blocked,me rogue name meimey.
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