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  1. the devs only need our money they think our effort to get the joker card is a joke...wel...joker's joke ITS NOT FUNNY!!!! ITS UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!
  2. when ppl happy getting joker garb, u people make them dissapointed....its just the way u r greedygrind
  3. it will never happen, trust me...
  4. lol its easy but time consuming. Killing a boss with 1.4 mill hp by one attacker only :facepalm: pls someone give the drunk over there a gun and send him into aigrind office
  5. See, costume is their focus commodity, arena reward is costume, 8k ap for costume, rarity trader for cc costume, people buy pumpkin caskets for costumes, sam hain's minions drop costume. They dont realize that the soul of any rpg game is weapon/armor/accessories and class customization. Dont judge too fast???!!! Im playing this game since 2010!!
  6. slay

    Mages useless?

    i suggest u play warlock and u will feel like a pro at lv13
  7. I feel they will give us another surprisingly disapointment as always
  8. Time passes and every update focus on costume development :facepalm: Too bad such an rpg game turn into fashion show role playing game.
  9. :good: like this I hope that all immortal AoA have the same fate ;D
  10. slay

    Good Bye

    Good bye...soon I will follow your path...soon...
  11. ;D Slay is a bd with +8 arena lv15 sword & +7 noob lab dagger, other gears are +5 lv15 endu armor :rofl: He is weak as jerboa compare other
  12. most free to play games are full of traps and lies.....except RIFT
  13. MC dramas spread everywhere, tavern is just not enough
  14. slay

    Paladin Stats

    Lips's DK using lv13 firm mail the only heavy armor with dodge
  15. nerf by 20% of 5 secs is a fail joke :facepalm: its not the duration make it OP but the total stun effect!
  16. Any additional melee class will not so attractive since this game can't make it balance vs range class
  17. Please read the speed formula post by miocco long time ago Dagger + dagger is not 1.7 Blade + blade is not 2.0 Try compare it when u only use 1 blade/dagger The speed calculation is not as simple like that
  18. Yes most dagger build for speed but...it won't help u much in pvp, it would great in pve for a boss fight since it has the highest damage burst. Why it great in a long fight? Because the dagger combo with 15%+ speed will out dps other slower weapons. But I have tried bd with 18% speed is killing machine for sure similar with rogue. Even I'm a pvp spec I should be semi kitting fighting them with my paladin. Its a good build actually. Rondel of SD design for more damage and not for speed and arena dagger much better
  19. slay

    New PvP faction

    Hahaha gotcha...this game need a rest actually. More than 2 years only focus on gambling
  20. This topic talking about sun armor but why those mc/shaken players which are so noob playing mage talked like a pro. Mage is FAIL design, range class with close range skills combo with cloth armor and low hp. Mage and warlock is different, mage is a man while warlock is a gay
  21. This suggestion only for hardcore smart rich people. The new faction is mercenaries and the home town only at Nadir. The faction will be enemy of both existing factions. They will start a char at lv15 and get quests from Nadir and Nortland. They have better skills compare to other factions. It cost 4,000 coins to buy a char. Well, I won't buy it, but its so much fun killing rich ppl in the game. And I believe AIgrind will be rich in no time PS: idea from a bored player
  22. Without this skill they are still gays
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