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  1. SHIT! I saw this costume in the game (someone link it) the appearance just like in russian winner...SO UGLY! The most ugly costume I ever seen :bad: And my guild will get it :facepalm:
  2. STUPID! My amulet useless because the HP bonus gone and I have critical enchant on it :facepalm:
  3. slay

    LAG! :(

    how to ping with phone? :pardon:
  4. bring Meteorcel / Rosepetal / Faan / Sucurs in your team, every moving things will be dead but ofc they need "poopers" besides them ;D
  5. paladin with 12% block and +4 mace could be dangerous
  6. paladin with full astral is priest wanna be a.k.a so gay :facepalm:
  7. only shamans & warlocks that have no brain can be beaten 8)
  8. I'm a christian but I don't care if someone insult my God, because my God is wise & powerful and can take care of himself. I just smiling and enjoy the insult because i have been taught by my God to take any insult with smile in my life. Thats why I love my powerful God :give_rose:
  9. agree because the effect need 2 skills to be executed in sequence it should be stronger effect
  10. I am very happy that a guy such hassn born in mc side (evil side) LMAO About AoA in arena? They dont have good strategy just go pew pew...they dont know how to make the best party combination first formation: necro, 2 shamans, 2 warlocks --> lost 2nd: barb, necro, 2 warlocks, shaman --> lost even the warlocks cant put circle in sequence, just cast every skills in panic lol its obvious that they were trained well with dummies aka afk chars :facepalm:
  11. brownnoser = no integrity in this game or in real life disrespectful people go lick hassn shoes ! winner of the tournament only get gay costume the fashion show time !
  12. the update is all about how aigrind force to take money from us by changing item stats. if the new system force you to get a new item...well its time to get your money for amping. their reason is to balance lol, why the solution change the item? why you not design the skills? or set the skill cool down or area or duration or effect. they choose to change our items instead. my suggestion for aigrind to get even more money in a fast way is : put as many as pop up trap in the game! each time we open our bag, you could put pop up and buy button in the strategic place
  13. I have tried it, well yes its fun but only works for temporary, if the boss get hit too much by other party member the aggro/taunt doesn't work. It designed like that so no random people can reset the boss with aggro/taunt and disturb the hunt party.
  14. slay

    paladin with shelid

    Just want to clarify that block is an attribute that negates all kind of damage, physical and magic just like dodge. If you cant see it block magic attack then only one possibility you never play paladin because although only 0.3% block it works, try to make a paladin and play in the 1st island and let fairy attack you for a while.
  15. Even i don't like the system in the game but I still playing it because of its simplicity. I won't complain about update plan but I have several questions that should be answered: 1. Enchanted items with great charm is an expensive one, will be it disappeared and must be enchanted again? 2. Changing item attributes is not fair since we have collected the best items in the game and you change it like that only? 3. This update focus on magic attack and magic def and will be good for only caster type since they have many item combination, how about physical damage classes? 4. That skill reduce cool down if tweaked perfectly could bring unbalance in the game even worst than before, is it? Please understand that player paid real money already. I spent too much for almost 3 years to be frankly but you change the item attributes just like that and it could ruined my character setting.
  16. Yes u r right but its in elf side not in your side. What the benefit for elfs? Nothing bro, if only.those guards near your caravan would wonderful as undead forces nearby elf caravan
  17. This topic about comparing maps. Player from MC side cannot give any screen shot map like that with mobs that wont attack any elfs nearby Its imbalance map design for sure. Would be wonderful if the stair in elf side deleted but all mobs in ilsenorth attack mc faction. I think its a fair trade ;D If that happen for sure MC will crying because of BALANCE issue :blush:
  18. Its irritating that MC side have a huge advantage with the map design so far. Many mobs in elf faction alliance (not attacking them) with them while no such map like that for elf faction. Lets see what are the places... Lets call it "TROLLS HEAVEN" the places that like by MC players trolling, killing low level questors, disturbing, whatever activity for jerks. Ooooh...one more special place that I forgot to take snap is ASHALAR's DUNGEON and give a great advantage for MC player doing quest nearby IS THERE ANY SUCH PLACE LIKE THAT IN MC SIDE FOR ELFS???? NO if only the attachment not limited there are more such place like those on ilsenorth
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