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  1. I like every kind of class of warspear from healers to gankers.Depends on my mood which i want.lol It's best game i play so far with Warcraft.
  2. I know it is not on coming update. :crazy:
  3. This is good. :lol: But what is Azure by the way? Azure Cat?
  4. Farm Yetis or Farm any Green crown mobs they drop 7 gold value items and spheres 1 both damage and defense.
  5. I like this suggest.People who buys miracle coins can only revived.. But If this suggest possible players can exchange revive scrolls with golds.It would add more interesting because if a player have this scroll he can revived in place like swamp and astral lab and he/ she won't be disappoint.I wish this suggest is applied in this update.
  6. May be you should wait for coming updates on 3rd March.Just three days to go.It's only thing holding me in game too.Like me you should try that who knows game would be more fun.
  7. Add one more option.Both.I play both sides.lol
  8. Second one is quite humour.It is funny.It reminds of me running from 2M Hydra at swamp.I like it too. ;D
  9. It is showing same on my screen. Can someone explain what is going on?
  10. Sounds more Dota forum here. lol How about meeting w.s players officially in Garena for 5vs 5 or clan match. :rofl:
  11. Barathrum is newbies choice cos it's easy to control two active skills. like wise w.s Elves are easy,always given high preference and only weak players who don't want struggle goes for it.lol Hats off to Mcs! :rofl:
  12. 25 th Feb,Monday Sentinels : Melia,Somarra Village.
  13. katerine

    Clan: TSP

    what does TSP stands for? I mean it's full abbreviation.
  14. that would be great. Video should be live telecast one. :yahoo:
  15. For last Time daily relics location.After maintenance. 22 February,Friday Sentinels: Noola,Sommara Village. Wish ya best for CC.
  16. Russ,i am leaving game today.Hope you continue with these thread and you doing great.I just wanna Thank you for helping me posting.Hope you enjoy game and have good stand in new update of Game.I came with some problems.May be if possible in future i play and will continue this thread. Wish you have Great game play and healthy life.Thank you. Goodbye.
  17. They Decrease mcsakens skills not increase,Duh.They listened your elves complains like always.,Read again Front page.Enjoy the Game. :facepalm:
  18. Bad update for Mcsaken classes especially rogue. Sad. Good update atleast we don't have to roam around now,one could chat play with own location peoples.More war, more clans, More fights for farm,more Ampspear.
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