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  1. Both cybernem and snipedown are very strong and use their classes well to their play style. I've beat em both and I've lost to both. I personally think the names chosen for top players for each class are accurate. I've worked hard to get my rogue where he is and I'm proud . Ya I've spent insane amounts of money but I've also played for 5yrs so I consider myself to have great ws knowledge. Tho I do agree there are some that drop cash first and forget to learn the basics but why ♥♥♥♥♥ about them? Thank em for contributing to the server and move on because they most likely won't last anyways. Anyways thx for the nominations Cya ingame
  2. That's some nice dmg cyber bro...i have a set of ice I guess I should check my max dmg...atm with no ice I'm at 599
  3. Thizzin


    Hey midgee before u leave warspear plz give my runic staff to khanzel tell him ill pick it up from him at some point when we are on at the same time.
  4. If u wanna make me a target for your tests bring it on :dirol: ill make sure they have to fight for the win >:D
  5. Lol ya i remember that...because of that i spent the rest of the day campin Kota killing elves looking for u ;D...so u caused many many elf deaths lol :drinks:
  6. Ppl tend to get confused with Thizzin the ranger...that's not me ;)...that was my original account but hasn't been mine for about a year now...just an fyi ;D
  7. Very cool idea for a clan bro...gl :drinks:
  8. Im mostly a ganker :dirol: ...unless i have a new build i wanna test ;D but then once testing is over back to killing those ♥♥♥♥♥ass elves onsight >:D
  9. Thizzin

    Shut up mcs

    Lol elves crying just like on sapphire... :bad:
  10. Lol nice man...cant trust the opposite faction...red=dead >:D
  11. Wut is this Care Bears-Online? Most pathetic thread I've ever seen.
  12. lol pussy go play care bears online or somethin
  13. lol well we know who didnt win 8)
  14. Thizzin

    Clan: TSP

    i have runic staff for u ill be on later ;D
  15. Thizzin

    Clan: TSP

    member list updated ;)
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