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  1. Some are online, I guess it’s issue with iPhone and android users
  2. Same problem connecting forever.. and by the way Jack all my reward chests were also busts .. so warspear is the clear winner
  3. 300+ dg with only 4 useless drops to show, absolute waste of time
  4. Solo DG in Spring Event is a big failure... u guys might have got the concept right but it seems like this DG was only meant for highly amped players...
  5. Gm shud give free book to players for rearranging skill points
  6. Congrats Raveboy nice post and good luck..
  7. IF anyone wants to start as "Ranger Class" then I would personally recommend that you go through this very well documented guide. Its very important that a guide explains the basic concepts, so as to make their class strong and use is it the right manner. Great Job and hope you would win the contest.
  8. This is the most weird bug since update.. You go 3x3 arena and end up 3x2 . :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: I hope devs do something asap.
  9. Do you really think the WS Management cares about how they get their money ....? :facepalm:
  10. Good work for the tournament guys.. need to post a snap of the most ugly costume reward in WS history
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