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    GoldBeggar got a reaction from Omercix in Best Mobs For Farming   
    some mobs have around 900hp & others around 1200-1400hp, if weak like me find an area with a clump of the weaker ones & scrape your coin together..
    *new class: scrap-collecter
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    GoldBeggar reacted to x in Useful or Meaningful Sentences   
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    GoldBeggar reacted to philshirn in Useful or Meaningful Sentences   
    "A pencil maker told his pencils 5 important lessons:
    First, everything you do will always leave a mark.
    Second, you can always correct the mistakes you've made.
    Third, what's important is what is inside you.
    Fourth, in life, you will undergo painful sharpenings which will make you a better pencil.
    And lastly, to be the most accurate and best pencil you can be, you must allow yourself to be held and guided by the hand that holds you."
    "Let God be the one that holds you."  O:-)
    :drinks: :drinks:
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    GoldBeggar reacted to katerine in Useful or Meaningful Sentences   
    Since,it's (warspear online) is a massively multiplayer online rpg, here is simply one yet most promising one.It is team work and bonding weather close one or just companion,that is The Unity. Great man once said "Unity we stand,Divided we fall."
    Here is just an example:

    This guy though he could beat 3 of us,just becos he enchant and amplify his gears higher enough. But sadly,he failed to do so.
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    GoldBeggar reacted to GoldBeggar in ideas, chapter 1   
    Just gonna (try) upload an image & then mention some stuff about it, if the upload works i'll know the upload method works & won't have make even more unnecessary posts than i already do (dunno if posts can be edited here, i'll try doing that first)

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    GoldBeggar reacted to MCocktail in Unbalance leads to less consumers (mostly)   
    Balance is everyone having equal chances of succeeding.
    The root of this, is the fact that this game is p2w,
    You are never going to do anything if you dont get to the root
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    GoldBeggar got a reaction from Omercix in market pop up/unwanted buy   
    Hey, uhh, this pop up message flashed up while I was in the middle of crafting & I've "bought" this latest offer of an exp pot which is just useless to me, I can't sell off & had no intention of buying but that pop up roped me into! can you do something about this please?
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    GoldBeggar reacted to denchtings in [2017.01.13] Weekend bonus for purchases of more than 1000 Miracle coins! The Masked maniac is coming for you...   
    Talkin about that wet boss like its good xD. This event is borrrrrrrrrringgggggggggg.
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