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  1. Sorry but not sorry. Why in the world would they not do a rollback? Coz seriously the only reason I can come up with is that it wasnt possible for ws servers..
  2. By ”thank you for understanding” you mean ”duck you we dont care about you”, right?
  3. You havent addressed any of our comments yet. You’ve only mocked us for being ”harsh”. Do you expect sunshine and rainbows to come out of our mouths after this problem had been happening for months and months? PLEASE, address the actual issue here..
  4. +1. These are some of the reasons why I have avoided high level arena as much as possible. The whole concept of fighting in arena for ranks to get rewards has been asswiped by the bigger guilds. Each rank is determined many seasons in advance from rank 1 to 999. Not only this, but most massive guilds use illegal methods to gain these ranks in arena, such as multilogging and sharing accounts, which then leaves players in smaller guilds who try to fight fair at a massive, unbearable disadvantage. This issue has been noticed by the players and countless crys for help towards game and com
  5. This whole thing about ”daily rewards will be significantly increased” must have been a joke. For real. If you manage to get 25wins in one day as a lv14, you will get a total reward of 29 imperials. Considering you need 1900 imperials to buy a single piece of lv14 greatness armor, you would have to do 5v5 for ovee 65 days even if you get the maximum rewards each day. This adds up to over 2 months of DAILY WORK in total. That just doesnt really make sense for me as you can get waaaaay better rewards for a way smaller effort in just 30days (#1 in an arena mode grants you a costume,
  6. Compared to the effort required the rewards of 5x5 seem rather worthless imo
  7. Why isn’t the value of rune/crystal enchantments affected by the level change? Say theres a lv18 vs a lv28 player and each have fero ench on weapons, the lv18 player is left in a significant disadvantage
  8. Resembelance is quite different from a blunt, direct copy. I’m pretty sure League of Legends has protected their content with copyrights, and what Warspear is doing is nothing short of copyright infringement (also known as piracy). This is quite pathetic for a game company like Aigrind if you ask me.
  9. Let me have a little outburst here, since changes like this just make me way too mad: You MUST HAVE SEEN how lv6-16 arena activity has gone way down, and now you introduce an update like this? Thats just honestly so stupid. I don’t know what you were thinking when coming up with the idea of removing lv6-16 greatness accessories from the game, but let me just say: this change won’t do the game any good. Seeing that lv6-16 arena is rather inactive, this won’t make it any more active for sure; instead I believe this will kill off any arena activity thats left. This is a rather s
  10. In a world filled with cruelty and violence, once has to weigh each and every decision for the highest chance of survival and success. The world of Arinar gives each perso a chance to grow and progress and to prove their might. This is the story of a Firstborn ranger, Miksei. If we want to learn the story, we need to start from the beginning. Miksei had to start off the same way as everyone else on the isle of the Firstborn, Ayvondil: he was given a set of beginner arbors and a weapon to get started with his journey. Clueless of what to do at first, Miksei began his
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