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  1. toxic, if i use a rogue bg belt with pene and speed, then obviously your question is answered -_-
  2. I have full arena set as well as full lvl 18 set. Ive used all many times against all classes in 1-1 pvp and the best set is a hybrid set up using 3 parts rogue gear (kw helm and gloves, bg pene belt) and lvl 17 arena chest piece and boots with resilience in both. Im weaker using.full arena with my barbs 1h set up. Sure i last a little longer but my damage output is pathetic. Low attack speed, low penetration, low accuracy. Obviously you havent tested it yourself or you wouldnt be so biased. On a side note- this set up only works with 1h and shield...when i use 2h my hp is below 3k and def only around 3k... so my recommendation is partial rogue gear for shield using barb- full resilience (heavy) for 2h barb
  3. Lmfao hahahaha this is the funniest shit ive ever read on forums :D
  4. LMFAO @ thrall being best barb hahahahahaha....wow...i slaughtered thrall in 1-1 with my barb, had 2400hp left when he died :bad: thralls nothing more than a ganking noob who sits in cave killing low lvls with his "clan"
  5. why continuously bring up "noob" warlocks? all classes have noobs, and guess what...theyre all easy to kill *z* anyways, im done talking about this with you....you obviously lack the intelligence to understand basic game mechanics even though ive explained in full detail exactly how a good warlock cant be touched by a bd
  6. a good warlock would never let a bd close enough to use ham skill *z* and rangers range is also limited if you didn't notice, a warlock can easily run towards the end of their skill cycle against a ranger and recharge skill without being touched. you obviously have no concept of pvp or of the class skills in general. a smart warlock is near untouchable, especially 1-1
  7. i wonder what game balinor is playing :wacko: any warlock with 5 circle and 5 fear and a little space to run in will slaughter any bd. shaman as well. i have a lvl 14 full quake/blind shaman and theres not a single bd that can touch me 1-1 anywhere. all i need is 6-8 spaces to run back to cycle skills. wtf is a bd supposed to do against that? theres not a single arena map that restricts magic classes from running...and in open world pvp??? haha forget about it
  8. Lmfao."not less than 3 spaces" so now we have a 50% success rate (which f'ing sucks balls btw...we lose so much because stun skill fails constantly) but now we cant even charge at a semi close range? Hahahaha well, goodbye barb, wont even be able to kill a noob ranger now and im +8-10 lvl 17-18 gear *z* so while barb (an already half shitty pvp class) gets nerfed, warlock keeps 100% success rate along with a few other classes, good job devs... way to keep things "balanced" ,,l,,
  9. my barb uses mostly all rogue gear. i have a +9 doom axe 1h, +10 heroic shield (giving 1k defense) i wear +9 kw helm, +8 kw gloves, +7 bg rogue belt with pene, 2 accuracy rings (with pene) then i wear heavy arena armor and boots amped +8. with the +10 shield i can afford to lose a little defense wearing rogue gear. the damage/accuracy increase is well worth a slight decrease in hp and defense. anyone saying that a barb wearing partial light gear is a noob obviously hasn't tried it haha not saying im the best but it works extremely well in 1-1 and arena. HOPE THIS HELPS!
  10. haha elves are a pathetic race....be 15 of you in pvp cave and 2 mc gankers show up....they will gank each elf one by one and each elf will ask for help to the rest....the other elves just stand around and watch until its their turn to die, then all of a sudden they want help? lololololol then instead of striking back they all just sit in town and wait for the gankers to go away while 3-4 elves try to fight back.....just plain sad :bad:
  11. dacia

    In Game Chat

    hopzz, i dont believe i said her being racist was ok? read what i said...dont be a ducking idiot and twist my words. i simply pointed out that your just as bad with your idiotic remarks towards her sexuality. calling her a dyke and shit...serious bro, shes a lesbian, she dresses like a guy..who gives a duck? and yet you make rude remarks towards her as she has towards you. i said you "kids" need to grow up...speaking to both of you. now stfu and get on with your life. its an online video game. how hard is it to block someone and stfu about it? you reported her obviously, let the mods take care of it and stop poisoning our forum space :!
  12. dacia

    In Game Chat

    while i have to agree racism and racist language isn't a good thing and people should show some restraint on things like that, i have to agree with adeum also...hopzz youre language in game isn't any better than hers. why sit there and screen shot and report things when you yourself say things that shouldnt be tolerated? you kids need to just grow up and get along :crazy:
  13. Sign me up sneak Dacia lvl 17 ranger Imahealu lvl 15 druid Ximahealux lvl 13 priest Palidains lvl 18 pally Daci (still working.on him) mage :D
  14. haha 604 1/2 willow avenue, fairmont, wv 26554 my exact street address, no need for all that "spy" network BS ha come on up, we'll have tea and talk about your obvious psychological issues :) then you can spaz with your "huge arsenal" and shoot everyone in the area haha stupid noob, its a game ! the insecurity you show by getting that worked up over an internet comment is astonishing, congrats :D youve succeeded in entertaining me ha :good:
  15. lmfao whether this noob can kill pvprange or not is irrelavant anyone who says pvprange is #1 pro player and means it, should shoot themselves right here and now, his arena record is garbage :! and he doesn't fight 1-1, hes a scared lil ♥♥♥♥♥. you all should actually go out and play warspear some instead of sitting in chat listening to idiots like pvprange :D
  16. haha someone post a screenshot of his shitty 50/50 ratio :D then point and laugh !
  17. first off coolcat, manley isn't even close to best rogue so put him at like a 7...hes good but he needs to get his gear up to par with the rest of warspear, i watched ascetic smash manley in 1-1. tyler same to you man, just because you can kill most of the noob elves in cave doesn't place you near the top. ascetic, afro, and a few others still way ahead of you guys. get out of the cave sometime and join the rest of us ;)
  18. i love posts like this, i can sit back and laugh at the fact that ive killed the majority of that list 1-1 lol
  19. no, hes right, the company should deliver mcoins upon payment recieved. ive been waiting for 3k mcoins for 5 days now.......emailed them, they said give transaction ID. guess what....im still waiting :diablo: i wont be purchasing mcoins or playing this dumba** game until i get wtf i paid for.
  20. what facts have you submitted?, 1 set of people who fight with each other?, i duel vcut and have won near as many times as she has beaten me, ive dueled most of the bds in pvp cave and have beaten them all at least as many times as i have been beaten and im not even fully amped. +8 2 handed sword and +4-5 armor. you can't judge a class by the retards who just charge and think they can win. and the charge skill against rangers is only effective if you combine it with taunt to stop them from attacking during bless. charging an attacking ranger with lvl 5 bless is near suicide. obviously you haven't payed much attention in pvp cave to see how some of the better barbs fight. going back to you beating vcut, i wanna hear how many times youve lost to vcut. ive seen you duel against her in pvp cave, ive seen you lose a good bit too. you gotta think about rogue for a second. everything they have is based on chance except their merci strike. dodge is greatest def. stealth has a chance to fail. gouge has a chance to fail, kick just gives dodge a higher chance but its still not 100%.....you have 1 for sure thing going for you while everything but charge is for sure for a barb.....those are facts, ones that i and most players in game can admit are facts. what you submitted as "facts" to back up your opinion of barbs is nothing more than an observation. ask a few rogues what happens when a gouge fails mid duel against a tough opponent, ask edge. i have a rogue as well so i know what happens. either way, im not arguing barb is better or rogue is worse. just saying open your mind a lil bit. stop judging an entire class on a handful of players.
  21. if you did that bd would be getting 2 boosts while barb only gets 1. doesn't seem quite fair to me as my barb is high amped and is pretty even with most of the other high amped bds in pvp cave. what you dont realize is bd has hamstring which can be used multiple times in 1 fight against barbs while barbs can only charge if opponent is slow or falls for taunt. basically what im saying is bd and barb is even in pvp. rogues slightly ahead if used correctly. but at least we agree on 1 thing, ranged classes are op in comparison to melee.
  22. manley, im sorry bro but youre way too arrogant and prejudiced. barb is a pretty good class overall, which when used right has the ability to beat any other class. not saying its the best cause everyone knows rangers op :P but you gotta open your mind a lil bit.
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