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  1. Hopzz


    Happy Birthday.
  2. Its true my mage is useless also. I'm +7 and at least I had a chance against other players but now what can I do? I used to be able to beat players using tactics but now this game more then ever has become $ central. I'm not only quitting because I felt like my mage was a complete waste of my time but also because I dont have any options for my shaman now. I used to be able to use a full vs set with lvl 1 heal lvl 5 blind and quake which is full offensive set and be able to make due now you guys are trying to force me to amp and force me to be a healer? I call BS. Why should I have to assimilate with these other players just to compete? Why should I have to be a healer? I used shaman to kill not to be a war nurse. Why is my mage hitting players 205 while they are healing 275 and every other heal they are getting a crit heal of 550 wasting my damn potions and wasting my time now. This game is trash now no more skill is to be involved. Good thing college starts early for me -Peace Hopzz
  3. This made me cry :cray: Chicago Bulls Marriage Proposal -
  4. Swaaz who says i wanted your respect? Who cares about u anyway? Sit your irrelevant ass down somewhere
  5. You look......................different
  6. Lol you all are struggle face havin nerds so.....
  7. Stop it flu your embarrassing black people everywhere
  8. Shes a gangster ofc she doesn't smile
  9. and what is the other half?
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