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    Happy Birthday.
  2. Its true my mage is useless also. I'm +7 and at least I had a chance against other players but now what can I do? I used to be able to beat players using tactics but now this game more then ever has become $ central. I'm not only quitting because I felt like my mage was a complete waste of my time but also because I dont have any options for my shaman now. I used to be able to use a full vs set with lvl 1 heal lvl 5 blind and quake which is full offensive set and be able to make due now you guys are trying to force me to amp and force me to be a healer? I call BS. Why should I have to assimila
  3. This made me cry :cray: Chicago Bulls Marriage Proposal -
  4. Swaaz who says i wanted your respect? Who cares about u anyway? Sit your irrelevant ass down somewhere
  5. You look......................different
  6. Lol you all are struggle face havin nerds so.....
  7. Stop it flu your embarrassing black people everywhere
  8. Shes a gangster ofc she doesn't smile
  9. and what is the other half?
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