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  1. Moraktar: Forsaken >>> Deathknight >> Spear > Pike Elves !!!
  2. Na verdade eu já conhecia esse site, mas nunca tinha comprado por ele. Muito boa a sua iniciativa de compartilhar essa informação aqui no fórum, pena que muitos jogadores br's não leiam o mesmo. :cray: Ps: Esse é o segundo post seu que eu vejo você tentando ajudar outros players, então +1 Kharma é mais que merecido. :drinks:
  3. I see caged elves. :spiteful: Maybe in two weeks. :unknw:
  4. Lol! You stay there less than 10 minutes. :unknw:
  5. Ladydruid, Chronoz and Ungewild. ;D
  6. Add Big at begginin and so we have a new name already. :yahoo:
  7. Oh! I see who was the sneaky one stealing Blue Eye. :facepalm:
  8. You're right about Warspear rules, but just a muslim knows what it's an offensive thing for his religion. Let's respect each other dudes. :good:
  9. So make a char called Xxxhitlerxxx in a Germany server or even in a Jewish forum, it's not an offensive thing to do? :unknw:
  10. Don't tell my secrets. :bad:
  11. But you are a ranger, you aren't an OP BD. :blush:
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