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  1. Need time to fix the detail with paint :search: Immortal Warriors Description: Steel Shield, Represent that we are the guardians of Legion, protect our land against enemy, Sword of the Darkness represent Courage, and strength that come from the darkness, Dragon Represent a mystical Beast that lies in Hidden santuary, guarding it land from intruders, Bear Is a survivor, and can symbolize strength in the face of adversity, defense and the ability to return from the brink of destruction. and last, The deathknight head represent power and immortality, our ability
  2. i think i found the winner :shok:
  3. why people still put their poster here, :cray:
  4. +1 for petruk, nice one :good:
  5. One of the best :clapping: :good:
  6. clint eastwood :lol: , jk he is developer and that is his first post :yahoo:
  7. you don't need a good software to create poster, all you need is creativity, and you did good :clapping:
  8. Beholder's :lol: spittle
  9. Gerandong


    the first one definitely cant run ;D nice one :good:
  10. alien nya mantap om botak
  11. Avenger Legion Stealth I hope you like it, comment below please :blush:
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