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  1. Those mcoin images are cute ! :0 if u sell that pouch and coin in real life i ll buy.but hey need same cute effect!
  2. #fact 138 ONE DAY WARSPEAR WILL CLOSE FOREVER.NOTHING PERMANENT.EXCEPT GOD. (IF HE REALLY EXIST) p.s I dont follow this thread and never read it for future, except someone pay me 1m gold. tq have a nice day ginga
  3. i have no problem with drop rate.because duck rich player. i have problem when poor player cant enjoy that dg.so much for petty 2d game
  4. Gute Arbeit! so druid pvp bug invisible fixed?.no punishment for bugger eah... ?Gute Arbeit!
  5. take a sleep pill.and wake up tomorrow u feel better. or take a long shower.u are welcome
  6. emmm.that tricky question ` what' what is what? why people use what when they cant understand. very challenging.i cant answer this sorry my question: how often u blow off the stean?
  7. being ignored before u can trash talk or curse back is hurt.but u can curse back when hes online.u know, make other char.curas and ignore.fast before he reply back.and continue play ur main.hope answered ur question question: if u can be a god. what will u do to warspear .aigrind and all that related to it.
  8. listening to table fan sound.bird. u dont know what bird it is.two kind bird exactly. 1 bird sound chip chip like little chicken.and my hearbeat sound.it sound fast. maybe 2 pulse per 1 sec sometime hear vehicle cross pass by the road.
  9. really who do dg horror anymore haha. for poor +5 player maybe need 3 stamina. +10 easy pissy with brain.thx for guide though
  10. we have been married for 23 year.what with this random talk.small talk is acceptable. but random? ok.i go home.i drunk
  11. Let it be.sometime its fascinating if just listen. grateful to what u have
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