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  1. So i have noticed that Technocraft Estoc looks same as Moonlight Greatsword from Dark Souls trilogy. . Now why i post this in suggestions,well im a very big fan of Dark Souls having played all 3 games 10 times each and Moonlight Greatsword is one of my favorite weapons.Okay but what does it have to do with this game? Well when i saw it i got rly sad because looks so awesome and i cant have it because i play necro and not tank class to use it. So i suggest adding it as a skin for staffs. Now i know you are all like "wow hold on a sec mate.it would look very stupid if you use magic with 2h greatsword" and i know it may look little silly but wait there is a good reason to add it as a skin because in Dark Souls Moonlight Greatsword does (wait for it.....................................) Magic Damage. Yes you heard it,it doesnt do phys dmg only magic so why dont have magic users use it in warspear? If somebody on forum says devs cant do it because licence or copyright shit il just point at them and laugh because its allready in the game as tecno estoc. And i forgot to add that Moonlight Greatsword has a special attack . This attack basicly shoots out magic in form of blade wave,so if in warspear people ask how you can cast magic out of 2h sword i just say its called blade wave special attack Tnx for reading!
  2. So nothing about incresing tokens or reducing amounts of tickets needed for rides? Genius!!!
  3. Make the area non pvp so we can kill damn pheonix we fail many times because not enough players there and more getting killed by pvp.
  4. We need dgs where people can solo que up and game auto makes 10 people party inside. By adding that you give people teamplay they want and remove booring wc spaming for party.Its better to have 10 man party because if you get matched with low lvl better to have more then 5 people
  5. Whole event very unbalanced you can see that devs tried to change up little bit but problem is its bad. Its kinda like devil my cry 5 devs dont understand that if it aint broken dont fix it and there is ur problem.
  6. I played mage way back before expert skills and got one shoted by rogues 300 Times and i wish i could turn back time to the good old days becase it was so fun to play back then because no artificial difficulty.
  7. Sry mate no respawn statue will be added and its for thr best. I say you better enjoy the real difficulty in that area which are enemy players and if you are lucky or skillfull you can beat it and gives best kind of feeling kinda like dark souls,because later in game (ayvondil part 3/4) difficulty will go way to stupid on artificial side (mobs have high hp and take 1/5 of your hp every hit).Artificial difficulty in form of higher numbers is always the worst way to make game harder and i think they devs shouls address this. Nobody likes to be lvl 28 and cant solo a simple mini boss!Nobody! Hmmmmm il make a topic of this soon.
  8. U know what i have to aggre with you to many players did have 10k suit and fast i have to say.I got it in maybe 5 days.I dont have a problem playing longer because event is 30+ days so only thing they gotta do is lower ticket cost from 4-2 and from 2-1 because i feel like im wasting gold i dont have.
  9. Burn birds ride is good but as i said costs 4 tickets for 20 token thats broken af (i kill lot of birds)
  10. On last event plant vs zombie ride lasts 5 min and i could get 60-70 token every time and costs 2 ride tickets but here ride that costs 2 tickets lasts 3 minutes and gives 15 tokens and thats very bad. If 5 min ride would give.60-70 tokens then 3 min ride 50 token.Ofc token numbers are.not set because sometimes i have good game sometimes bad so just gotta find the right balance.
  11. Dont wanna be rude or nothing just saying fix it. Simple fix is more token reward
  12. I suggest you to fix it ofc...
  13. Is it just me or are these rides very badly designed? I tried the ride where you gotta lure solars to die in many ways (staff/empty weapon/sword...) and can not get above 15 tokens and thats crap.Biggest problem is they dont obey you at all you can hit then up they go down a shit. The burn birds ride is also broken because takes 4 tickets and token reward is nothing.Ride is fun but reward not worth it. I dont do party rides because cant always find people for it. Simple fix to rides is token+++
  14. ..................................................
  15. I had finnaly got the max lvl in current version of this game and its lvl 28. I dont know how other people react when they do something (in my opinion) as big as this but i make a video about it,and add epic music to make it more epic. Some wierd stuff at end,dont worry about it too much Dont read the next line to avoid spoilers!!! If you got scared at 2:30 dont worry,it was ment to happen.
  16. sry mate devs said somewhere that ferocity is balanced and that they dont plan to remove it and they said bladedancers are balanced too
  17. I want shirt that says Bladedancers,Bladedancers everywhere!
  18. Lets just start with saying gm wont remove relic because so much money and gold was spent on them it would be very bad decision. However i cant start to wonder why the f*** did they add them in the first place?whats next?Consumeble skills?Like you open your bag and find 10x of random skill you bought for mcoin ofc and use it?Like you play shaman and buy 10x stealth consumeble books for 1k mcoin and use it anytime? Hmmmmm did i just give gm a new idea...? Anyway...who wanted relic in game anyway?I dont remember seing any posts (if there are any correct me pls) that say hey gm why not make our base skills do more then just dmg,def,heal... make them do more dmg,def,heal and make them very useless like give them 5-10% chance and offcourse make us pay for them. I think this relic update proves how much gm are listening to our suggestions,because they add something nobody wants,or if they did probably not as bad as this,and all our great ideas are just fu*ked off. Now im not saying relic update is very bad useless but it needs a lot of work to it to be balanced for use and price. In my opinion its better to make them only drop in dgs and bosses,make them 100% and be expensive in gold. Now people gonna be like "are you stupid? if they make fear skill 100% its gonna be more broken then ever". And here is the biggest thing they need to do with relic-remove relic that are same as skills. Remove fear,bleed,magic and phys buff because we allready have those skills. I know once you take all of these out you are not left with much and that shows how little thought was put in this update and proves it was a quick cash grab.
  19. And i get small gui and i dont want it.
  20. I completed it using ur second strategy,tnx. When i figured out i have to lore mobs to other tanks while bat atks that tank i became lot easier. I still used 3 pots But it still need nerf for low lvl!
  21. I tried it a lot of times and didnt make past 1 min 30 sec. I tried like 10 different combinations like full atk,mix atk and suppport,mix of all, different positions and still imppssible. I think simple way to fix is enable skills,or just buff/nerf pumpkins/mobs I know it is.ment to be hard and people should not be able to do it easy,but this is too much.
  22. What nobody have any solutions i know raezer said admin "claim" to work on it but i dont see the reason why fix does not exist because game can clearly run perfect on improved graphics and yet its returns to old when you turn game off.
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