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  1. I came here to share my idea, I wanted to build a dk 2 hands, focused on vamp and nib, the status is good but I'm confused in the halos, at first would be aura of hate, steel hole and called because will have 800 magic damage and 700 of physical. https://wsdb.xyz/calc/en/147609
  2. Tomas se pode ate ser warden, mas traje tem uma cara de dk que vai fica monstro no meu kkkk Boa sorte man traje ta top. Parabens
  3. the question that does not want to shut up at what time does the maintenance end?
  4. Hello how are you I come here to make this suggestion, because I participate as Heir to a Guild (Forward -TU) which has a castle and we are very active with our trade and members. Currently we have the Castle "Heart of the Forest", we had many problems at the beginning with the lack of history in the chest of the castle. What would be the possibility of putting something like this in the castles?
  5. lol deu pra ver tudo, vi todos itens trajes skins books e reliquias xD Ata, então faz sentido
  6. Puts se eu lembra depois mando então, o Boss da tw do 28. Não fica com agressão, por mais que foi facil chamou muita atenção isso. (Obs: Tenho reliquia 60% e estava usando pot castelo de agressão)
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