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  1. Cocus has 311 dark magic... I only have 284. :cray:
  2. I have lvl 15 warlock with good gear (+6 arena baton) and I rarely lose arena with a decent partner... I play my warlock more than rogue now cus it's more fun.
  3. Is there any talk of PVP incentive in this game? such as race wars with winner getting bonuses/loot?
  4. " 2. Absence of the half of the health and energy when player leaving Arena." as of last night this was still broken.
  5. Why quit? just play when you feel like it.. not like Warspear is a job. :drinks:
  6. better be a very cool costume drop. :lol:
  7. xkakarotox double crit me the other night. :shok:
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