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  1. Hi everyone, Im an old player trying to get back into the game , however my account had an email registered however it also had the ID , i've sent an email to get my account back , but the warspear customer service they dont care about my account. they said that my account was traded/sold 5 years ago, but how did i sell it if i was not playing it?! I am just wondering if can anyone help me get back my account, if anyone know me Smallville from Sa-pearl a shaman that used to be known by everyone. Thanks
  2. Kuz hi.. I have a hannspree tablet but i do the download they say say not responding theres wait or close what do i do?
  3. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=71100.new#new look
  4. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=71100.new#new take a look :drinks:
  5. :facepalm:Why just stay in Date caching and the game reset alone and i.cant put numbers and email? +1 Bug¿
  6. i dont mind ^^ but he still good he all items is +10 even his bow lv 17 is +10
  7. hutting By Bigwilly in saphira Smallville.in Vietnam
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