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  1. bye hope u come bck again :)
  2. yea the game is laggin a lot fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. also would be great if there a is repair-guy at kota
  4. ur one of those who buy signs cheap n sell costly isnt that greediness
  5. duration of skill is same just opponents speed decreases
  6. i didnt see dere was other topic sorry
  7. well i said i tink there might be bug in jelly n if we assume dere is lag den i shoundnt die all d when i reach jelly spot n everytime i noticed dat d jelly was not even close to me(died more dan 15 times on different chars)
  8. if the bag is full n we press "into the bag button" den the daily gift is getting deleted instead of just staying open. also i think there is some bug in swamp jelly itz killin from a huge distance
  9. well i choose elfs because dey had long ears xD n choose a bd cause i liked sword weilding guyz
  10. so russel u knoe Telugu??????
  11. gonna be all german final for sure xD
  12. bye frnds due to some personal reasons me leavin game it was fun playin dis game for two years n had some really good frnds like shubs,elmond n amit n many more ppl frm us cya
  13. druid be affaa karliya howlesh zzzzzzzzz
  14. unable to stay on for more dan 5mins n itz takin eternity to connect zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz solve the problem devs
  15. not gettin that quest for past two days is the quest removed??????
  16. koi guild banara he kya?????? Aur kya haalchal hai?
  17. collecting quests i dont like doin dem at all
  18. yea both allies n enemies were afk so easy kills :P jk
  19. Royal Knights is group formed by Naudu,The Moon Goddess to defend Arinnar from the evil forces of Gaaran during the War of the Spear.The Royal Knights individually might not be very strong but as a group they are a formidable opposition.The Royal Knights hence believe in always fighting as a group than engage an enemy individually.The Royal Knights main virtue is trusting one another and willpower to fight any enemy irrespective of how strong the opposition is.The Royal Knights is a fearless force ready to dominate its enemy :blush: ;)
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