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  1. lol r u mad or what y would a barb whose attck is 500 will hit 156 on a bd %) the attack hit depends on pene %) bds hav only 4%dam more but wen barb use 2h itz almost equal the difference in attck is low
  2. if dks n barb go shielddeyll hav more def n also more hp hencompensating low attck dan bd n wen dey go 2h dey hit almost same lol
  3. sure most meelee unit can dodge against me but even i can parry dem i just focussed on being able to fight meelee against range type itz mostly a lose lose situation :)
  4. if your unable to win against bds itz ur fault just spend more money on your char :P
  5. instead of keeping magic deff on all rings n amulets why dont u guyz create new rings n amy's not everyone wants magic resistance on dere items :)
  6. me lvling up trap anyway ty guyz for ansering :)
  7. dk can pull rangers and barbs can charge at dem but bd cant catch running ppl hell be just running behind dem zzzz
  8. Q: do i need to complete all yellow quests at swamps to enter dungeon?
  9. even my staff stuck on +4 spent 5sets sign n it still stuck at +4 ==
  10. never used to miss a episode of digimon tv :D n wargreymon is my fav digimon :)
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