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  1. Guess no halo set again this time around. Over 100 dungeons runs and O drops. To buy a halo accessory will cost 200-300,000 in gold, no thx. Super low drop rates devs,and when something did drop it was some crap item nobody wanted to use. Guess ill jus eat all these candies n cookies until next crappy no drop dungeon.
  2. Attilius was born in Altgard. He was trained in the Imperiatl Army. Attilius fought many battles for his king. One day during a quest with two of his companions in the eternal forest of ayvondil they became lost. While searching for the path back they found an ancient hidden door and went inside to investigate. Walking down the corridors of this strange place they battled many ferocious monsters. Finally reaching a throne room that was filled with many different jewels and treasures. In the middle of the room was a shining blue sword.Attilius was lured by its strange light. He grabbed the handle and the sword released an evil dark aura around Attilius and his companions. It consumed theirs minds and made them protect this hidden throne room and its treasures for eternity. Attilius skills: regular melee attack with sword. Can use his shield to push people away. Companion 1: is on the right side of Attilius. She does regular magic damage with a staff. She heals Attilius by a small percentage. Companion 2: is on the left side of Attilius. Does melee dmg with a bow. Uses a magical barrier skill on Attilius to raise his physical and magical defense.
  3. I said a HAMMER weapon skin for ONE HANDED WEAPONS. Im hoping devs will add.
  4. Hey developers is there any chance you guys can add a new 1 handed weapon skin that looks like a stone or metal hammer. Something kinda like what the comic character Thor uses. This would be super awesome.
  5. Wow cmon warspear...game getting little crazy. So many other things need to be reworked. Nobody cares about guild tournaments because it always the same guilds who win. Crafting is almost worthless. Arena shop doesnt have spear but paladin can use them now. Why was weapon class changes made anyway??? Retarded. Only ppl who get anywhere r the scam/hacks ppl or idiots who pay $300 dollars a month for a GAME. All of us still waiting on new island so hopefully we can have some old day fun and actually farm alot of bosses. Everytime u add something its has a money twist to it. Amp need signs, craft need license and whole lot of other things, dungeon need stamina. Minions r lame. I dont know what path this game is going but its not a very good one.
  6. Damn :/ warspear....u are becoming a mixed up mess. Like that drawer in everyone's home that has a little bit of everything in it that people rarely open because its mostly all junk. What up chronoz? What up twistd?
  7. Aigrind is it possible to make the fonts above our heads smaller? Right now all i see is letters all over the screen :bad:
  8. :lol: awesome post "pvpshaman"
  9. Yea reaper that would be super sweeeet!
  10. "Was" farming boss 2 devs :bomb: somebody must have spilled coffee on the server ;D maybe u can give me lab shaman astral armor since you just killed me :spiteful:
  11. Warlion

    Elfs block

    Yea mc can block too. But little bit different. Mc have that little narrow path under elf caravan to travel through. Elf have a huge field to run around in lol. But the main reason elves dominate is the fact that they have a large population. If u kill 1 elf 2 come back, kill 2 elves 4 come back. Kill 4elves and you have just welcomed the horde ;D. Don't forget the last quest for chainless league is berengar guards. That is very close to elves camp riff, practically in camp riff, and with the super hordes of elves :bomb:. The headache of getting bg gear in my opinion is not worth the little stats it gives.
  12. Warlion

    Elfs block

    Yea little unbalanced now, elf jus hang out outside of town lol, no lifers ;D. Mc have that little staircase to go down. If there is only one elf, u kill him then the whole town of 20elves come out. Tough.
  13. Bet there were some loses somewhere lol.
  14. Because Elf are MC ;D. Usually about 5mc versus 15 or more elves. Funny thing is elves think they are fighting more mc :rofl:
  15. Somebody needs to kick Apple in the nuts! ;D Ready to play lol, but prob gonna be permanently party chat banned :rofl: Not to worried about hydra because most the time elf jus stand at the teleport spot and stun like crazy :yahoo:
  16. Whats the deal!? Its been a long time now guys.
  17. Barbarians are the worst class to be period! Charge is an ok skill but they don't have anything else good. Roar barely helps at 5 doin only 10less dmg. Chop does like 50-70dmg for a few seconds. The barb used to be a good class but now 100% the worst. Devs even gave him a really dumb strong blow animation. A big blue swirling axe, just blaaah! What if im using a sword.......?
  18. After many bloody battles in the war zones of our great land, i have watched from afar as all my barbarian brothers have fallin' to the ground. They CHARGE in so bravely only to watch it fail over and over again. Knowing their numbers are so few yet they still CHARGE. The vines and hamstrings just to great a power for them to overcome. My barbarian brother let out a great ROAR hoping this will ease their pain but it reduces little damage and brings forth all the beasts of the battle field. They swing the axes and swords so proudly only to do little damage to their foes because half the time they are stunned, unable to move, unable to use a skill. They taunt hoping to create space to try and charge back into the fight, but its to late. Their HP is deathly low, the charge fails again or doesn't work all together. They hope and pray that CHOP will help create some dmg but its 30-70 damage is nothing compared to the blade dancers 150. Back at the camp sites i here the crowds talking. They all are asking why have so many of our barbarian brothers died. Why are their numbers so few in these new times. We all know why. We all know why. Their skills are no match for any other classes in this brutal eternal war. We raise our spirit glasses with the fire drink high over our heads to give thanks to our barbarian brothers. The few the proud....
  19. Wow, pvp cave is closer to mc side hahahahah didnt know anybody cared so much. how about bg? Probably double elves to mountain clan players on sapphire. Always groups of elf at bg. Say pvprang go farm bg with ur mc character and see how fun that is. How about getting past elf caravan on the weekend lol.
  20. Lol u dont want to be a barbarian, tough times for this class.
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